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How did my Troop Die?

Good Evening All,

I’m honestly curious about this but do suspect it to be a bug, but completely happy to be wrong.

Can anybody explain to me how my troop dies in this clip?

The 1st AI troop has 47 attack, the AI then did a 3 skull match including a doomskull so should hit for 52. The doomskull also blew up one other regular skull, so should hit for 53, correct?

Yet in the clip the game shows -52 as the attack and kills my 1st troop when it has 54 health remaining.

I’ve checked the traits of the Treasure Gnome and there’s nothing there to add more skull damage, and I didn’t have any status effects to take more skull damage. Honestly curious to know if I’m missing something here?

Thank you to anybody who takes the time to reply!

2 single skulls and a doom skull is 7 + 47 = 54

There shouldn’t be two skulls. There’s only the one to the right.

So it’s 47+5+1 = 53 = Bug Report Needed

…unless I’ve misunderstood how skulls work all along.

EDIT: In any case, this might help @Kafka out with the same sort of problem happening in other threads, like this one Will skull damage ever be fixed?


@Apach3 Are you sure that’s the case? Because when matching 3 normal skulls you don’t get your attack + 3 do you? Or does the doomskull “blow” up the skulls that it matches with as well, but then that would only be 1 of them in this case.

Also it still said -52 over my troop, so I think there is something wrong somewhere.

@Magnusimus That is the way I thought skulls worked as well.

Nope not sure but thought it was 5 for a doom skull and 1 for ordinary skulls

@Apach3 every 3 matched normal skulls does damage equal to your attack, but say if you match more than 3 in one match (not counting cascades), you get 1 more damage for each normal skull. So a match 4 skulls is your attack + 1, a match 5 skulls is your attack + 2. That is my take.

Haha. Doomed skulls are the gem equivalent of quantum physics/ chaos theory…nobody actually knows what’s going on


Unless your troop had the visual bug where it already had damage on it but wasn’t showing, than your troop should be at 1 life.

Skull damage + 5 for doomskull + 1 for extra exploded skull.

Same bug I’ve been complaining about for over a year. Most people don’t even notice when a troop dies from skull damage that is 3 to 4x too much and you noticed 1 damage too much.
Props to you.


@Earnham I actually have the full clip HERE

My Cedric starts out with 40 Armour and 61 Life (101 Total), gets hit by skull damage (so 101 - 47 = 54). So I don’t think it’s the visual bug you mentioned.

Haha I play on x4 speed but you know when your gut feeling just tells you something wasn’t right. I got that as soon as it happened so I just hit the record clip button and analysed it after the battle, and low and behold…

I’m kinda glad that I wasn’t missing something though with how I thought the game was supposed to work. Yeah it is a really annoying bug if like you say it can cause you to get hit 3 or 4x what you should, but hopefully it gets fixed…eventually.


Because 505 willed it so