There goes Guild contributions

Before leveling my kingdoms to level 10, why would I give my money now to my Guild? Poor Guild masters.

Indeed, this discussion is already popping up here and there on the forums. Guilds have to maintain stricter rules for contributions, but don’t forget, the mana bonus from guilds are a significant part of your total chance for mana surge.

MarvelKit , Yep, I guess it’s difficult to keep everyone happy. After a few weeks, this too, shall not bother me :stuck_out_tongue:

Our guild has given members a bit of time to look to their kingdoms, and we’ll adjust contribution rules as needed.
But we are int he top 10, so we aren’t that adversly affected.

Match Masters is also considering a grace period for the next week or so, to see how things work with the amounts of gold, guild contributions and kingdom levels.

I had this discussion with my guild as well. We decided to encourage peeps to contribute to both. Clearly this means contributions will take some level of reduction since gold was really kind of useless for anything but guild tasks before. Now it needs to be managed between leveling kingdoms (yielding more gold in theory) and completing tasks (yielding more masteries).

A real solution would be to let souls be converted to gold in some manner (or used directly to fuel guild tasks). As it stands the souls are going to end up useless for everyone at some point. Depending on your play style that point will come sooner or later. We should be able to channel those into kingdom or guild advancement.


we reduced our minimum contribution with 50% for the month November and will be fine tuning this once we have some more insights into the impact of 1.07 on gold.

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Souls are not useless. The devs have Alfred cone out and said as much several times since the patch release. RIGHT NOW they aren’t as valuable add they were, but in the future they will be again.

And that value could very well come in the exact form I suggested. We don’t know and no real information has been given. All we can do is look at what we have and suggest improvements.

As it stands right now souls are practically useless once you have the troops you care about leveled up. And once you have all troops leveled up they are completely useless. If that is going to change in the future great, but as it stands right now that is the state of things. Without a way to use those souls as an additional currency towards lasting things (such as kingdom or guild advancement) that won’t change. Thus the suggestion to make them function as such.


My point is that they already have plans in motion to address it, and suggesting something is kind of pointless.

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It is never pointless to suggest things for a game. Devs are only people and they can only think of so many things. Suggestions broaden that base of ideas. Maybe they hit QA / Balance checks and figure out their idea doesn’t quite do what they want. They then have a set of ideas they can draw on to modify their idea slightly (or majorly). They could even tweak implentation of a plan to include something a little different because they like the suggestion. Heck, they could even be implementing that exact suggestion at which point they have a little feedback that peeps might be interested in exactly what they are doing.

It is pointelss to demand things for sure, but never to suggest them. The suggestion took me less than 5 minutes to write up, and might help them out. If not, it is only 5 minutes. If so, it is 5 minutes very well spent.



Point for you.

Truth be told, at high guild levels, Masteries may be great, but we really could go a month with no guild contributions IF people were bringing in trophies instead. But I for one couldn’t suggest that since I have quit PvP since the patch and am only doing Treasure Hunts.

I don’t make as much money with treasure hunts… Do you?

Nope, and with souls useless, that now leaves treasure hunts with two useless rewards - souls and glory. At least glory lets you buy more maps though. So in theory I could throw all my tribute and login gold to the guild and still play indefinitely.

I’m intrigued @melkathi why you say you’ve given up pvp… It’s still eminently winnable…

It is, and you can still switch to a lower difficulty if need be.

Try seeing the games I have been playing since patch. Hard difficulty Arena: my party whiped in two turns because of silly cascades. And that is without the opponent having exploders.

No thanks.

@melkathi With a team I build myself, I’m getting the level of challenge I want right now at Warlord 1. With a team I build from random draws, I play on normal.

@mattlistener I do the same as well. It’s the best solution at the moment I think, especially with the weird stat bug in the Arena.