Daily Tasks... on console but not on mobile/PC why?

So my husband is a Console user on the PlayStation. I play mobile/PC. The biggest difference we have seen is that he gets “daily tasks” to complete and gets rewards for doing said tasks. But those tasks are not available on mobile/PC. why not? I think it would be nice to have those tasks available on mobile/PC as well. give the player something interesting to complete besides just doing GW and PVP all day.

  1. Mobile needs to be converted to Unity first.
  2. At some point after that, PC/Mobile will get an update adding Daily Tasks.

I would not call this feature “coming Soon” but rather its on the schedule.


Hi, there’s a long answer to that question but I’ll try to keep it relatively brief. The game originally came out on PC and mobile, and then some time later the developers (Infinity+2) outsourced a console version to another company (Pipeworks). That console developer introduced the daily task system and it stuck with the console version ever since. Around a year ago, Infinity+2 took over console development and started working toward bringing all versions into sync. They’ve said that daily tasks are coming to PC/Mobile in a future version (with a simultaneous overhaul for the console version), but I think its still pretty far on the back burner.


Thankyou for your answers! I appreciate it :slight_smile:


I thought I heard at one point that console had the tasks to help offset the fact that they couldn’t claim tribute when they were away from TV. PC/mobile players can just claim on their phones.

Can’t remember where I heard that. Or if it’s even accurate.

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I remember hearing that as well, though I don’t remember if the source was a developer or not. It might have just been console players offering that up as a justification for buffing task rewards or something (there used to be a lot of those discussions). I’m pretty sure one of the old console devs also said that they had a more robust tutorial on PC/Mobile at one point and the daily tasks had an instructional value that helped to compensate for that. Though all versions have the same tutorial now, and I think have had for as long as I’ve been playing.

Since they switched to doing tasks only once per day, there is no comparison at end-game. I generally get way more rewards collecting tribute once than I do from doing an entire slate of daily tasks.


Daily Tasks were designed by Mr. Strange from the start to teach new players a variety of things in the Game.