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3.4 Sneak Peek Doomskulls



I never played puzzle quest, do you need to match 3 Doomskulls or you can mix them with normal skull?

You can match them with normal skulls in PQ.

Oh boy… Those dual converters in the spoiler data that transform entire colors to doomskulls will be able to kill a troop and explode the entire board with an extra turn. And it looks like Doomskulls will drop without manipulation, because none of those troops in the screenshot create doomskulls. I hope the ratio seen on the board there is not even remotely representative of how many sure are supposed to see in a normal game… a third of the skulls visible are doomskulls. I wonder if they can be overwritten by “skull” generation, such as that Bone Dragon or Wild Queen there… that would actually be kind of terrible for any existing random skull generators, so I hope not. I also wonder how they interact with destroy/explode in a sort of chain reaction capacity…


Note the picture of the next mythic troop on the screenshot as well.


@Mithran do you think Entangle gonna work against Doomskulls?

They’d probably still add the five damage. Entangle just makes your effective attack zero, it doesn’t stop you from matching or dealing damage with skulls. It would depend on if Doomskulls are specifically coded to not add this damage (and possibly not explode) if the troops effective attack is zero, but I’m doubting that at this point.

That would make sense if they deal
0 damage but explode

I wonder what bug/exploit this will introduce that needs emergency nerf?


Im pretty sure it will work better for AI then the players :slight_smile:

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Ishbaala/Infernus wrecking everything in 20 seconds

Every exploder in the game paired with doomskull spawners becoming the only usable teams. If doomskulls work like normal skulls do, they retain 100% of their value when exploded and hit through skull mitigation while still being buffed by things like hunter’s mark.


This is live already, what’s your point? :stuck_out_tongue:

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These things look like they might be flashing/pulsating like the barrier effect. I swear if they do, I will claw my eyes out. Judging from the hue of color matching the fire/red gems, they’re likely red, right? Well, to colorblind people like me, this looks more like yellow. Which would be very unpleasant if i flashes…


On the last stream, the dev stated that they have a 10% drop rate.

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10% of skulls or 10% of all drops? :wink:

Sirrian didn’t give that detail. It’s a good question. I “assumed” that he meant 10% of all drops.

As an FYI:

It’s surely 10% of skulls as actually there is 15% that something will be a skull (100/7).


does anyone know when 3.4 will drop?

They said approx in a month

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awesome, thank you very much for the response