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Console players - let's talk tasks

I rather liked the Change armor task. Still do, actually.

The Level a Kingdom/Trait a Troop/ Level a Troop are all awesome as well, unless you’re in the small minority that have almost nothing left that qualifies. Then its a bit of a pain. To be fair, they were better when leveling a troop type tasks cycled onto the next task and wasn’t a once a day task.


Thanks for reading. Fair enough, I’d personally rather have a real task. Changing my armor twice (back and forth) to clear the task for a key seems pointless. Mr. Strange designed that particular task to help level 5-20ish players know that changing armor is possible. After over two years… I think I’ve figured it out😀


I agree. I mean, some days, it’s nice to have a nothing task that you can finish in 2.8 seconds, but really, it is silly that I’m getting a key for changing my armor twice at level 1100…

Good suggestions all around, Strat! I forget about the hard-coded vs. random tasks and agree that they should all be random at this point. By level 150 or whenever you finish the linear tasks, everyone should have at least 3 of every troop type. At least, I think that seems reasonable.

For those level and trait a troop tasks, I actually have left my imps untouched so that I can keep my ‘real’ troops maxed out (for power stars) and still benefit if and when those tasks pop up. 4 of the 6 are still at level 1…


I wish tasks offered more gem tasks because console players can’t always collect tributes throughout the day.


As most have said, the tasks are mainly good. Just some more variety in them and they are fine. The PC system can be implemented using these current ones as a base IMO.

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I see that you’re around and wonder if you might tackle a question. I’ve been thinking about how PC/Mobile might implement the daily task system and think that the linear tasks might be an obstacle. For a new player, it is easy, they just work through them from start to finish and then get the rotating tasks. But even if I+2 wanted to just take the existing system and drop it into the PC/Mobile version, what do you think the best way of dealing with the linear tasks would be?

  1. Just ignore them and give everyone the rotating tasks right away with linear tasks only for new accounts,
  2. have everyone work through the linear tasks (I could see this as a problem for high level players since a lot of tasks wouldn’t be triggered until the player levelled up, which is a very slow process over level 1000), or
  3. something in between (like have a level cut-off at 50 or 100 after which everyone just gets the rotating tasks)?

From the little that I remember of working through the linear tasks, I think they were really good at helping new players learn the basic functionality of the game and would hate for that to be lost (the tutorial is so limited already). Anyway, I’m curious to hear what you think.

There were several lists of tasks, broken up by player level. So if the system were introduced to other versions, folks would always be playing level-appropriate tasks. For 200+ level, that means the rotating tasks.

But the more interesting & appropriate question is - do tasks actually help? We introduced them to help with certain problems on console, but I think it’s likely that those same problems are now addressed by other features, and it might actually be a good idea to remove the tasks. A Band-Aid helps stop the bleeding, but eventually it’s just extra stuff you don’t need.

I don’t know if tasks are good now, or should be expanded, or contracted, or what. Here’s what I do believe - decisions like that should be driven by data and experimentation. You look at player behaviors, then postulate a change, introduce a feature, and then measure how accurate your prediction was. Tasks aren’t useful because of some ideological belief - they were useful to increase retention of players level 30-60 on console. They were specifically meant to be a longer tutorial - a way to reward & encourage players to do new things, at a reasonable pace.


Thanks - really appreciate your perspective.

For myself, I think that the tasks help to keep me engaged and interested. I like the variety that they introduce into the game, but you make a good point about them having a purpose that may be met by other features now. GW and dungeons certainly provide an equally strong incentive to play daily and having fewer daily obligations (chores) might be liberating for players. I’m curious to see what the new non-GW modes will be.


Reply to the OP -

Clearly new tasks need to be added to reflect the new functionality / kingdoms / minigames / troop types. I’d love to see a task about multiclass troops as well. (Win 4 battles with a team where all troops share two types.)

It’s nice to have people say that the low-level tasks were helpful as an extended tutorial - that was my primary goal with them.

I apologize for the 15 contruct battles task. I have a construct team I really like…



  1. This made me smile, big time! I fully accept the apology. I don’t know what’s wrong with the tables. But leaving in this hardcoded task was brutal for me: once per week, occasionally 3x per week. Luckily with new construct troops (Guild Guardians) the problem was mitigated.

  2. I disagree tasks are not needed anymore. I think they strongly help daily player involvement. Many games have time limited activates for a reason, no matter what they are called: Challenges, Missions, Bounties, Tasks, Quests, etc. Furthermore I enjoy the team build aspect with a small reward.

  3. Your point about new players not need Tasks for help. Well, based on Global Chat, XBL clubs, and the forums, trust me they still need all the help the game can give them :grinning:

  4. Glad to see you contribute on the forums a bit.


The period after they split mechs from constructs and before the introduction of the Guardians was the absolute worst. Getting Ship’s Cannon was such a huge relief.

Agreed on all of your points, especially #3!


Yup i like the tasks they are part of my routine, first i do GW then the daily task and dungeon then pvp

I would like to see some dungeon task like kill a boss without losing a troop or use particular type to kill a boss, but of course we would need to be able to restart a boss if we miss it

Maybe give the diamond and jewel rewards on your first run then let us retry to finish task without dungeon rewards


Exactly. Even small tasks with small rewards being offered are good activities to have around. Not everyone is interested in PVP, or treasure hunting, or Arena, or the Weekly Event if the event points are too troublesome to get (I hate summoning events…).

Diversifying is good, even more when you can get some of those activities “synched” with each other.


I got that this morning, again !! I use 3 golems and dawnbringer with dragonclaw banner.

3 groups of tasks should be created: Tasks for lvl 1-199, tasks for lvl 200-999 and tasks for lvl 1000+. Or maybe even only 2 groups: 1-199 and 200+
Because at level above 1000, we shouldnt see anymore a gain of 100 souls for doing 8 fights with 3 troops of Khetar. Same for Khaziel 2000 gold for 8 fights when we can win more in one simple PvP fight.


I would simply like the ability to skip one of those random quests, like increase a kingdom level. And if they set up a system whereby the first skip is free but the next will cost something, then that’s okay. I’m sure there will be a daily cap of some sort.

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