Guild Tasks Rewards


Of course we know that all members can contribute gold to advance the guild. And prior to the last couple of big game changes, this process was fairly natural as you played the game: you benefited, the guild benefited.

With the last few updates, our guild has been dealing with some spiritless, heavy-footed, lumpish indolence with regard to guild tasks. The rewards are trickling in as slow as glaciers or plate tectonics. No, that simile is not capturing the essence. Hmm … slower than erosion? No, no, no. Ah, I have it: the rewards are trickling in slower than HAL9000’s death scene. I mean, really—just die already.

Someone mentioned the problem a while back based on kingdoms levels. But it is far worse now, so let me ‘splain. No, its too much, let me sum up with at least three points.

The problem is not just that our members are trying to level their kingdoms to 10, although that is a big factor. It is that with the new trait system, an absurd amount of gold is needed to go into chests to kit out your troops. I love many of the new changes, but our guild has been going through a rough patch since they were implemented. We are only holding our own due to some great players.

And I have to take some of the credit myself. To give you an example of my leadership ability—other guild leaders please take note—let me give you some leadership in action examples from our recent chat logs.

GuildMember: We got our rank back and are now four trophies ahead.

See? We went on to get even further ahead. One more example of my strategic commanding presence.

GuildMember: There is a guild coming up behind us pretty rapidly.

Et voila, we began to pull even further ahead. It is just a natural proclivity that I have been born with. Any guild leaders wanting to avoid a continued legacy of bad artistry or a poor social identity can message me.

But I digress.

Also, remember those of us who did not have the presence of mind to hoard resources since we started playing. Those who did can concentrate more easily on guild tasks. So that is a third reason the changes militate against the rank and file.

Now, if we could just get a better system in place to allow for more natural completion of guild tasks, we would be cooking with gas.


I am a guild member not a leader but … a suggestion.

Most guilds have 30 people (or they are shooting for that number) and depending on gold levels and what they are doing on their individual maps the tasks should be easy to complete IF you take the number of members and divide the cost of the task by that number. If everyone contributes that amount then the tasks would be done in no time.

Share the load. And fight fight fight!


I thank you for the suggestion. We do this, but it does not really solve the issues that I mentioned in my post.

I know there are some higher tier guilds that have bean counters keeping players accountable for specific deposits into the guild. Otherwise the insolvent lout hangs from the rafters just a’swingin’. We could do that as well, but I am hoping for a more natural mechanic. It certainly was that way in the past.


I have noticed that in my guild but the busy players are requesting invites for their friends which get the guild leader checking to see if the laggers are even playing anymore. If not they’re out and we get a new hopefully more active member.


Ah, nice. We get the occasional player wanting to invite a friend, too.

On an aside, I do wish the roster log were a bit more detailed. It can be hard to tell what is going on sometimes with a player. I have inadvertently removed active members due to some confusion there–I really hate that, it makes me feel terrible. It sometimes appears as if they are inactive and have quit.

I far prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt over the standard two pistols at dawn and don’t let the door hit you in the feels on the way out…

My hope is that the Devs will implement a group hug feature; it could really help with morale.


I agree. Is there any reason for the 30 member cap on the guilds?

Maybe the “requirements” some guilds put in place are there because they’ve been burned before. It’s nice to hear your concern over your members.


One day… soon… in a year or ten… either:

  1. guilds will get much more love and pvp features etc…
  2. people will max out kingdoms and start tossing gold into the guild again…
    both of the above… one day…


i burned 30 maps iand spent all the gold into the guild then sadfaced cause i should have spent it on gold chests(gold chests for the win baby)