When Tasks Align

Got lucky today with a Task pull, (still hoping the Devs add Zaejin to the pool soon)
EDIT: I went with Carnex, Steam Turret, Deep Borer, Tankbot 2000

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Man… that looks like so much fun.
Any chance the PC/Mobile will get the daily tasks option too?


Yeah, most days the Tasks are a nice diversion. Today was unusual in its overlapping. As an FYI to the PC/mobile players the total rewards for all 4 Tasks were: 2 Gem Keys, 25 Gold Keys, and 16 Gems. (Plus the normal end of battle items)

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Ive given up on the tasks again. By the time I do them ive no time left for pvp; ill do the 5 second task A only

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Do you know you can do PvP and Tasks simultaneously? I just beat a full boat Gloom Leaf, Rowanne, Green Seer, ? (forgot). Granted its nowhere near as fast as my regular invade teams but your getting extra resources AND are playing with some variety. PS: This was with the 4 mismatched Constructs listed above.

I think I just defended Tasks :relaxed:. imagine that


In theory but the restrictions are usually too tight. I just cant be bothered playing with characters I dont like for too long. Bringing them into pvp without them levelled/traited doesnt sound like a good idea either. Theyre just not for me

To each his own.
Personally for me 8-12 battles is about right, compared to the original v2.0 update of 20 wins with lower rewards. Tasks v2.1 is not bad (please don’t tell me v1 was better, at this point EVERYONE knows the rewards were completely off the hook).

However, concerning your last point. My situation might be different as I have a decent variety of troops at Level 19/20 and Traited. This gives me options to haul substandard teams into PvP.

For Example:
19 Carnex***
20 Steam Turret***
20 Deep Borer***
19 Tankbot 2000*

Im not looking at anything like those stats for my characters; so pvp is a no-no for me.

8-15 battles per day, per task, is a lot for the average player. I know some overlap but if I do that many I have no time left to play; and thats with pumping the crappy challenge teams with lead.

V1 was better. The rewards were generous but no need to think that was the only thing. They were also quicker and had more variety of rewards. I dont particularly need gems; I need glory, gold and arcanes.

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The rewards also made sense, sure some like the change armor task were just silly and pointless, but now, win 8(?) Battles with khetar troops for 100 souls? That reward is not proportionate with the work. Therefore it sits on my screen for a week or so until I get tired of looking at it. Oh well there are people that love the new task system, and those of us that hate it, can’t make everyone happy I suppose


The rewards make sense for the Kingdom, yes I agree some of the Tasks can use some balancing in the next update. For example:
8 Broken Spire = 3 Gem Keys (Good!)
8 Adana = 25 Gold Keys = 7,500 Gold (Reasonable)
YET look at 8 Khaziel 2,000 Gold! (Awful)

I do see @Robert 's point. If you don’t have the troops leveled and traited some of these Tasks could be time consuming.

@irishfury187 you mentioned Khetar I’m fortunate to have all level 19/20 troops, some of them Triple traited to knock that out hoping for something better the next day.

If you have Skeleton maxed & traited just throw him on top with a few skull spammers play against Knights to clear it fast.

Definitely some good things about the tasks. Glad youre enjoying them, id say plenty are!

Also whitehelm, for 40 glory I think, is a bit bleh. I also have my khetar troops high level, I’m not saying it’s hard, just definitely not worth the time. 8 matches without a reasonable way to use valk, for the one resource valk provides, more generously than the task offered, also, I wouldn’t take my khetar team into pvp Because it’s just not that good. For others it might work out, but for me trading 24 glory, 400+ souls, 5600+ gold, for 116 souls and maybe 1000 gold (that is if both scenarios took the same amount of time, which they dont, my pvp teams are faster.) Isn’t worth it.

I’ll still do those tasks once in a while to finish a quest line or maybe to 5 star some challenges since most of mine haven’t been completed, but usually I just leave them alone.

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Im the same in that I do them when I feel like doing quests or challenges I havent completed yet. Handy to have the tasks then

Thanks Broken Spire~


Are all 3 doable at once?

4 Troops same Race
4 Troops same Kingdom
Drafted from Arena
I think if you do the math you’ll have your answer;)

We would like all the versions of the game to sync up feature wise in the future.


having tasks wouldn’t hurt, those that don’t want to do them can just ignore them

Hero Classes won’t work in Arena so you have to do the 8 wins first. Broken Spire has 4 Giants in it thanks to Gob-Chomper, who I recently picked up on PS4. I can live with doing 18 battles. The match X number of 5 in a row one can be done with Treasure Maps.

You would think that would be the case… However there are dozens of posts on the Xbox/ps4 forum subcategory that says otherwise. They don’t ignore, they bellyache :wink: