Guild Tasks for Soul need some buffing


Currently, the Guild Sorcery Task in my Guild looks something like this:

22,000 Gold for 3x Tokens and 100 Souls

Could we either reduce the Gold Cost or Increase the amount of Soul?
As one of my guildies put it, it’s simply not worth the Gold we put into it. We can get over 200+ Soul from a 5-battles Challenge with a +50% soul suit on. But there is no way we can get 22K gold in 5 battles even with the +100% Dragon Suit… by far!

Most of the guild members know enough to avoid the Soul-reward Tasks. But every once in a while, for one reason or another, someone would sneak in a payment for it. And it would always spur another round of discussion in the guild chat. It can get kind of tedious after the Nth times…

Anyone else feeling me here?


Yes, with the new importance of gold, especially the Sorcery task needs to be looked at again. I have considered suggesting we “ban” sorcery tasks again in our guild as well.


Here in MM we have banned the soul tasks. Those feel straight useless so yeah…


Our guild (Match Masters) has long banned the souls and maps tasks…

Personally I suspect that maps will be useful soon, so think we should be doing the tasks to get them. Hell, I only have about 300 left…

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Great minds think alike 7u7 Haha but I cant agree with that. Maps are a relative new feature on GoW. They do might buff it just a bit because right now doesnt seem to be worthy at all (Imo) the fact you dont recive experience is probably his biggest missing. So yeah doing a relative bad task just to save the rewards for some event that might or might not happen feels kinda weird. Of course if you like playing treasure Hunting then maps are awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maps are a steady source of Gems, especially now that Guild Tasks have lagged due to the Gold redirection.


I don’t quite understand. The comparison seems to be if a single person was contributing to the task but everyone (!) in the guild is supposed to be contributing to the task. So I would term it more like 1-2 Invades for a player’s contribution.

And it doesn’t have to be the “same day”, which is the impression I’m getting that everyone wants the task to be completed. It seems more palatable if completed in x days.


Yes, but compared to the importance of Gems, Keys, and Tokens Tasks, the yield in Soul seems horribly skewered.


Maps may not be worth the time of high level players who can get 3k from a single invade in the same time. For lower level players who (without armor) get maybe 200g from invade they are a huge blessing.


We’ve seen (from the gossip from PAX) that 108 will include ‘crafting items’ used to unlock ‘passive skills’.

I’d wager that Treasure Hunts will be a good way of getting these important items… or at least I hope so!

…and experience from the hunts would be good too.


I’ve had a sneak view into what these passive skills might be (not revealing my source) and I assure you they are worth it! My ‘deep throat’ has not disclosed how we are going to obtain them, however, so maps could certainly be one way.