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Gems of Streaming

Ahoy, adventurers!

This is our Gems of Streaming thread. Within, we announce what we are planning to stream, and when. Our current schedule looks like this!

18th January 6 30 PM PST: Break stream! Salty’s fight club, feedback, QoL, etc.

25th January 6 30 PM PST: Ironhawk Mythic (from Adana) preview stream!

1st February 6 30 PM PST: Duergaroth Faction Preview stream. Showing off the new Troops and Delve.

This stream will feature both mythics and be longer in length as the Stream on the 30th of November is cancelled. I will be on holiday!

And every Wednesday 6 30 PM PST we have a Puzzle Quest stream!

Typically, I am your salty host. I drink coffee, answer questions, preview upcoming content and release codes at viewer milestones. (And sometimes when a particularly funny Gems of War pun is made!)

At this point in time we stream Gems of War on Monday at 6 30 PM PST, which is 1 30 PM AEDT. In the future we hope to bring you more diverse streams, as well as more Developer Q & A’s. If you’re interested, please subscribe to our twitch channel and we will see you the next time we go live! :gem::gem::gem:


First! I wanna watch this!

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2nd, this was fun! :slight_smile:

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Gonna drop some playstation and console codes as well?

All done for today! Just a short one to ease into it. Thank you everyone who joined me.

At this time we can’t offer codes on console, but if it becomes available in the future we will.


@Saltypatra it was nice to watch you i hope you will do it more often.

Btw you should make every future videos sneak peek about the game. Sorry @Sirrian but she got a more sexy voice then you :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah I think Sirrian has the voice market cornered.


You need to have your icon with your pink hair!!!



@Taisiakat I would love to do that!!!


Do you have a big image of your avatar? I could color it for you

Salty would use a Mab in her PvP team… :stuck_out_tongue:

Salty thinks Mab is Bae. XD


I have mentioned many times that I love Mab!


I also love her i always use her in invasion and defense


She also declared her love by writing it on the whiteboard near by desk one morning for me to read.


Would you say it was…love at frost sight?


Sad to have missed this… @Saltypatra I hope as you do more of these you might rotate them to times that players in all time zones can potentially join please…

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We are still working out a streaming schedule, so you never know what will happen @Jainus.

Our next stream will be at 9 AM AEST Tuesday, which is 7 PM EST Monday. There may be some impromptu streams around this, but that will be our definite next stream.


Would be nice to see you make gw fight and dungeon

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I think I will tackle some dungeons next. But I would also like to play through Silverglade and voice Elspeth.