3.4 Sneak Peek Doomskulls


Just so you’re aware, I will be previewing Doomskulls in our next stream! Make sure to come watch so you can ask questions and see them in action before 3.4 drops. https://www.twitch.tv/infinityplustwo


thought was stated somewhere that 3.4 was possible end of this month no?


I hope the AI’s crazy “luck” with skull falls is toned down before this goes live.



10 bunnys


Just a question: will skull-creating troops (Skeleros, Sheggra, Keeper of Souls etc.) be creating doomskulls as well? Like 0-10% (random percent) of all created skulls.


I think we will need to wait for future troop to create them


This is a really good question.

@Saltypatra @Cyrup any clues from the devs?


I have 4/25/18 slated as 3.4’s release date. No idea if the devs are planning on the same date. 🤷


No, because their spells specify skulls not doom skulls

Doom skulls are too cool :dark_sunglasses:


I can’t imagine a Guardian with Doom Skulls !


A Troll with Doom skulls?


Please change bone dragon to strip armour and create 1:1 doom skulls with them.

That would create the biggest complaint thread this year!


But what about the other direction, do doomskulls count as skulls? It would be pretty silly if they didn’t. For clarity, I’m wondering if the Doomskulls count as “skulls” for the purposes of interacting with spells and just have a special flag. Do randomly generated skulls (eg., Bone Dragon) and randomly doomskulls (eg., Bonebinder) overwrite existing doomskulls/skulls, respectively? What about spells boosted by skulls, do those count Doomskulls? For example, if there are 6 skulls and 2 doomskulls on the board, my expectation would be that Skeleros would spawn 8 normal skulls (since the spell is essentially create 0 skulls, boosted by number of skulls on the board 1:1) and none of them would overwrite any of the existing skulls or doomskulls. Do things that transform, remove, destroy, or explode skulls target doomskulls? For example, if all the skulls on the board are currently Doomskulls, I still expect Carnex to be able to explode up to 10 of them, and if I use Finley, I still expect him to convert all skulls away, including doomskulls. I’m hoping these are things that are being tested for before release.

As an aside, the things that are slated to currently convert colors to doomskulls look actually ridiculous. These can easily be a kill + board explode + match 4/5 extra turn (+chance at cascade extra turn/full mana/set up to do the same thing again). I think it might be best to let this new mechanic breathe a little bit before jumping into the deep end with it.


What about skull storm?


In the stream, they said there will be a doomstorm. So, I assume that one will increase doom skull chances. And, skullstorm will continue to just makes regular skulls.


Look like sylvanimora will be popular again, i know the doomskulls still deal damage but it’s better get 5 damage then die


Hmm. Lots of things interacting. In short, it seems like we’ve got:

  • Doomskulls appear “10% of the time”, we aren’t sure if this means “10% of skulls” or “as a new gem type with a different rarity.”
  • Doomskulls will match with skulls.
  • If an ability says “skulls” it specifically means “skulls”, not Doomskulls.
  • Bonestorm is “skulls” specifically and won’t impact Doomskulls, implying the 2nd choice from above, “Doomskulls are a new gem type with a separate rarity”.
  • Hypothetical “doomstorm” will specifically affect Doomskulls.


Has anyone realized the drawback of doomskulls yet?
It’ll make gem spawners even more useless. It’s pretty much a new “gem type” for the board.
Maybe with doomskulls they can also remove the “combo breaker” that only applies to the player and never to the AI.


You should probably be more specific when talking about spawners, i think the cut-off is 10.
Yasmine can singlehandedly destroy whole enemy teams without giving back the turn, Trolls are probably the most potent manabatteries in the game right now, we all know what a pest Nyx is and with 4 burning enemies Elemaugrim becomes a chainturn joke of dominance.

On the other hand troops like Jarl are incredibly useless since Unity as he now essentially is a really bad common-rare level single target damage dealer producing mana and extraturns for the enemy. I assume you refer to troops like him when you say gem spawners are useless.


Troops like this fella. I was a midgamer. Grinded hard to get Courage fully traited. 2 weeks later they came out with the combo breaker. Haven’t been able to use him since.

You’re right. But trolls double the gems on the board and Yasmine creates 10 of one color. It’s the mixture type that are worthless.
The Combo breaker makes it so you can have 20 green gems the board. Yasmine casts… And you don’t get a single 4 or 5 gem match. It works against true RNG and will be even worse when an extra gem type is added.
Hence why I don’t believe GoW runs on RNG during battles… The luck factor paired with the combo breaker equates to RFG more than RNG.