Is 3.3 the best update we’ve seen so far or was it better before the update?

Sure 3.3 is the best, as long as you are not in bracket 1 in gw

Maybe I am missing something here, with the vote alternative: I wish they’d quit updating and bring back the original game.

For me this game is at least as original as it was when I joined the game 2 years ago. So what makes it less original now? Is it not the exact same game as before only with a little more options, modes and varieties? Thanks for a clarification.


I like to think in the grand scheme of things if you took practically any version of the game, took out the stores, and charged me between $30 and $50 for it, I’d consider it a great value.

If you then took something as big as 3.3, spent a year working on it so you could polish/test it, then released it as $20-$30 DLC or even a sequel to the game in the $30 and $50 range, I’d be very tempted.

But being a part of the process isn’t fun. Sitting in the middle of the versions that aren’t quite finished and are still being balanced isn’t fun. Being a part of a game that actively wants to prevent me from getting through all of its content in less than 2 years isn’t fun. And seeing extremely minor transactions, like “a single mythic”, priced at the $50 level is almost insulting.

I like GoW the game. But everything F2P about it makes it stink.


I’ve been thinking the same thing after I wrote that last one, but I don’t want to change it now, maybe more along the lines of: Stop updating with new content and work on fixing the older content.

But either way I think since the beginning they made a timeline for the game and now they are trying to keep up with their original game plan, with releasing troops and new game modes on time.

In the long run I think they will figure out all the kinks and we can all be happy while playing the game.

That’s why I think it’s important we help with feedback so they know how we feel about the product they are making us.

The game has definitely been original that’s for sure.It sure makes bejeweled seem boring.

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I feel like we need a gameplay category that involves all servers because feature request really doesn’t suit this topic and I want all the opinions of people from every server, whoever participates that is.

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A recap of updates

Just in case anyone was unsure about what exactly went on with each. Just looking back I see we have come a long way, from us on console being all caught up to the old bone dragon nerf. And way back before I even played.

Good luck to the devs as the journey continues. Best of luck to the whole team.

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3.3 is the best update so far, but wish they would refine already existing content more.


I totally agree with you here. We need a lot of Troops reworked and treasure hunt needs it. Arena, etc. can we just stop and take a minute to updgrade, not push out more untested content.


I have an issue with considering any of the post 3.0 updates as the best update, as while concept wise, they were all generally great, but fell flat on execution in other areas.

In terms of gameplay, the biggest fixes that really mattered in these updates were to multi gem spawners like the guardians and traits that would activate on matched globs where some would be made useful but not necessarily broken such as jotnar, or ridiculously strong like the kraken or mab. I can’t “like” that as it was a gradually growing power curve that has seen a few too many spikes to where a most legendaries and mythics are way too good or unimpressive save for a niche team. Trying to fix such problems, especially how long it took is bad, but being told as console players we were basically making it up was insulting. But, better late than never, I guess. Troop balancing is nice, but then some troops that were strong got indirectly nerfed like death to where when an ultra rare can fill the life based damage more efficiently, and a recent legendary puts you to shame on your own theme, that is quite disappointing. I love reworking troops, but someone had to think death needed a buff as his main benefit was crippled by a previous update, then he got a small boost, which was the same amount as infernus, who hits twice, and does half damage to adjacent troops… yay?

As for rewards, we have had resource nerf after nerf and save for gnomes we would get sidegrades instead of upgrades. Requiring gems for a realistic craft rate for mythics wasn’t necessarily bad in soulforge and I appreciated the daily limit so it wouldn’t be a p2w to just get every mythic (however there are workarounds beside that so minor win i guess). But then the gems were nerfed in tasks and legendary tasks got hit as well. I can understand the gems being too much in LTs, but the key hit was a bit too much as the minimum keys should be higher or the maximum amount should be more. It was great for no more minor or major stones, but runics are still there and for lower levels in higher up guilds not bad, but isn’t that what soulforge was for? If it was easier to reach the LTs than fine, but realistically most guilds pumping those out have little need for runics, or have the means to make them. Its not the worst thing to get runics, but its mostly because it’s a resource that can be practically useless at end game and I would use them for arcanes, if they didn’t need celestials.

Now for game modes, unique defense in gw was a huge win and while perhaps inadvertently making new metas botg in and out of gw, it was still a great success. Some metas are more irritating than others, mainly in gw but I would rather that, than what was originally the psion, ragna, fam, infernus mode with color restrictions. Some like dwarves were a bit much once they can easily hit instakill range and goblins are annoying with 2 exploders, a high damage dealer, and ridiculous board control for some of the cheapest mana costs. Yea, they suck, but at least their are other teams and when you find out ways to beat them it feels great.

Then there’s the raid and invasion which became obvious that the devs lied to us as while perhaps out of their control, they blatantly became p2w by nerfing every outlet to get gems and requiring them to finish these new modes. Cost efficiency for the gems only when it was for a new kingdom, and other than that not the best. Once again, those that WOULD benefit the most from random extra troops often at lower rarities would often be bankrupt getting them, or frustrated with enemies that can wipe out their team with a sniffle. How do you make a game mode that will generally help mostly newer and mid game players yet make it as hard or the very least annoying to succeed. If end gamers don’t like it, why would they? While it would be overwhelming to time stricken casual players to have gw and one of these modes at tge same time, it would be nice to at least get some gems to compensate for the costs. Gw should have better gem prizes across all brackets. How do you motivate a player for only 50 gems a week to where if you reach bracket 1 or 2 you could get hundreds, at the cost of fun for many players. I love the competition more than I hate it, but I understand why gw stresses so many out and is generally beloved by others. The rewards were nice even if it didn’t always create the best experience, well at least before raids. Invasions are at least more fun than raids, and feel like improved dungeouns with tougher, random teams that can be beaten with good strategy but not so strong that they look at you and you die.

While I know the rewards will change, the core of these modes with energy to progress is still a brutal blow. It would have been better if it was a turn limit basis and getting a few more each fight so that proper team building and play could be rewarded over deep pockets. Especially since gw uses actions taken as a scoring measure. I wish a dev would be straight with us on this as how could they go back on their principles and be like “oh guys, it’ll be fun, trust us.”. If gems were as easy to get, it would be a different story, but to whittle at our resources at the source, then throw these game modes at us with taking away the alternative is a bit underhanded. Its not so much what happened, but why, and where will it lead. I still have fun with the game, but I see how the slope is getting more slippery by the update with political answers instead of honest ones. I trust the devs, not the publishers. I don’t mind them trying to make money, but don’t try and tell me this product will cure warts and stop my back pain while filing my taxes or something.

Tl;dr: I generally think the updates were great in putting out more content, but when upgrades feel like sidegrades and this non-p2w becomes p2w, the game is still fun, but I’m not sure how long until all fun requires $$$


i think 3.1 was the best of the three because the game was purer in its design back then.

Having said that the Justice league fiasco was an early warning of what was in store.


The only thing I really don’t like is the 3 weeks in between for wars.How well will we play if we aren’t playing it every week? I think doing it weekly had our guild getting better every week.

We’ll find out next week how rusty we are.

Edit; And I’m also curious, will the order of scores remain so that the last player to win paragon in the guild, stays paragon? I went to look at the scores yesterday Abd they were gone. Sa shame if not bc we had a player achieve it for the first time on the last week we had them.

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My take is this delay is supposed to de-emphasize GW as “the sole competitive guild event”. Raids and Invasions don’t have a clear guild vs. guild aspect right now, but could have them later after the shop/drop balances are worked out.

We’ll see, though. Personally I find GW the most boring of the three modes. It’s 5 PvP matches where I’m assigned a pseudo-random score at the end.


I have a idea everyone will love, instead of gems to buy sigils, how about treasure maps?? Then I guarantee that no one will complain!

Well maybe newer players who aren’t sitting on a few thousand maps. Hey. Dreams can come true.


I’ll take 1000 Sigils please.

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The update maybe better, but it it driving people away and fast.


You don’t have a vote option for ‘all the updates are equally good - excellent and flawed in various different ways’, which is where I would be voting…

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Sorry, I guess I wasn’t thinking about that option, that does sound good. Too bad I can’t change it now.

Well it has been a full two weeks now, so I’d it safe to safe we know how we feel about the game now and where it’s heading? Are we all happy or just ready to quit?

  • Happy as is with it all.
  • No, not really.
  • Am happy with it, but could be better if raids and invasions were improved to be more worthwhile.
  • Nope, ready to quit.

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You would probably have more votes if you created a new thread.

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Ok, good call, I’m on it, you never know how many muted this thread has, lol. Thanks.

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