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CONSOLE: 3.1 Patch Notes

The console 3.1 Update is live across both XBox One and PS4. Please feel free to read the patch notes found here. Yes, that’s right, they are the same as PC/Mobile!

Also, please be aware that some further changes have also been made in the wake of the patch. Happy matching!


What about the bug thread? Do we use same then pc?

Edit: nevermind i saw the thread title is edited

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Yes, indeed!

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Ty well i will start post bug when i finally get the update lol

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I’m home in 5hours. Will let you know what the update is like. Lol, will probably have it b4 u Ricky. :rofl:

I am still waiting to get the update. :sweat:

Someone told me i had to uninstall and install again, i will let you know if it work

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Ok. I will wait on you lol.

I got a notification that the patch was downloading in the transfers section. It happened when I was playing.

There were two offers available in the dungeon, one cost 50 and another 150 gems. This is different from the PC version where the 150 gem daily deal was $5

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Don’t want to be a negative Nancy but those notes do not reflect all the changes. Troll buff?

Troll buff?? Or do you mean they finally create 4 extra gems? If so yes slight buff.

Yesssss it work!!!



Thank you very much

That is not mentioned in the notes. I am sure there are others that do not spring to mind atm.

Was suppose to be in the last update but our trolls missed the cut.
I’m sure it was just forgotten about with the current shitstorm on here.

Oh I’m sure there will be others that missed being added to patch notes.
Wouldn’t be a gow update without a few surprises.

With my luck i won 0 diamond lol when are we going to get the 100% drop?

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Soon ™.

hours of grinding ahead of you! Or you could spend a bunch of gems and save the time! Not!

Seriously? Lol no freaking way i gonna be done with soulforge tonight

Doesn’t matter as you won’t have enough resources to craft anything substantial until you throw money at it.