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Gems of Streaming

Can Pet Gnomes still be found in the arena?
Small sample, but I find it strange I have yet to see one after 2k worth of trophies in the arena including at least 12 runs during a vault weekend.
I asked my server about 5 hours ago if anyone has found one in the arena since the patch and so far no has said yes.

@awryan we haven’t made any changes to gnomes in arena with this update.

Streaming is back today!!!

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I had a glory gnome yesterday in my 3 arena runs, and a treasure gnome in today’s 3. I don’t remember have any last week though.

Will we see The Ghost Queen in the next stream?

How do we feel about starting the stream at 5 30 PM tomorrow? I’m hoping that if we move the stream an hour earlier we will have less disconnections. Let me know if that would suit!


Updated streaming schedule!


Saltypatra please do a 2 hours arena stream so the devs might see and understand the pure torture that comes with it.


Streams are made to make the game look good. So unfortunately she isn’t allowed to stream herself playing the arena for 18 or more battles. Nice idea, but unrealistic I’m afraid. :pensive:


Yeah, I agree its unrealistic. I just had to.


I’m finding that every time something good happens in the game, if I’ve played Arena that day I think about that instead.

Congrats on XXXX.
thanks and Fxxx Arena.
I just got a good tribute and Fxxx Arena.
This new card might be decent and Fxxx Arena.
Seriously, I turn into a broken record on discord.
People congratulating me on paragon and all I can think about is my hatred of arena.
Good or bad, anything that happens in the game reminds me of the negative Arena experience.
A whole weekend of that misery. I just don’t know how I’m going to deal with that.
They really had to do an Arena event. What are the odds it’ll actually be fun?
Extremely low is my guess. Maybe they’ll surprise us and it will be a joy.
You get used to suffering, so perhaps the bad taste in my mouth from playing Arena will disappear quicker.
Can we do any other type of event this weekend? Anything else?


Even if Trump Wins next month and even if you consider Covid started in January (instead of technically December)…

The arena revamp is still the worst thing to happen in 2020… By a landslide.

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@Saltypatra How does one acquire Ghost Queen? Any info on that.

They found from their data that we are losing our social life during weekends and hence the Arena weekend event has been created. Stay thankful, mate.


Yes we got e free weekend - thanks to the great new boring arena! :pray:


Zero. Also the odds of getting Ghost Queen through grinding Arena are pretty high I think. High five on zero communication from the devs again.


Heads up, changing the start time to 6 PM PDT. Fingers crossed the connection stays stable.

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Preach what? A complete lack of perspective?

Literally hundreds of thousands are dead due to Covid. Millions have been affected by losing their livelihoods, friends, and family. And that’s all before even touching the political aspect.

Suffice it to say on that end, I’m not a Trump fan. I think he’s in large part a cause of Covid’s success in my country. But I am not so blinded by my privilege to think that, even though his administration hasn’t affected me personally as much as it has people of color, immigrants, or any number of other groups more-marginal than any to which I belong, that somehow his reelection wouldn’t be worse than some tiny inconvenience in a completely-inconsequential match-3 game.

This complaint is NOT the same, and to see more than one person sign on to this hyperbole is, quite frankly, disgusting.

This. Game. Does. Not. Matter. At all.

Covid does. This election does.

And if you’re a person thinking otherwise, or that somehow the hyperbole was appropriate, I would seriously urge you to do some soul-searching, and maybe take some advice from Ron Weasley: sort out your priorities.


Oh you took the comparison as a literal read.

That’s interesting.

Perhaps Mr. Sundling understood that I’m simply saying that the arena revamp is really horrible.
But fine… If people want to be so literal… It is the 3rd worst thing to come from 2020. There. Everyone’s happy.


I literally said “hyperbole” more than once, which by definition acknowledges that I wasn’t taking you literally, or Sundling, either.

I knew you were being figurative. Not meaning what you say is a good reason not to say it in the first place, though, especially when what is said has the potential to hurt others, like anyone on these forums who might have lost a job, a loved one, or anything else of importance.

That’s the only reason I said anything. Because I was angry, and wanted you to consider how words can hurt even if they’re not intended to hurt. Because I wanted to be on your side(s) but couldn’t be in good conscience because of the way you chose to frame your position.

And I realize we’re all a little broken, those of us playing this game and frequenting the forum as much as we do, and that we all make mistakes and I should be sensitive to those struggling to cope with real life, whatever the reason for the struggle might be. I shouldn’t have dismissed the importance the game plays in our lives, even if I think the importance is, ultimately, a misjudgment on our parts.

I might have been too harsh, and am guilty of making the safe-space this game provides less comforting in a manner similar to the post that set me off. For that, I apologize, as I could have made the same point with more tact and compassion.

I’ll stop being off-topic now, and take my leave for awhile.


Could we please keep this thread on topic?

Please feel free to start an off topic thread and continue this conversation.

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