3.4 Sneak Peek Doomskulls

How are the daily tasks and what do they reward you with? PC player here, never heard of it.

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Win 5 battles with 3 adana troops. Get 20 glory.

Win 75 battles. Get 30 gems.

Win 3 revenge battles. Get 100 souls.

Like those, you get 4 everyday. Unless you complete them, they stay, except the first task on the list, which is a new one everyday even if you did not complete it.

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Now I’m mad we don’t have them on PC/mobile. :disappointed:

Well, you may finally be getting them soon. As far as I know, it’s not clear yet whether the version to be implemented will be the same as what we’ve had on console or if they are bringing in a revised system.

Does it mean no more code for pc?

Here is an old thread giving examples of unusual Daily Task pairings when a player can do all of them with one single team.


So not looking forward to doomskulls whatsoever. Going to push the game even further towards a true luck game rather than a skill game imho.


The way I see it is doomskulls will mean faster mana generation. So games will be faster on average. Whether it leads to a win or loss at least it’ll be quicker.

Another gold nerf?

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I like to see my enemy on the field of battle before I speak of its capabilities.

As in, a lot of troops that look really good to me fall short when I toss them into the fray. Instead of getting whipped up and attacking hypothetical doomskulls, let’s let them hit and play with them for a week or so. Then we’ll have practical examples of how they’re the worst thing since avocados.

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Absolutely. Some of us have to work. Or eat or sleep.

I assume the starting time is not global. The devs have to know that there are guilds that don’t exist in the same time zone.

It could be fine, if frequent enough.

If we’re talking “only one 1-hour quest daily” that’s unbelievably unfair to about 12 time zones worth of people daily. But if we’re talking “one 1-hour quest per guild member daily” it’s less unfair. And if it’s “some chance of up to $x quests daily every hour”, you end up with a spread where some days you get lucky.

We can contrive scenarios where any implementation doesn’t work. I have seen gamers complain about month-long events because they were busy that particular month.

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I’m pretty sure it will be a all week event or a weekend event, it got no choice to trigger more then one time so everyone in the guild could participate, after all it’s a guild event

@Strat we get enough tickets, we don’t need help.

You guys can see more on pets in my stream tomorrow, just saying! (6 30 PM PDT, which is 11 30 AM AEST.)

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@Saltypatra Cool so you gonna tell us how to unlock them, how much it cost to feed or get them? And wth is that rescue event? :slight_smile:

You will have to see in my stream! :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Saltypatra any chance we get the new update this week? :stuck_out_tongue:



@Saltypatra Cool but can you tell us if it is submitted at least? :slight_smile: