Gems of War 2.0 Preview - Part II

They said they can come from glory, and I’ll assume they are more rare than legendary (which I’ve seen reported as 0.5% to 1.0%). So maybe a 0.1% chance?

1 glory key = 0.1% chance
10 glory keys = 1% chance
50 glory keys = 4.88% chance
100 glory keys = 9.52% chance
200 glory keys = 18.14% chance
500 glory keys = 39.36% chance
750 glory keys = 52.78% chance
1000 glory keys = 63.23% chance
1500 glory keys = 77.7% chance
2000 glory keys = 86.48% chance
3000 glory keys = 95.03% chance

Just to give folks an idea of how difficult it might be to get one. That said, if they introduce just 1 per month you have that entire time and only need 1 copy. It is already Mythic so you don’t need to ascend, and something tells me they aren’t the type of troop you’d build around having multiples given the high mana costs.

If Gem/Event/VIP keys are 0.5% chance:
1 gem key = 0.5% chance
10 gem keys = 4.89% chance
50 gem keys = 22.17% chance
100 gem keys = 39.42% chance
200 gem keys = 63.30% chance
500 gem keys = 91.84% chance
750 gem keys = 97.67% chance
1000 gem keys = >99%

So about 5400 gems → 600 gem keys for a 95% chance using gem keys.


Absorb skull damage :slight_smile:

My thought:
Pestilence (One Shot): Poison all enemy troops. Poison does double damage the rest of the game.
T1- Skull damage gives poison
T2- When giving poison give random troop poison
T3- When taking damage from a poisoned troop heal that much life

To me, “Pestilence” speaks more of “Disease” than “Poison,” but we’ll have to see!

Yes that’s true, but disease would make more sense for famine since it denies mana.

Famine = -1 random skill per turn.


Famine - opponent mana matches feed the bearer for 2 turns (opponent is famished)!


treasure hunt!!! WOOT!

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  1. Victory result: how we know which traitstone(s) we have gained?
  2. Summoning: I agree that summoning was useless but is it not too powerful now? I think the mana cost shoud be increased… In all cases, Black Beast must be very happy of this modification :stuck_out_tongue: .
  3. Mythic troops: every month means only one mythic troop is available one month and the MT available changes each month (like imps for season)? Will they have a dedicated weekly event? Can we an idea of their drop rate compared to a Legendary?

So nice! I can’t wait

Oh great… Now i’ll have trouble to sleep after so much awesomeness… :grin:


I’ve been saving gold, keys and gems for weeks. I’m so happy I did so! Double epics and trait stones.


wonder if the mythic ones can be bought with glory…

Yeah, suddenly I feel like spending a little $$$ to get to VIP 5…

They did say the Mythic will drop in Glory Chests. I can’t imagine it’ll be in a weekly pack though. That seems too easy.


Damn I was up late last night waiting for this video… and it looks like it came right after I went to bed :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said: HYPE!
Nice to see the summon changes, and the victory screen ones!
Mmmm new kingdom nomnomnom
I was wondering when those horsemen were going to come, I noticed their traits the other day as well.


@Studs I thought the same thing while watching the video…

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It’s a great addition, all new troops starting at level 5, plus 2 extra glory keys on each day and of course the chests that now have better rewards.

Yup, I’ve got level 3 at the moment from daily gems/souls but thinking I might speed myself up to 5 <.< >.>

@Studs, @Ozball ,
I usually do not spend many gems on VIP chests (they’re pretty expensive imo), but after this update I sure will be. I don’t think either of you will be dissatisfied by getting your VIP levels up to 5.


If possible the Death Knight armor pack is a great deal, it adds a lot of bonuses that will last forever and a bunch of resources that you can manage to use wisely to get the best out of it on each week, like event keys for the legendaries that you are still missing.

Still missing? I have only 1 so far :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah… DK armour pack might be something to consider, since the keys are worth so much more than the cost of the pack. (Not even considering the armour :P)