Same Features as PS4

My hubby had that today. Used a green goblin team. Finished all 3 in a few minutes lol


I do all my daily’s except level up a kingdom. This really helped me get good at guild wars before I knew about it,

Today is my favorite, complete 75 wins any type of match. So 30 gems for that, mix it with event I may get it done.

I’d you do them daily, you’ll be more likely to get the big ones more. 300 gems a week if you get the right ones.

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Thats exactly what i did lol

I always do all tasks every day. They might not give you much of a reward sometimes but they all add up in the long run :slight_smile:

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I only play console games because pc always requires you to upgrade it to play and mobile games while fun I tend to never get to play by the time a game loads no time to play at home,however I can play 4-6 hours at a time. Also the task lol I could care less most are not worth time to do them

I know you want the tasks for the mobile and I initally didn’t start out to whine about them. But honestly for the console they are in a severe way of needing attention of an update.

When they pay well they are great. However when they don’t pay well they are horrible. Currently I have a 3 gem, 6 gem, 2000 gold, and 6 key payouts for my 4 tasks which really isn’t that great of a payout vs the amount of time that I have to drop to finish it all.

Right now slaughter 500 enemies in PvP for the event and earn upto 120 gems, 28,000 gold, and 3 Amira cards vs do the abysmal tasks that are set before you.

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Since you either ignored this, thought i was lying, or was too lazy to see for yourself… @CCafe i did the work for ya…

Personal tasks from console on pc/mobile

Now please stop

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I didn’t realize it had already been addressed before you linked it previously. I’m still learning how to navigate the site.

Also, since I haven’t said it yet, thank you @Vangor for doing that!

No problem @Mabel_Pines

More often than not the tasks align so you can do a couple together. You can even do a knight team or goblin team or blue team or whatever in casual pvp and still get your green bogies. Plus mostly it’s only three of something so can use your dragon soul to generate mana or whatever to speed things up. Not sure why you’re making it out to be a big issue. You’ve given one example of the tasks you have today. They change! They’re not always rubbish, change your armour for one glory key for example, yea that’s a crappy one but some are decent. 75 battles for 30 gems. Casual pvp with bombots, snotstones galore and that task is soon finished too.


I always use a bombot in my team where possible to do all tasks, quick easy battles and very little effort for some rewards. As said before, they might not be much but they all add up :slight_smile:

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Gorgotha (or TDS) +3 works pretty well also. I can usually clear my daily tasks while doing PVP or exploring in a kingdom where I need traitstones in less than 15 minutes a day, unless I get the “win 75 battles” task, which I will just clear whenever I clear it anyway.

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I’ve been using broken gems spawning algorithm in Justice or Courage (when sensible) to clear daily tasks. Fast.

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I got tasks for both constructs and elementals on the same day last week. Thank you very much.

Queen Mab
Snow Guardian
Frozen dude with the pointy head, and fist ability?

Spam Skulls

I have no idea what 4th troop you’re talking about!

I just went Gorg, justice, courage, honor. Fill one, spam skulls.

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Ha!!! I Don’t know either but he’s a construct. I only use him to clear the construct task, that’s why I described what he looks like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Try this team next time its broken fast.:grin:

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If I can figure out who you’re talking about, I will.

Edit: Ice golem


And yes I know the versions are all seperate. Though would have loved if they were all connected. I would be playing on my phone between traffic lights. Playing at work when its slow. Playing at home between rl and chores. as it stands I would have to have different accounts.

Just popping in to let you know that we still plan on reworking daily tasks and implementing them on PC/Mobile. (Console will also get the updated tasks, you won’t be left behind!)