3.2 Patch Notes

Originally published at: 3.2 Patch Notes – Gems of War

The time has come for the release of the foretold 3.2 Update! Read on, adventurers! Please be aware that some platforms may take longer compared to others as the update will go live at different times.

Major Features

  • Unique defense troops will receive a bonus to the player’s Guild Wars Score
  • Troop cards have been redesigned
  • Bonuses breakdown menu on the World Map

New UI on the following screens

  • Guild Wars
  • World Map
  • Troop Collection
  • Pre-battle screen
  • Quest menu
  • Challenge menu
  • Kingdom popup
  • Post battle
  • Reward unlocks (Excluding purchase rewards)
  • Message dialogs
  • Event/News menu
  • Tribute menu
  • Chat menu
  • Puzzle game
  • Team list
  • Loading screen
  • Loading wheel

New Troop Filters:

  • Filter by multiple mana colours
  • Filter by mana combination

Removed Troop Filters:

  • Filter by trait
  • Filter by spell effect
  • The above filters can be applied by using the Keyword filter

New Bonuses screens

  • Added new Bonuses tab in Troop Collection menu
  • Redesigned Banners tab in Troop Collection menu

Minor Features

  • Chat window can now be resized using from the Window Size option
  • AI Sliders have been removed, as they were not having the desired effect.

Bug fixes


  • Gem matching traits will only trigger once per board match calculation


  • Various Minor bug fixes.

3.2 Balance Changes


  • Changed Magic Link trait to Fey Bond
  • Mana cost increased from 9 to 10


  • Increase base spell dmg from 11 to 15


  • Double damage changed to Triple damage

Jotnar Stormshield

  • Increase boost ratio from x5 to x7


  • Increase spell base dmg from 6 to 10

Troop Refunds

The following troops will be available for refund:

  • Wisp

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Thanks Sirrian

I’m excited and very hopeful for the GW defense updates.

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When will the guild wars reward troops change and the current ones go to guild chests?

What does this mean ? anyone?

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Hopefully gw troops now get a colour counter too. Infernus boost? Awesome, I love infernus.
Thanks for your hard work devs.

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I lt means kraken isn’t as awesome as he was.

Tentacles will only do 3 damage even if the whole board becomes green. Rest in pieces

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When a match is first made, regardless of the number of matches made with that one move (or spell), traits will only trigger once. Once gems fall and matches are resolved again, traits will fire again.

TL;DR: Traits only fire once per matching resolution.


This makes a whole new sense for me now, I thought it only could go off once per turn.

also gonna kill elem reduction of attack as well lol

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Yup. Just a huge “wow” over here. Lol

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How is the change in gw gonna work sinse the weeks already started ?

Bonus for unique troops will be 0 for this week. Bonuses will be added from next week.


I hope everyone is happy… I wonder what the new meta will be lol

No more kraken… No more wisp… What is everyone gonna complain about?

Sure hope the world dont end… Well if it does i still have vault 101 to go to… Hope nobody tries to steal my sweetroll…


No new trophies?! x(

So do gem priorities no longer affect gw defense, or will they have to be changed everyday?

Did Guild Wars change defenses on this patch or No ???

Nevermind it’s patching on ps4 now.

The button has been pushed, so it should be propagating out now.