Gems of War 2.0 Preview - Part II

Resurrection as I understand is was suppose to be seprate from summoning but the game code treated him as a summon, I was referring to summoning from the point of being invoked by another troop

Exactly so. Take rolling a die. You have a 1/6 chance of rolling a 6. So you have a 5 in 6 chance of Not rolling a 6.

If I roll 2 dice, what are the chances of getting at least one 6? Well, it’s 100% - (chance of NOT getting a 6 on first)*(chance of NOT getting a 6 on second) = 100% - 5/6 *5/6 = 11/36 ~ 30.6%

How about 3 dice? 100% - 5/65/65/6 = 91/216 ~ 42.1%

I used same logic here. Chance of not getting is 99.9. Chance of not getting in 100 would be 100% - 0.999^100 ~ 90.5%. So the chances of getting at least one in the 100 is 9.5%.

However, it should be stressed this does not imply that if you opened 99 without a mythic then the 100th would have a 9.5% chance at one. No no no. That chest is no different and is still a 1 in 1000 shot. But if 100 people all opened up 100 chests each, I’d expect 9 or 10 of them to find a mythic.


As cruel as life is the one thing I know is this: Someone (not me) will open a mythic troop using exactly 1 glory key the day it is released. I am so confident I won’t get one on a very cold day in a less then pleasant place that if I can get one day one, you’ll find me in church that week for fear of being smited.

So the greatest gap between over excitement and major letdown: I check my iPhone and notice I have 3 apps that need to be updated… All I have to say is I’m no longer associated with Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and YouTube, sorry @Tacet I suppose I’ll have to catch your videos when you post them up here

Just a concern popping up in my mind : if we get legendary troops… Don’t we get legendary traitstones? :x

Do you mean Mythic? And yeah… I wondered that as well. But maybe they will just need a lot of celestials (hopefully)

Well I was hoping it’d be a ton of Majors.


Uh, yeah, mythic.
Celestials are legendary traitstone, so it wouldn’t be completely unexpected to now have to collect Mythic traitstones too !


VIP Chest question: will we receive two copies of an arcane traitstone if opened? They are epic rarity after all :wink:

You will, I do not know about arcanes but I believe @Sirrian said “you will get two copies of any traitstone”

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I had to listen again a couple times to be sure - but he definitely said that for traitstones as well. What I don’t know is if that extends to Celestial traitstones … he did not specify. Arcanes, at a minimum, should be doubled.

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Bite your thumb [quote=“MrSammy, post:113, topic:7104”]
I’ve been saving gold, keys and gems for weeks.

Is there a cap on number of keys you can get such as gold keys? Reason i ask is cause i got 50 gold keys but then after that i got another gold key but it did not have 51 key. [quote=“kzintiwife, post:114, topic:7104, full:true”]
wonder if the mythic ones can be bought with glory…

Here is hoping.[quote=“Studs, post:115, topic:7104”]
Yeah, suddenly I feel like spending a little $$$ to get to VIP 5…

My rent money!! Also it could cost a metric ton of glory.

I believe you get double of any trait stone.

I’m surprised no one was typed out an exact transcript of the preview video.

Hey that is a good idea, maybe i should do it but then again i think some one else might want that honour.

Already started :wink:

Here’s the transcript:

Hello adventurers! It’s Sirrian here, with the second preview for the 2.0 update for Gems of War.

Victory Menu
We decided it was time to freshen up the victory and defeat screens at the end each battle. So we’ve added new sequences there to more clearly show the rewards you receive.

Previously summoned troops were limited to level 15. Not anymore. Now a summoned troop is only limited to the level you’ve raised it to. So if you’ve raised that Giant Spider to level 20, when Dokkalfar summons him he’ll come in at level 20, with all his level skill bonuses and his mythic skill bonuses in place. Furthermore if you’ve unlocked any traits on that giant spider, he’ll come in with those too. And that’s not all, the summoned troop will also come in with any kingdom bonuses that you have, and any team bonuses that applied at the start of the battle. Of course none of these changes apply to the arena. We’re keeping that a level playing field. Now there is one troop that these changes affect. And that is Infernal king, his third trait is Immortal and that allows him a chance to resurrect when he’s killed, so now he comes back much stronger. We’ve reduced the chance of him resurrecting. Of course we’ll offer a refund for him for 1 week after 2.0 goes live. We still think he’s great value as a troop, but the refund is there if you want it.

Mythic Troops
Now the next surprise for 2.0 is mythic troops. This is the first time we’ve done triple mana coloured troops in the game. And each one has a very powerful, but very expensive spell. The can be obtained from glory chests, and at a much greater chance in gem chests and VIP chests. There will be a new mythic troop every month. And we plan to have the first one available shortly after 2.0 goes live.

VIP Chests
Speaking of VIP chests, we have a little something for our VIP customers. Now when you pull an epic card, you’ll get two copies of that card. And when you pull a traitstone, you’ll get 2 copies of that traitstone. Along with a bonus 2000 gold for every chest opened, and the chance of a mythic, we feel this really improves the value of VIP chests.

Glacial Peaks
So it wouldn’t be an update without a new kingdom to collect: Welcome to Glacial Peaks, in the far north of Krystara. Now you need to be level 25 to unlock this new kingdom. But once you do you’ll get to travel with a high elven sage named Tesarian, and meet Queen Mab of the winter Fey, and her Frost Dragon Borealis, along with all the other troops you find in any kingdom. That’s a new companion for finishing the quest line, and two new legendary troops to collect.

Mana Burn
As well as a lot of spells around freezing their opponents, the troops of Glacial Peaks also have a new mechanic called Mana Burn. Mana Burn damages an enemy based on the amount of mana they’ve collected, boosted by the casters magic. It’s not a game changing spell, but it can be very useful against troops with high mana costs, especially since it’s often quite cheap to cast.

Hero Profiles
Now one thing we hinted at in the previous video but we never went into too much detail about, was the Hero Profile. In this case, QA Cat has tapped on freddo’s name in chat, and brought up his hero profile. She can then invite him to a guild, or play against him in a friendly battle. Now friendly battles aren’t worth any rewards, but they are a great way to test out somebody’s defenders.

Treasure Hunt
And here’s one final titbit for you, a small change to the treasure game. We’ve changed the rewards for red chests and vaults, so you no longer get the things you don’t want. We’ve taken the Gold out from red chests, and we’ve taken gold and souls out from vaults. That gives you a much greater chance to get that gem key you’re looking for. We hope you like all these small improvements we’ve been making to the game. And we’ll see you when 2.0 goes live.

EDIT: Also @Sirrian sounds REALLY weird at 0.5 speed O.o


Sirrian’s voice on 0.5x speed sounds evil like this:

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Let’s see how it works out…

You can only open 50 at a shot, but you can own many many more


Oh great i can start saving up my gold keys in prep for the new kingdoms. The problem i have with the new treasure hunt for 2.0 is with the rewards. you remove gald and souls from the top most rewards but you did not move the rewards over so now it looks like rewards are missing. Will this be graphicly reworked like arena was?