Ninja-Buff to War

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to call out a small ninja-buff to War that is sneaking out with a minor update later today.

We’ve dropped his mana cost from 28 to 25.
We have to be VERY careful with the mana cost on these triple color Mythics… we started high, just to be on the safe side, as we hadn’t done a triple mana color troop before. We know from testing that if we get down as low as 20 on War, with 3 mana colors to collect, he quicklly takes over the game, so we think we’re quickly approaching the sweet spot.

We especially wanted to get it right, since there is a new Mythic about to land very very VERY soon :wink:


Awesome! Both those news tidbits are great!

I wonder which Horseman is next…

Hey @Sirrian, with 4 Horsemen at 3 colours each, does that mean they will have an even colour spread (each colour used twice between the four of them)?


Bless you @Sirrian, my established war team just got a bit better, I think if you want to find a nice added buff to him is to half the odds of burn victims recovering (5% cumulative) then wait a week to hear myself and 2 or 3 other people rave about him so that 2/3 the rest of the forum can cry nerf…

(I meant for that to sound funny but I’m dead tired and am not processing properly, sorry if toes were stepped on)

The next Apocalypse troop can be seen now in the game under “All Troops.”

(And as expected, it’s also available on my site after the latest update: Famine - Troops - Gems of War Database – standard pre-release spoiler disclaimers apply)


Oh sweet I have tons of ‘useless’ Arcanes in those colors. Goody.

Does very very very soon mean Famine is in the chests now that the download of the troop occurred, or do we have to wait until Monday?

I’m guessing we’ll have to wait till they announce it.

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I’m not dropping any gems until they announce.

That is a luxury afforded to those who already have War. Assuming the base drop rate is 0.1% in glory keys, I have definitely opened enough chests to be on the unlucky end of things. Guess I will try for another 50-pack of gem chests before the event turnover and see if I can go from “kind of unlucky” to either “yay!” or “definitely unlucky”.

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I’ve been assuming the countdown in the VIP chests menu for the past week - currently “Chest Rewards change in 20h” - is the countdown to the new Mythic. So I’d say we have to wait until tomorrow’s daily reset.

BTW, you’re not alone in your unfortunate Peacefulness, @Grundulum.

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Curses. I am not going to burn through 190 gems worth of treasure chests in the next 20 hours. That two of the past few events (Zaejin, Glacial Peaks, and Maugrim Woods) have been kingdoms where I needed a legendary was a mixed blessing. On the one hand, buying event keys got me the troops I needed to complete my collection. On the other hand, that was 4.5 50-packs’ worth of gem chests with zero chance of drawing War.

I have got three :+1:

So arcane light and arcane forest of the patern holds?

A well deserved buff. His potential is getting better! :smiley:

I was thinking Arcane Light and Arcane Mountain based on the mana color positions of War but I guess we’ll see. Not like I have the 21 Arcanes of any of those to begin with!

Also, I could see a pretty nasty Mana Drain deck made with Psion, Famine and Moloch.

I don’t think the rate in glory keys is nearly that high. That would make the rate in Gem keys be 1%, and would basically mean I should have around 20 Wars right now (as I opened at least 15K glory keys and 500 gem keys since the patch), but I only have one.

More likely the rate in glory keys is 0.01%, and 0.1% in gem keys, possibly even less.

Primary appears to be brown, so likely Mountain and Forest. Game files have been wrong before, though (see Winter Wolf)…so I’d wait before grinding.

Oh man I HOPE it’s not mountain.

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I think the devs have made some adjustments on (he that shall not be named) third trait. The craziness doesn’t happen as much.

Who? Lord Voldemawt?

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