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Guild Tasks Rewards 3.4

Hi All,

Does anyone have a list of the current rewards for guild tasks by each level?

I saw an outdated one from 3.1 that Lyya has generously created but couldn’t find any recent ones.

Anyone who could share would be much appreciated :blush:

Thank you

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If it has shards on it then it’s still accurate. I’m aware of no changes in tasks since then.

Was there a mix up on the chart?
I’m unaware of any gem keys from the blue tasks or glory keys from red tasks and i joined at 3.2 :confused:

You’d have to show me the chart you speak of. I just know the last time they changed the guild tasks is when shards were added to them. Diamonds to I think? I honestly don’t notice on Mondays.

The gem keys were replaced by gems apart from that change it is still accurate.

For the red task it says just plain glory not glory keys.

Got this from my guilds discord it should be right. This is the total rewards.

Gems: - 390
Gold Keys: - 515
Glory Keys: - 336
Gem Keys: - 45
Event Keys: - 24
Souls: - 5250
Glory: - 360
Maps: - 9
Diamonds - 150
Shards - 3000

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