Personal tasks from console on pc/mobile

I really like the little tasks on the ps4 version and would love to see them on pc/mobile where i play 99% of the time😎


There was talk from the devs months ago about bringing that system over as part of the process of synchronizing the two versions, but they seem to have gone quiet on that. I’m not sure if they see the new weekly events that you have as filling part of that same niche, or if it is still in the plans. I quite like having daily tasks and would be disappointed if the solution to synchronizing the platforms was to remove them from console.


We still plan to bring a version of the Task system from consoles to PC/ Mobile.

We don’t have an ETA at this stage when it will happen.


Yay! Thanks nim!

We’d like to improve the Task system before we add it to PC/ Mobile.


What’s personal task? Can you explain more? I’m sorry, I don’t play on console.

There are 4 tasks that you can do each day that give small rewards such as…
Open 100 gold chests reward 10 gems
Win 10 ranked pvp matches reward 3 glory keys

And stuff like that… I know the rewards arent much but i find it fun to have a reason to do things i wouldnt normally do necessarily or in the given examples small extra rewards for things i would do anyway


Thanks. That’s actually good idea imho. Giving players something else to pursue on daily basis.


looks like fun

First one is daily the other 3 stay until you complete them I have had reach level 40 as one of my tasks for a few months.


It also gives people a reason to use troops they never use. One of my tasks once was reduce an enemy’s attack to 0 it was the first time I ever used Warhound.


Thanks. That makes it more interesting. I’m looking forward to it to be implemented on PC/mobile version.

Yeah, it’s actually pretty cool and one of the few things I really miss about moving from console to mobile.