Some upcoming Gems of War changes (including more gems!)

Hey everyone,

As always, we’ve been listening to your feedback since 3.1 rolled out.
And I wanted to share a few cool changes with you, as soon as we had them approved.

    We hear you on this! Personally I was never a fan of the removal of this many Gems either, but matters of the economy are not simply decided by one person! As of next week, we’ll be adding some more Gems back into blue Guild Tasks to replace those keys we added (approximately 250 more Gems you can get each week). Just to be clear, we can’t put Gems back into Legendary Tasks, as allowing ungated numbers of Gems into the game like that harms the economy, especially with gold more freely available in 4x speed.

    We spent quite a large part of yesterday examining the AI and Gem drops in the new client. It should be almost identical to the previous client (though it’s a separate codebase, not originally by us, so takes some time to work through). We’re going to continue looking at this but we’ll likely adjust some luck-settings for the AI over the next couple of days to try and lower the AI luck even further, and see if that helps.

    Quite a few of you didn’t like the 25%/25%/50% chance of diamonds in Dungeons. We’re going to raise that to 100% for all battles, and reduce the number of diamonds earned by a corresponding amount, so your diamond acquisition should be purely deterministic!

    We had actually always planned to do something cooler with these, by allowing you to target certain troops on certain weeks. That’s still in the pipeline, though I don’t have an ETA for it yet. We’ll likely have a rotating group of 8 troops each week that you can target with these stones, to help you pull the troops you need.

    We’re currently examining both adding a few more Mythics/Legendaries to choose from each week, and giving you a sneak peek at the upcoming week’s mythics/legendaries as well. Once again, no ETA on this… I just wanted to let you know it was on our radar.


FIRST AHAHAHAHA I win for once. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, I think these changes show that we do listen to our community actively and often. Thank you for all your (often heated!) feedback. The fact that so many of you trusted in the process made this much easier.


First salty you don’t count :stuck_out_tongue:

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2nd, Im not getting egg for breakfast, sadly.

Good news! :blush:

Awesome you rock sirrian!!!

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How is gold and gems equal though? We should still get gems from LT’s!!!

Thanks for the post Sirrian! I understand having to adjust the game economy but WOW was that initial Gem decrease rough! Thanks for adding some back into the regular Guild Tasks.

@Sirrian @Saltypatra any eta on the console update?

@Rickygervais verysoontm.


So, about the console patch later today? Will it include these new changes? Has it been delayed to incorporate these new changes? Or do you have to re-submit to Microsoft?

Thank you for listening.

@Saltypatra ty for the answer, do you know if the impervious bug will be fix or we will get it like pc?

Console will never have to worry about the week of less gems, but will unfortunately get the impervious bug.


(approximately 250 more Gems you can get each week).

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: this said 350 earlier


Thanks again @Saltypatra now i can’t wait push the damn button lol

Thank you.

I am so happy you guys listened. I am now wishing i had the day off tomorrow lol

Also i am looking forward to crafting Famine

Anyone done the math on 1 million gold → chests and how many gems you get? I think I got 13 gems in 1000 chests last I counted…so perhaps do less LTs and more gold chests if you need gems?

It did - for about 2 minutes - until I realised I made a typo :flushed:
We’re adding back in the 100, 80, and 70 Gem tasks.


I’m especially happy to read these particular points. Thanks for listening to the feedback. :slight_smile:


I do like the idea of targeting a select group of troops with the Summon Stones and having a larger weekly pool of Legendary and Mythic to craft.

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