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Wooohoooo! mythic



Well done.


why didnt it show in chat?

Nice, I just got one too! Do you have the traitstones to trait him? Looks like 16 runic fire for the 1st. No idea what comes after that cause I only have 14 runic fire right now.

9 arcane blood and lava then 12 lava

Wow, that’s a lot of lava stones! Spent mine up on Jarl already… I’m probably not gonna get another 3200 glory by the time this week’s event is over.

I got a War too! :smiley: And a Mab.


What is his spell?!

How much mana does the spell cost? The screenshots don’t seem to say…

wow 21 bloods and 12 lava… thats insane

Spell cost is 30 mana. At my magic level, he does 13 damage (plus Attack) at level 20 (was 10 in the screenies).

Not sure how I feel about this troop yet. He wants to be front-line, but he blocks three mana colors…

Got War as well. 2500 glory keys until it popped up.

Yeah for real … strong, but what the hell … 4 Celestials too.

Spent 2800 glory keys and used my 4100 gems, got nada. How did everyone else go?

(Glory Keys) First one took almost 4k to get. Second one was almost 3k later. 4k after that didn’t get me another one.

But the rate is too low to measure accurately.

Gem Keys might be faster but I doubt I’d have enough to make it do much more. Besides which, two of him is probably enough.

4 of him just for collection purposes might be a good idea.

5000 keys 2k gems and I’m still missing War & Queen Mab…sigh…