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What do you want in 2.2 of gems of war?

We might not know what is in 2.0 yet and sure we might not know what is in 2.1 however what we do know is that one is a combat update and the other is a guild update. So if we were to name 2.2 what would you like it to be? What theme do you want 2.2 do contain? In 1.8 we had the traits update and 1.9 was the hero update so lets see them creative juices flow.

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Honestly, a new minigame is all I could think. I’m not expecting a new one come 2.0 or 2.1 as the focus would be offset some.

So a bit of love towards alternative game modes like minigames and/or a kingdom challenges revisal would be nice.

Though something just as good would be proper personal task implementation. Though I’m a bit scared to know what that’d do to loading times as neither PS4 or XB1 are handling that all to well, and if modern home consoles can’t handle that stuff you can bet to Betsy my mobiles won’t.

Maybe I can work on getting a new tablet these next six months. Hmm…


“What do you want in 2.2 of gems of war?”

  • A gnoll Kingdom.
  • Gnoll race for the hero.
  • Moving Gnoll and Wild Fang from Wild Plains into it.
  • Change the random aspect of their respective attacks, the damage (and multiplier too) could be lowered.
  • Wild Plains would gain two new troops of course, and the new kingdom would need only six.

“What more realistic expectation, aside from very personal tastes, do you have?”

  • A weekly super challenge. Something like “win the battle in 10 turns” “use only Zul’Kari troops” “use only Knights against Bunni’Nog”…
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My 2.2 wish list is:

  • A dragon kingdom and class
  • A new mini-game
  • Something to use all my resources on because a lot of people will have everything maxed in the current economy by that time.

Definitely this … um, now would be good for me … Maybe it can be Arcane Traitstones! Or slightly more realistically, a cost-per-use for a traitstone converter…

Plus everything from that other thread.

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I definitely want to see daily/weekly challenges that make for more varied gameplay while also giving good rewards.


I would like a kingdom with weekly episodic challanges.

  • This is on top of the initial 7, but each week the story continues. Runs for a 4-6 week arc, then moves to a new kingdom. Kinds like the extra one at the end of Khaziel, which you can never do again.

This week in Housewives of Grosh Nak…

Dark Song: Hero, Sapphira has been throwing shade at Sunweaver all week. We must avenge her!
Hero: Have you been drinking?
Dark Song: Yes, but that changes nothing. Come, let us burn her village down again.
Hero: That escalated quickly.
Dark Song: What? The arena can’t wait another 20 minutes?
Hero: Hmmm… Indeed… OK, let’s go…


Throw Alastair in the middle of this undead comedy while i’ll grab the popcorn. :laughing:
Next episode: Raven, Marid and Tyri went out on a treasure hunt.

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