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As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions

Oh my god, we have a fairy here!

Yah, yah, start with "I’m a successfully run a network of several guilds… " and all that gibberish.

Only one solid thing I can agree on.

You are so positive and upbeat. It’s great to see that type of energy on the forums. See you at your next uplifting rant!

Id say relax and play a game or something but that may trigger your gems PTSD.

Devs made a mistake/oversight/whatever that was going to make a lot of people sad, but committed to correct this a week before it bothered anyone — A good one, YAY! :grin:


Lol I believe the only responses you’ll probably get here are:

“Should have never happened in the first place”
“Wow they fix one thing, while everything else remains unfixed or addressed”

The people posting here only want to vent in their echo chamber of negativity. I say close the door, and lock them in.

As a note, the thread that resulted in change of the pet rescues had a much higher chance of success than this garbage thread of players who should have already quit.

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Personally, I think it is a good example of what most people already know. The devs generally work pretty good on flexible plans, but poorly on the long term.

Vault weekends are not a stranger to preemptive poor planning. Perhaps I’m confusing it for another occurrence, but I believe a prior vault event also aligned with a cosmetic pet Saturday. Vault events have also been used as an emergency replacement for postponed weekend events.

Then you have other long term “oversights” as you may politely call them. Campaign tasks in both execution and function, world event scoring/restrictions, weekend events stacking on top of themselves, or troop balancing.

This week we have a scoring system that continues a hopefully maintained trend of awarding more points with more challenging battles. Yet it still has two scoring currencies (yes intended). The weekly troop is an obvious common bumped to ultra rare, and a decent common design, having slots for future color representation, upped in rarity for the only reason of using it for the event shop? We’ve had commons before for glory, so this variation is confusing.

Due to rebalancing and kingdom reworks having a development cycle dare challenge the speed of the typical bureaucracy, troops have a tightrope to becoming bland, or the risk of becoming too good that may only be fixed by far exceeding a broken threshold. Many troops and hero weapon & class combos edge but seem to not exceed it.

This also highlights a glaring issue of a disenfranchisement of the dev team where long term plans often have poor execution and new events and troops seem to more often miss the mark creatively. The only difficulty against typical ai outside of pvp is giving them extreme stats AND restricting your troop selections. Even adding affixes is inconsistent with some warranting a delve reset or being about as helpful as cleansing a blessed troop.

The perception is the devs don’t really understand the game from a gamer perspective. The players essentially rebalanced pvp by creating a pvp meta with such annoying variances, yet openings to exploit. At this point, how can the devs rebalance one class or weapon without a complete overhaul. It’s not even that they can’t as it’s outside their ability, but it is outside their time limitations.

Thats why a weekend event switch or cost reduction is easier to do. It may not be intentional, but it is quite fixable. While not every new bug is immediately fixed, or event changed to be more accommodating, it tends to be light years ahead of their long term planning. While I don’t think the last monetization updates have negatively impacted the game economy, it has shown the focus of the long term design. Events are redesigned to focus on gems being spent rather than fun. Campaigns are optional, but create a huge missing out buyer’s pressure.

To be honest, my problem is not the monetization, in fact, most of it is either a better deal or makes sense. The problem is that is the focus with redesigned events and “new features” is playability is an afterthought, if even considered. Campaigns are less fun than daily/weekly tasks, the arena rework missed the mark comically, and world events can be laughably easy or frustratingly dull based entirely on the troop restrictions.

Tldr: The devs work best moving an event timeslot, event cost, or fixing minor bugs. Anything else often looks to show a lack of foresight and too much corporate meddling with even promised redesigns missing the mark.


Here’s my revisionist history showing, so maybe someone can correct me:

All someone has to do is look at how they treat their own Gems of War Anniversary.

One of the earlier years, 2017, they had a dev Q&A stream near their Anniversary and they announced everyone was getting big gifts! It was 2 new hero class Bard and Dragonguard, (and I think new weapons too? but I don’t remember). Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it actually was since new hero classes weren’t being pumped into the game at a monthly basis. The players were given a week of celebration gifts and overall it was a fun week.

If you need a reminder of those times, I’ll plug Tacet’s video (I miss the older Dragon’s Eye. Judging by the video, it gave 1:1 on its destroy and didn’t have the “nerf” of forcing an empowered baby dragon in the last slot. Heroes still don’t have a decent destroy weapon to this day, just explode):

This celebration and release of hero classes is pretty much a stark contrast compared to the hero classes towards the end like Barbarian and Diabolist which felt like they were released solely to fit into a schedule by the number.

Anyone else remember the 12 days of Gems of War Christmas mail rewards? That was fun to look forward to, even if most of them were pointless stuff like common troops. Its infinitely more interesting than the daily login calendar, even if the login calendar occasionally has more useful items in them.

Fast forward a few years later, in a year where they gave a free copy of a cosmetic pet to all players for most random event weeks via calendar mail (like Talk like a Pirate), the team wouldn’t even send a copy of the Birthday pet in the mail to everyone. So if you couldn’t do the Pet Rescue, you’re SOL on their anniversary week. There were streams then saying how they couldn’t send us a copy, but there wasn’t too much of a celebration going on. (revisionist history, correct me if I’m wrong)

Basically, something like International Dog Day was more important to them than their own Anniversary. Sure, I guess.

This year, 2020, they fixed that… sorta. There was a new pet rescue for a anniversary cosmetic pet, a copy got sent in the mail, and even had one of the older anniversary pet rescue on Saturday. Hurray? Not in my opinion… There’s hardly a mention of their anniversary this year. The only thing I could find was that IF I looked at the New Pet: Compact Cookie page, then I could see an image that says Gems of War Anniversary (and that was only to describe the time period for the pet).

No stream hyping the Anniversary

No forum posts mentioning the Anniversary
No in-game celebration event besides the Pets, which are basically on a schedule anyways. Not even a Battlecrasher!

Their game, they can do what they want, but they couldn’t take the time to even write a few sentences thanking the players for playing their game for the many years its been going and keeping their dreams alive on working on this game/passion project?

You know what’s funny? There shouldn’t be any criticism. They gave access to obtain a copy of The Ghost Queen (can’t say its free, when the last battle wasn’t exactly easy for a new player) that’s easier than normal on Halloween! When’s the last time they did that?

But now I’m thinking, OK, so Halloween during a global pandemic where people should limit going out and mingling is more important than their Anniversary? Sure, I guess.

TL;DR: Think of the comparison as getting a personalized Birthday Card with handwritten text and a piece of candy from a second cousin once removed to getting a blank white Birthday card with Times New Roman font stating Happy Birthday with a Machine stamped signature to getting a blank white Birthday card with flowery printed borders with a Machine stamped signature: but now you have to go pick it up at the local post office instead of getting it delivered to you.

One only really needs to read these 2 opening posts to see how much care used to the game.

Back then, things actually had a rhyme and reason. Nowadays, they won’t even tell you what they fixed in a bug fix. That’s like the most basic thing most game companies I’ve seen do to pad out their patch notes to look like they did a lot of work between patches.

So how does this tie to their long term?

They’ve done almost nothing to fix the pure faction delve problem. Yes, you can get more faction hoard stats and yes its easier to complete because of that, but no, it doesn’t actually change how problematic the concept is.

The Adventure Board for Deed Tasks is still totally flawed.

They released 2/4 Book of Deeds in 11 weeks when each of the 34 Kingdom needs 29 books.

Their long term plans looks unpleasant/unfun to the average player.


So: is this troop currently available in the Class Event Shop Tiers?
:thinking: :vulcan_salute:

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My guess is no, just like it’s not in the event keys for this week. Players who already have it can use it in the class event. I’ll be surprised if someone gets it in the shop today.(lol, im sure someone will pull it now)

By default you have to assume the 3-4 weeks after campaign is applied game wide unless there is evidence to the contrary, of which there is none. Kind of like looking at a voting machine and asking “is there voter fraud?”. Idk, could be, but there is no evidence yet, so probably best not to assume there is before you see it.

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I would not be that (hypo)critical. IMHO, people need both things. If you look at other thread, there is one about making people angry, which has 36.5K views, and another with cool screenshot, which apparently make people happy (at least not angry), with 135K views. This shows approximately 3.5:1 ratio of happy (content) versus angry (unhappy). However, I bet there are plenty of people who are reading and posting in both threads depending on their mood. This thread is kind of similar. Being constantly happy and content with everything is not in human nature and may suggest some … unhealthy habits or illicit consumption. I think, this thread, overall, contains a reasonable amount of constructive feedback, at least compared to other critical threads. After all, we all like(d) this game and want it to improve. :slight_smile:

BTW, disclaimer, I have not read the “angry” or “cool” threads, so IDK if what I wrote about views actually makes sense.


This is thread has very little constructive feedback. It exists because of a single players disdain for the devs and it was followed up by players with a similar disdain, some of which have been banned from these forums already.

I post in many different threads and have made my stances clear that I don’t take a side on team dev or team player. If players want to have a safe space to complain without rebuttals than there are other formats they can use for their echo chamber of anger.

Players shouldn’t be all positive or all negative and there shouldn’t be an obvious bias when looking at constructive feedback. Im all for constructive feedback, I just fail to see this thread or any similar ones as helpful to anyone.

@ButtStallion This one will be craftable as well for 4000 diamonds? Not gonna wait a year for another Khetar week coming around. Neither gonna try my luck outside the Khetar week, as there is tons of Mythics in the drop pool.


If you are referring to the new mythic, than yes, it will be available to craft like kurandara is. It will also be in keys after that 3/4 week period.

I must admit the wait for Kurandra coming to the Soul Forge is kinda a slam in the belly. Still waiting, is it even in the drop pool etc…

It’s in the pool and I can def feel your pain there. For me it’s not too big of a deal. I’m still missing 6 other mythics. A new mythic being time walled every 10 weeks does hurt the FOMO, so 8 can relate. But it’s not pay walled, so I consider that the compromise. I wouldn’t be opposed to the new campaign mythics being in the drop tables as soon as campaign ends though. (Doubtful that will happen).

yeah, so perhaps it was 1 month waiting time as well after the event ended before they added the Kurandras to the Soulforge drop pool…

So the soulforge is on a random rotation within a cycle. It’s on the 18th cycle according to tarans and kurandara has not been seen in this cycle. Which means its due in the next 5 or 6 weeks. Could be next week could be 5 weeks, sadly its random what shows up. The new campaign mythic this time around may not show up till cycle 19 but could be any week in that cycle. Sadly the more mythics that come into the game, the longer these cycles last.

yeah but also 4 weeks can be put in before they added him for the rotation. I am afraid. We just got finished with the 4 weeks, so now he can begin the cycle.

We are talking massive slams in our bellies.

Agreed. It’s not an ideal situation for the F2P players.

That is indeed what pretty much every player expressing him/herself in these forums is conveying, in one way or another.

Most of us went through a stage when we were enamored with the mere existence of GoW, after being beaten up by other predatory gatcha games: some of us took years to start noticing the company’s trends (particularly noticeable once Sirrian left the forum/building), and the patterns both in the company’s philosophy, QA, and their treatment of customers.

And while it’s surely healthy for the community to have new batches of players who are still in that ‘honeymoon’ stage, the documented history in these forums/threads of what the company has done, failed to do, and its interactions with customers, is something that can help new customers better evaluate how much they want to inve$t themselves into this journey.

Even if it tends to be highlighted by ‘jaded’ players, who are still playing for whatever personal reason they may have.
:blush: :vulcan_salute: