Daily task: the reason to "Play" daily. Not just log in

My idea for improvement is simple.
Add few daily tasks which will reward players with some additional gold, souls or even trophies for simple fact that they want to actually play each day. Not just log in for daily login reward. I guess that Monday is the only rush day because of the PvP rank reset when everyone wants to get on lvl1 asap.

Well, In a real live we are usually thinking about long term, mid term and short term goals. Transfer this to this game and you have:
Long term - have fun / be the best
Mid term - have fun / gather souls and max all troops and kingdoms
Short term - have fun / daily login rewards?

Of course this is not that simple and many players are playing daily but wouldn’t be great to motivate more of us to play daily? There are a lot of people who like achievements (including myself) and daily task could be the short term kind of achievements.

There could be two basic groups: guild tasks and personal tasks

Guild tasks could reward trophies and tasks can be placed in the same menu as current tasks. The only difference would be that guild members will contribute for example with invasions. Lets say that the task “conqer” will reward guild with 20-50 trophies if guild members win 100 invasions that day. Reset together with daily bonuses.

Personal tasks could be more about playing minigames or winning some invasions in a row. For example:

  • win 5 invasions in a row without quiting the game to get reward (gems, gold or keys)
  • complete arena within one day for additional reward
  • finish complete set of minigames (arena + treasure hunt) to get reward

What do you think guys?

P.S. It was probably mentioned on the forum but we really need a way how to use our keys in bundles. :disappointed_relieved:


I used to play a game where one of the five daily tasks was to play for 90 minutes… Finishing all of the daily tasks in that game required playing 5+ hours every day.

On the flip-side, another game I played had a message in chat every hour warning that extended gameplay can effect your life.

I find it hard to get excited about daily rewards after that; video games are addictive enough without them.

I don’t really see the point of “playing rewards”. The game is already super generous over all, and that’s coming from someone in a very small guild where I’m the only actual active player. You get rewards for logging in daily, for invading, for defending, for playing the Arena, for playing Treasure Hunts… you even get some extra rewards from collecting gold, so basically, for absolutely everything. I don’t really understand why you’d need more. At some point, just enjoy the game, you know?

Orbin111 made a valid suggestion, as did you. The game is awesome as it is but there will always be room for improvement. We always want more and that’s what players want. I for one cannot wait till Mondays, but from Tuesday onward it’s just hoping and praying that someone has invaded you. I have gone days without being invaded. Maybe the guy has a good point after all.

I personally LOVE reading all the suggestions players make.

Thx cleric1014 for at least one positive feedback. It seemed that everyone hate this idea. I really believe this would help to motivate more players to play daily.

@orbin111 : Seriously? One player disagrees and you jump to “everyone hates this idea”? You’re a pretty optimistic fellow, aren’t you?

@cleric1014 : I’m not saying there is no room for improvement, far from it, as you can see from the different feature requests. A lot of players have come up with great ideas I’m wholeheartedly supporting. And as someone who hates invades, I’m actually happy when Tuesdays come. ^^ But the game is not just about invading and defending any more. Since the release of both the Arena and the Treasure Hunt, we have access to more diversity in the way we can enjoy the game. I’m hoping the next patch will add even more. I’m all for new ideas, especially those that present new gameplays or new usage of resources, but that doesn’t mean I should agree with any new idea. And I definitely disagree with that one.

If people need more incentives to keep playing a game, that probably means they’re no more playing for fun in the first place. You shouldn’t get rewarded just because you’re playing, THIS IS A VIDEO GAME, playing IS the reward, or at least that’s how it should be. Oh well, we can’t all agree on everything. :slight_smile:

Even “bad” ideas are ideas. I second yours though. I would still love this with or without changes as it relaxes me. :wink:

Archenassa - sorry if it seemed that I argued with you. I read a lot of your posts and learn from them all. It’s just me, the dreamer that wants more and more and more. Almost like a good movie, series or game.

I agree, playing the game is a reward on its own, but some love PvE and some loves PvP. I guess there’s no right or wrong in this case.

BUT, I still love the idea though LOL.

@Archenassa: Well, before @cleric1014 posted his positive feedback, it was you and @utfanx2. So it is not just a one player :wink:
In addition you are one of the most active players on the forum and your opinion has some value. Not saying you are always right :smile:
Guess I will have to wait for more feedback.

Sure, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t come up with good ideas I would support strongly, I just think that when you only have two people disagreeing with you, you should not react so harshly. We can’t all be on the same page, it doesn’t mean everyone hates what you’re proposing, negative feedback or not. ^^

And the thing is, I see where you’re coming from. I’ve played a lot of games that had “playing rewards”, so I know it’s something that is being done a lot. The main point is though, that I end up seeing them as chores instead of fun addition. There’s a game I played for about two months before I realized that half of my playtime was not fun at all, just me doing boring tasks to get the freebies linked to them - needless to say, when the truth finally hit, I uninstalled. :stuck_out_tongue: But still, that’s kind of what bothers me. You end up doing stuff you would not necessarily find fun, or play for far longer than you planned, just to get it out of the way. Plus as I said, I do think that GoW is already very generous towards its players overall, so it’s not like you “need” them.

But your idea did give me another one that could be kind of fun and follow the same train of thought. Instead of daily playing rewards, maybe have some challenges that would give a one-time reward when completed. They could be played at any time, kind of like achievement-types as seen on Steam, Battlenet or Kongregate. Maybe challenges such as “Invade a player with only Beast troops”, “Win an Arena without losing once”, “Use a team with troops that all use red mana”…, with rewards such as a treasure map, 300 gold or 5 glory. (The rewards should not be too high to avoid people feeling like they have to get them, but more of symbolic rewards.) It would not be daily but it might work, and would force players to try out new combos or new ways of playing. Could be fun. Could be boring. I’m not sure. ^^

Edit: typo.

Personally I’m not a fan of being asked to play daily; I wish I could but I don’t have the time. I play about 15 minutes per day, sometimes a full hour so it wouldn’t be great for me. If there were daily challenges that queued that would be great; that way I could complete them on the weekend or sleepless nights.

I kinda like the idea of challenging invades; there’s a bunch of troops that I would never use if I was just playing to win; like Fortress Gate or Musketeer. They’re just so much weaker and there’s no reason to play them. It would be interesting if you had a challenged that forced you to use them, whether it was recurring or one time. Personally because the game somewhat lacks challenged, I try to invent my own challenges such as having an all common team that doesn’t include Rock Worm, or trying to make less played minions viable.

I think this idea is quite standard for this kind of game (F2P) to keep players… playing. Some players don’t find any motivations to play this game anymore and this idea can be one solution. And yes, some people plays video-game for fun only but there are also players that need some goals to be achieved.
I read differently this idea: for me, it’s more a question of giving some rewards for the ones that play 2h by day. And not “homework” that you will have to do every day.
In fact, I think that some players are afraid to miss some rewards. In my case, I will not play more this game if there are daily rewards but I will be happy to be rewarded when I play several hours (and not just for logging in which have to be removed).
Maybe a weekly version of your idea will be more attractive: people will feel less pushed to play every day.
It’s totally normal that every features of this game give rewards: there is a guild competition and these rewards are needed to improve the guild. So if one feature didn’t give rewards, I don’t think there will be many people playing it (I think that it’s already the case of Treasure Hunting mini-game ;-)).
And achievements already exist on Steam and adding new ones was already appreciated by devs (on the old forum) that didn’t give any news :-(.

Terrible idea imo. The tribute thingie alone is already annoying me, having to click every hour for optimal reward scheme.

Now that’s a good idea.

If daily rewards were something they wanted to do, they could do so by providing a “first time each day” type reward on certain activities. Maybe your first Arena each day doubles the soul reward. Or your first invade yeilds double gold. First treasure map starts with 20 turns instead of 15. That way you aren’t forcing players into a series of tasks many would find tedious, but are still providing that daily incentive.

I also like the ideas put forward of a featured kingdom / troop type / rarity. That would make for some interesting deck building concepts. For those though I would rather see it as a weekly type deal. That way peeps could swap ideas and effectiveness on the forums.

Personally I wouldn’t cry if daily rewards were introduced nor am I incredibly excited about the prospect. I don’t feel like the game needs, them, but I don’t think they would hurt the game either.

I would say though that to keep the current competitive side of the game as is, no daily reward should offer bonus trophies.