When Tasks Align

Haha, know what you mean. Bellyaching is also another popular hobby

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Today 3 Tasks were doable at once;

Use 4 Troops from a Kingdom
Use 3 Troops from Broken Spire
Use 3 Troops that use Blue Mana

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Bookmarking this response for future linkage. :sunglasses:

Its been awhile since I pulled a simultaneously 4/4, but today looks like Blue Sky Knight Team running some PvP Invades.


Tasks are completely ruined now, i dont even bother anymore… besides my tasks are bugged and stay on -1/30 so fk em.

To each is own.

Ruined, no. One could say the original Task system left the ice cream truck unlocked with no employees and you could serve yourself as much as you wanted.

That -1/30 is a very old holdover from the v1 to v2.0 update months ago, you need to complete it to get the new 2.1 Tasks.


I cant complete it if it stays in -1/30

Everyone else was able to complete & clear the task. If you really feel you cannot, open a support ticket and they can clear the task for you.

I dont do the tasks anymore either. They are useful the odd time I feel like completing some quests or challenges

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Thank Luna Whitehelm had 3 greens in it.


Most of them just take too long, and give diamonds… which is a source im least concerned with. Wish they would give souls so i didnt have to spam coliseu/arena/whateveritwascalled, no scrap that… everyone knows what i want with the tasks sigh.

why not use diamonds to buy souls?

im saving diamonds to buy the 2nd 500 suits so i can start getting more souls (finally figured out a good way to get souls which is that arena place where you get random cards, most of the time i can beat it and when i cant i just give up at the 3rd match so i atleast get my money back.

Honestly, i thought you had both armours. That is a great way to spend gems. That makes me wonder, why do the top not use their extra diamonds to buy souls? Or do they?

I never bought Celestial Armor, but used Valkyrie extensively and hit the “Soul Wall” around level 550.

Using Gems tp purchase other resources is a bad idea with the poor returns, regardless of your level

Doesn’t the higher amount of souls cost less gems on average though? If you are not using gems for souls though and you have both armours, then have you removed the purpose of those gems or are using them for gem keys? Also wouldn’t buying souls increase the speed in which you level troops? Especially given that the diamond to soul ratio changes (i beleive) as you choose bigger soul amount purchases.

I use Gems for Gem Keys and Event Keys. If I have a busy week, I will buy Gold with them to meet Guild minimums out of desperation.

You have much luck with gem keys? I seem to get 99% Berserker

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Gem Keys are GREAT if you need 1000 copies of Ultra Rares.

I haven’t spent a significant amount of Gems or Glory Keys in over a month, kind of forget they even exist anymore

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Valkyrie gains what exactly max? 150 per match after 2 turns of her skill? Im not sure cause i never looked into optimal.

All i know is that you get 750 or something souls from 10 matches in the arena with the bonus on dragon armor
So i take it with celestial armor thats 1000 souls, and with vip (which i dont have but ok) even more.