Gems of War 2.0 Preview - Part II

Agreed on that, once you figure up the costs of all the resources that comes with that armor, the armor itself is basically free. (unless the pack has changed since I bought mine).

Nope, I doubt it has:

Well color me all sorts of surprised and excited. Looking forward to, well, everything!

My Patched Feedback Report seems like it’ll have plenty to talk about. :smile:


Just one thing missing from a great list of changes - new splash screen!

Please tell us there’s a new splash screen! :scream:


It’ll be nice to see the Black Beast with renewed viability.

First team that comes to mind is: Infernal King / Black Beast / Daemonicon / Aziris
Doesn’t seem like the front matters much and you just want to pick a troop with good base stats, so why not go for the one that you might get twice? Next option seems like Celestasia so you can eat a Barrier. After that it’s probably less interesting and something like Behemoth is a great option since it has strong stats.

And if you don’t have Daemonicon you can move hero to the front, put Dokkalfar in the third spot, and start out by eating the Hero until you get the 250 wins.

Now I’m really upset that Dokkalfar is the one Epic I don’t have! Cruel world!

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This is quite… sad… I think your avatar could be related to your bad luck. Cale is not a very lucky fellow…

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Another question: Will we see other buffs/nerfs with 2.0? I’m really hoping the Summoning change isn’t the only thing we see!

Heh this is true.

To put things in perspective I am only level 86, so still quite new in the scheme of things.

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@Rasper The only problem with your breakdown is that it assumes a stacking percentage but that is not how RNG works. Every glory chest, regardless of number opened is only .1%

So, while theoretically, even statistically speaking your breakdown SHOULD come out to be correct, if RNGesus hates you, as he does me. You’re simply SOL. :sob:

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Also, when considering where these mythic troops will be based, if you check the lore page for each kingdom they are all associated with 3 colors!

I never understood that… Until now! :wink:

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Sadly that weapon can only summon troops from the kingdom the class is unlocked with 1 of each rarity for a total of 4 possible deamons. Sirrian has stated a possiblity of expanding the book in the future but for now there is only one possible Legenary it can summon

No, @Rasper’s logic is sound. The percentage chance will never hit 100%, but the formulas for independent events do allow you to predict the likelihood of at least one occurence over a sequence of attempts.


@Lyya As I said, statistically speaking his logic is sound. In 3000 chests a person should get a mythic drop, BUT there is no guarantee. That is why casinos make money. The house always wins.

And RNGesus hates me, did I mention that…


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so restricted to those 4 but even so if summons them like the other changed summoners are going to, if had those 4 ascended and with all traits could summon say ancient horror at mythic lvl full traited etc. correct?

Well, “should” is an arbitrary term. Does it imply >50% odds, as calculated before observing the first event? 75%? 90%?

Correction Infernal King cannot be summoned

There’s a new splash screen


Infernal King summons himself! Third trait.

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The video said that it can be summoned, but they are going to decrease the chances of it.

Ahhhh, I meant in the context of by another troop,
Some people seem to thing to sorcerer class weapon can summon him, thanks for the clarification