Same Features as PS4

I’ve been playing on PS4 since February or March. Just installed the game on my phone only to see that there are no daily tasks. When will they be coming to PC and phone? That and the 4x animation speed. I tried to play on the phone and it falls slower than it does at normal speeed on the PS4. It’s agonizing. As far as phone goes, I’ll only login on it for daily/hourly rewards. Trying to play it on my phone puts me to sleep :sleepy:

I believe the 4x speed feature will be coming to mobile once they get the Unity update.

Also, as I recall, the daily tasks was originally implemented on console since it’s harder to get a player to sit down in front of their TV than it is for a mobile player who can pull their phone out anywhere and play, as a way to entice them, if you will. However, that doesn’t mean mobile will never receive tasks, or a version of it.

I also wonder if we will get the tasks on PC/Mobile…


The tasks aren’t bad if you are starting out but would be nice if you could just disable them after awhile. Most of the time I let them sit there and rot because I get tired of completing a task for 1 or 2 keys or a couple of gems.

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The only ones I ever complete are the “spend a gem key, get 20 gems” or something to that effect. The “level a troop to level 18 and get 1200 souls” and “forge a trait and get X”.

Other than that, they only completed if I do it by accident (such as the 20 5-matches)

Exactly! When they have a decent payout sure I’ll do them.

What they need to do is setup the task based on level. If your much over 500 single keys is pretty much a worthless task and it going to sit there forever and a day. Change your armor is another pain in the ass one. Yes its super easy to do just to get it to go away but for a single key and to top that off why I like my Death Knight armor. I paid you a pretty penny for it I don’t want to change it.

To be fair @Nimhain did say later in the thread that they were going to give them a make-over before bringing them to pc/mobile

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I’ll yeild to that then. If they are going to give them a make over it would sure be appreciated! Thanks for the heads up.

Can you TRY to not be so negetive about everything? Change your armor is a problem? ITS A FREE REWARD! You change it, get the reward and change it right back! It takes all of 6 seconds… Geez you irritate me


I’m over level 700 now and the only task I never finish is the one for revenge battles. It will sometimes take me close to an hour find and win 3 revenge battles and last time the payout was 300 souls. I can get that in one explore run with my soul team. Aside from that, I don’t really need gold keys as a payout but I do it anyway because it’s free.

However, @CCafe, I didn’t start this thread to complain about task rewards. It’s here so I could ask them to bring tasks to the PC/mobile version.

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I complete them all everyday if possible. I like them, it gets me using different troops and gives me a small reward. They all add up.


Exactly! Sure the gem rewards may “only” be 10 to 20. But hey, that’s 10-20 more gems than I had before. Forcing me to use different troops breaks up the monotony of soul farming as well.


Sometimes it’s 15-20 gems a day. 140 a week, 560 a month… I’m not passing that by.


The four i had on sunday all payed 10 gems each and were these

8 battles using 3 troops of:
Same type
Same kinhdom
Same color

12 battles using 4 troops of the same color


Yup. Which is why I always finish them (save the revenge task). Because if you let them “sit there and rot,” sometimes they don’t get switched out. Whereas if you complete it, you at least have a chance of getting gems for a task the next day.


My hubby had that today. Used a green goblin team. Finished all 3 in a few minutes lol


I do all my daily’s except level up a kingdom. This really helped me get good at guild wars before I knew about it,

Today is my favorite, complete 75 wins any type of match. So 30 gems for that, mix it with event I may get it done.

I’d you do them daily, you’ll be more likely to get the big ones more. 300 gems a week if you get the right ones.

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Thats exactly what i did lol

I always do all tasks every day. They might not give you much of a reward sometimes but they all add up in the long run :slight_smile:

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