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Could someone please explain guilds?

Hello! Another newbie question: could someone please explain guilds? I joined a guild that had no requirements for its members, and I’m very happy to be receiving the rewards I get from it, but I’m not contributing because I don’t know how. I’ve seen guild tasks, which seem to merely ask members to contribute gold. I’ve seen a screen for guild wars, and I registered, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen because the war doesn’t start until tomorrow. I’ve seen references to guild guardians and guild statues, but I’ve no idea what those are.

Thanks again!


Oh, yes. One other question: I’ve seen people mention in chat that they are looking for guild members with various minimal qualifications, one of which is usually “discord”. What is that?

It’s a program or application people are using to chat together

Every guild member pay gold to unlock the statue, each level rewards you keys,soul,gems or glory so the more you do the more rewards you get

You can find some more information regarding guilds in the Guilds Section of our Help Center. :slight_smile:


I’m sure this would be a low priority, but at some point, someone should probably update the descriptions and screenshots in the help center to match with the new UI.

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No! Leave it so we can reminisce.


Don’t worry it’s definitely on my list! I am focusing on other things in support right now (one of them being actually updating the articles themselves and the words, making them more concise, etc, not just the screenies).