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New Kingdom is approaching!

I visited taransworld recently and peeked at the troops spoilers and then I saw…


I suppose it will be +2 brown, +1 purple, -1 yellow. Nice one.

And then…


I wonder what those Doomskulls will be! :smiley: But already sounds powerfull.

And last but not least. Kingdom image. Well, it looks really interesting I must admit! I like the atmosphere and I think that this kingdom might be focused mostly on Undead and maybe on Freeze. But we will see ^^



Maybe if you match doomskulls it will deal double damages?

Asha puts on crazy speculation hat.

What if doomskulls could give skull damage to troops that aren’t in first slot… :sweat_smile:


Hopefully they’d be +5 skulls like in the original puzzlequest. Where a 5 match made a power gem of the color or skulls. For a little bonus mana or damage.

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Or maybe it will hit everyone in the team

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Dear God no…


As skull happy as the AI seems to be when fighting raid boss, I hope its not too powerful!


Skull Spam vs Infernus: The New Meta Movie. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Doomskulls - skull damage will be lethal to opponent if hit.

Oh dear lord… please not that, anything but that! :slight_smile:


Key word is “if” so easy to counter with the the right build.
What does DOOMCLAW do? :wink:

Doomskulls will be skulls that also explode when matched (or destroyed, I assume).


The kingdom is situated in the cold area, I see. I don’t see any ice next to Wildplains. And we have an island next to Stormheim…

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I guess this kingdom will be situated at the the left of Urskaya.

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I think we can assume how powerful Doomskulls will be by considering how common it is.

Based on spoiler, it seems almost as common as nornal skull. There are spells that create multiple Doomskulls, transfrom normal one to Doomskulls, and transfrom all single gem color to ones. So it can’t be too powerful, or it will be game-breaking.

I think it will just add a bit more flat damage to skull match (+5 damage like the original Puzzle Quest), or a bit more bonus percentage. (110% damage when matching skulls, similar to Enraged but apply on board) Other things like attacking 2nd-4th slot troops, lethal damage, ignore traits, or true damage might be too powerful.

Could have a multiplier but hit a random enemy to compensate. That sounds like just the sort of thing they’d do lol.

Doomskulls deal skull damage AND explode 5 gems OR drain 10% mana from all enemies OR freeze the most healthy enemy OR entangle you OR turn a random enemy to a Giant Toadstool OR increase attack on all allies by 2 OR send a bug report to devs OR format C:\


Oh come on - entangle?! Nerf plz.

or we will get a brandnew underworld map with 32 brandold underworld kingdoms :wink:

Kingdom background is so gorgeous though! It remind me of early ice cave level in Puzzle Quest 2.


On other related note, look like Dhrak-Zum already have 3 Legendaries in the spoiler; 2 release with kingdom, one more with weekly event, which also have Guild War? It will be tough to get them all, let alone mythic’ed any of them.

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