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Daily Tasks and you!

Hey everyone, so there’s a lot speculation going around by mainly PC/Mobile players about how the daily tasks system works. Our console players can offer guidance here, as the system currently is ported and optimized from what it was on console in the 3.4 update. However, I figured I’d jump in and offer some concrete explanation on how the system works. We’ve been wanting to improve this system for a while now (as I’m sure a lot of people on console will say it’s long overdue), and the fact that it’s not clear how it works at the moment is testament to that from just a usability standpoint. All tasks look the same, but not all tasks behave the same.

To break it down, there are three different types of tasks. To begin with, every day, at daily reset, the Daily Task (the top task) is reset, and a new one is gained, based upon your level. There are three level ranges, which I won’t go into specifics as they’re subject to change as we take on feedback and improve the tasks offered by the system, but the given task is randomly taken from that pool.

The remaining two types of tasks are what the other three tasks are made up of. Each of these tasks will follow a unique set of tasks one after another. When in this state, you cannot skip tasks, and will receive a new task upon that task’s completion. When you’ve exhausted that task’s Path, that task will dip into the Repeatable pool of tasks from then on.

Repeatable tasks can be skipped, however they will not be removed at the end of the day unless they have been completed. Your progress will carry over day to day until they’re either skipped or completed.

When we released 3.5, we roughly progressed everyone through the linear set of tasks based on their level, unless they were above a certain level and we believed that they would be at the repeatable tasks level, in which case they were given the repeatable tasks.

Hopefully that clears up some confusion surrounding them!


Has there been any thought on adding or updating new repeatable tasks?

Mainly for the people that are in a situation where they can’t upgrade a troop level or craft a trait in 1 day since they have no more troops to upgrade?


Amen to that. I don’t mind getting tasks asking me to use treasure maps. I won’t, but at least I could if I wanted. The fact that kingdom power has been gated on upgrading troops forever incentivizes upgrading those troops. So I literally can’t complete those tasks, even though I do want to.

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For sure, we want to add more variety and also stop tasks that you can’t complete currently from being given to you in the first place.


4 is a weird number for amount of tasks. I’d like to suggest adding in a 5th task it would be the same everyday and reward 1 gold and that task would be to complete 3 dungeon battles.


Sure? :thinking:

So this is what I must have at my level I guess


I´m not going to lose time doing this, so mines are going to be forever.

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Looks like you’ve been set to be on the end game repeatable tasks. You can skip one of those each day if you don’t want to go out of your way to do them :slight_smile:

I do and this is what I get, so…


I cant level any troop to level 16, I have all over
I must assume the rewards to a level 1391 are maps and souls then


Will anything be done to allow auto completion or free skip for tasks that are impossible due to having too many resources?

For example, there is a task where it is required to trait a troop, but this is impossible if the player owns literally every troop in the game fully traited. Not sure if there is one, but leveling a troop would also have this issue for people who are level 20 on all troops as well as ascend a troop for people who have everything unlocked and upgraded to mythic.


I think you missed Alpheon’s comment above:


The first task will reset each day at daily reset. The other three won’t reset unless you complete them or select the button next to the task. The repeatable tasks (the three bottom ones) you’re on don’t take level into account when choosing them. There are many tasks in that pool that give gold, keys, and even gems on occasion.

@Tacet: I was sniped by @actreal! But yes, it’s something we’re aware of and will be addressing in the future.


There’s an article for that!


From @Cyrup’s article:
Daily tasks will all change, complete or incomplete, once Daily Reset occurs.


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but according to the article Cyrup just posted, “Daily tasks will all change, complete or incomplete, once Daily Reset occurs”

which one is correct?

edit turintuor beat me to it lol

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Recommend handling this how most other games would: every task just resets daily, unless you “lock” them. A “locked” task stays until completion. Then, if you have a “bad” set of tasks, you have to wait no more than one day for them to not be there anymore, but if you have one or more “good” tasks you want to complete later, you can just save it. Being required to shuffle through one at a time when stuck with a bunch that have annoying conditions and/or insignificant rewards will more than likely lead to less engagement over time, since you are punished for not completing them (no new task tomorrow) rather than being rewarded for completing them (usable resources, if small amounts) .

(Also, why are treasure maps rewards on the endgame repeatable set at all?)


How about just not offering the level or trait a troop task for anyone that is over level 1000

I don’t care how easy the task is I will reroll the task if it rewards maps I don’t even care if I get a task I can’t complete in its place. Please remove them as rewards for anyone that is over level 1000. I have over 2500 maps that I will never use its really disappointing when I get that as a reward.


Correct me if I’m wrong or misunderstood how the tasks work, but it’s NOT impossible to complete the “trait a troop” or “level a troop” tasks for anyone. You just have to wait for the beginning of each week when whatever the new troop in the glory pack, invade/raid/bounty shop comes out, at which point you can now complete the task.

Yes it holds up that task spot until you can do it and ideally you want to complete all tasks every day to max rewards, but it can still be done or passed on.


As a console player and longtime fan of the task system, I can say that the forging a trait task is one of the absolute best tasks in the game. Two gem keys (or at least, that’s what it’s always been up until now – I’m assuming it’s still the same) for a few button presses is tough to beat. And while Souls are not necessarily a hot commodity to end-game players, the level a troop tasks are equally easy to finish.

Just be mindful of the fact that these tasks do come up, so it’s wise to keep a few troops on hand that need to be leveled up or traited. This game is a marathon, not a sprint.


I´m going to need 3 days at least to skip those 3 tasks, and of course not doing the first 1 because I can´t.

I have all troops levelled, oh except the treasure gnome or valraven but I can´t have more copies of them so…

So I see I be forced to play

8 matches with 3 khetar troops to win 100 souls
8 battles with 3 Zul Khari troops to get 4 maps
4 battles with 3 Pain´s Valley to get 2 maps

Sure I´m not going to do.
Again I see I am the unluckiest, it become habitual like 1 pet on pet rescue.

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Its impossible because trait a troop or level a troop tasks only last a day. Its still a complete waste of a day or a forced reroll. Unless its a Monday, those things are getting leveled/traited because holding back in most cases is more nuisance than its worth.

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