Stormcaller Hero Class spoiler

Alternatively, you run a team that nets you green mana and you could gain 20 life in one turn. 60 over the course of a fight.

Of course there are circumstances where having 4 armor on each troop would be more beneficial, but again, the point in the video is that these talents of a one time minor stat are not built with the pace of the game in mind. You’re entire argument centers around the idea that it’s impossible to get a bunch of value out of a scaling talent that you could trigger multiple times in a single turn.

I know you understand the game well based on your arguments, but if you’re trying to convince me that 4 armor to all troops is going to net you more value than something that you can regularly abuse to gain more health in your troop, we’re just going to have to agree to disagree.

If something is able to be triggered multiple times over the course of the fight (not to mention multiple times in a single turn), it inherently has higher potential value than something that gives you a benefit once and that’s it. That isn’t an opinion, it’s just a fact.

That’s the entire point being made in the video.

I tried to ask about this on-stream. Response was … interesting.

My personal opinion is that the trait is awful, primarily because the storm is random. This goes directly against what any well-crafted team is trying to achieve: reducing or managing randomness.

If the randomness was at least reduced, that could make the class at least vaguely usable. While it’s up to the designers to decide on how this could be done, the first ideas that come to me are either:

  1. Summon a storm of one of the colours of the first troop, or
  2. Summon a storm of one of the colours of the hero weapon.

Either of these could make it possible to build teams around the class. As it stands, that seems basically impossible.

I actually think it’s so bad, I’m planning to skip the trait until I’ve finished leveling the class. A random storm will interfere even with fast farming teams.


They just need to change the trait period. Its the level 1 Elemental talent choice, which occurs after one battle.

I think it’d be interesting if the 3rd trait was do double spell damage if there’s a storm active.


@Saltypatra and @Kafka

What do you plan to do about this?
Are you really going to release such features without actually commenting or balancing the above-mentioned issues?

Agree with this wholeheartedly, something that is available as a first tier talent should never, ever be the third trait. I was looking forward to this class, as I ran Stryx early game and Bard class with great results, thought perhaps it would bring something that would breathe new life into Taloca… this on the other hand, will insure that I continue using Bard or Titan when I get the whim to use my Stryx.


Thought I’d revive this topic since there’s been a bit more recent discussion and to avoid derailing and respect the topic of Salty’s Gems of Streaming thread.

Recent relevant context:


You’ll need all 3 traits for a hero class to complete kingdom power 13 demands. But as long as you do not have 22 Suncrest troops and any Suncrest pet at level 20, you may postpone buying 3rd trait.


The stream was fun but Salty’s response was disappointing considering she made it sound like she’d prepared a response.

The gist of her response was something like this PARAPHRASE, you can go scrub through the stream if you want the quote:

“Sorry, not my problem. I’m not the person who designs things. I passed along your feedback to this person who I cannot name. They shrugged. That’s the extent of my powers so stop talking to me about it.”


That’s a very bad sign for me that a person who responsible for game design does not understand players, does not care about players experience and completely ignores reasonable feedback from players.
I care about the game and while I don’t agree with some of the Devs/publishers decisions (e.g. Deeds in flash offers) I can understand their reasons. But I’m completely discouraged how they handled unreleased obvious bad design decision which is not related to any purchases. Even if that class went through QA stage and not in the current pipeline just admit the mistake and promise to fix in the future. But no, despite feedback from players, nothing going to change.
I’m emotionally down after it.


I agree; this sends the message that there’s no point in players providing feedback on upcoming changes.

This is so obviously a mistake/bad design, was pointed out months in advance, and could be fixed so easily - just paste in any third trait that already exists on another troop. Something like +1 mana when matching X gems would be fine. If a situation that’s so black and white doesn’t warrant a change or explanation, more subjective things like delve issues (+50% to hoard stats doesn’t change underlying problems) are a lost cause.

I think it’s important to not single out any one dev here. It seems likely that fixing this just wasn’t specifically any person’s job, and so it kept getting overlooked as everyone worked on assigned deadlines. That happens all the time when teams work on projects, especially ones that release continuously as a service.



I think the name ‘stormcaller’ and storms is the issue here though. It’s going to have some storm scenario.

I’m probably going to trait it, just not using it in pvp or gw, unless it’s got other things going for it, prolly be levelled in challenges or delves.

Basically IP2 is becoming like Bethesda.
They feel their players enjoy the game enough that they won’t care about bugs to a certain extent nor poor design choices.
Basically they just expect you’ll complain, but continue to play and/or pay. :man_shrugging:
(That’s clear to me now given the stubborn choice not to alter Storm Caller.)

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How about “Gain 1 to all stats each turn while a storm is active”?

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Or hell, what every type needs…
Stryx start battle with 50% Mana.


I think it just comes down to laziness. They wanted a storm related trait (which is a nice idea) but instead of creating a new one which would take some time and coding, just did a copy/paste.

All Stryx start with 75% Mana
(Stryx will still be worthless, but may make Phoenicia an okay Mythic.)

King of the flock

Deal 5 damage to a ramdom enemy on 4 or 5 matches, boosted by ally and enemies stryx x1.

Or make it true damage hehe

The absolute most bare minimum change they’d need to do that isn’t just a copy/paste job:

Trait #3: Storm Soul
Conjure a random Storm at the start of every turn.

Is it an ideal trait? no
Is it at least something unique? yes


Match THREE or more gems, summon a storm of that color.

With cascades, it’d still be random :face_with_monocle: But at least it’d be funny.


So a question to Salty: what would it take for this to actually change? Is there any feedback, actions, or anything that we as players can do or say?

We know that Salty didn’t design this, or has actual influence over a change, but we know that she knows the people who do.