New Mythic : Flaming Oni

Didn’t see an official post, but thought this lore was pretty neat:


It’s a ok card not sure if it’s Mythic worth. Took a load of keys to get this morning and haven’t had a chance to used it any one have team suggestions for it ?

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Expensive here to pull. 15k guild seals and then 1,600 gem keys.

I wonder why this topic wasn’t auto-posted by one of the support team?

Because they still haven’t worked out how to use WordPress? :thinking:


60k glory wings
37k guild seals
craptons of other keys (didn’t memorize them).

zero zip nada nil nothing.

Sounds like you got off cheap.


Got “lucky” I guess, took me:
50 gem keys
1k glory keys
2k guild seals
20000 glory wings

This one gets a resounding “meh” from me.

If you don’t trait it (or can work around the firestorm with team comp), he can be slotted in a goblin (gobtruffle) team as one of the troops that can drive the infinite. But since it can’t really reliably kick off the loop due to its high mana cost, only continue it, it isn’t particularly good at this. Also, having a firestorm out when it casts will quickly lead to boards where it can no longer generate even enough to fill itself, let alone anyone else on the team. It has some synergy with Toadsqueezer even with the storm, though.

If you do trait it, it can be a slightly faster way to get burn all out (Leprechaun cast with Oni on the team will often hit at least one Burning gem and deploy the burn all) at the expense of using a troop that can actually deal damage by itself.

Theres a few mono-color team opportunities where he can be “better” than potential counterparts, but only in very narrow contexts.

It can, of course, create a comeback situation by being the last troop while at 1 life, but is one of those kind of troops that is more likely to land itself in this situation in the first place due to being slow and contributing little to the team while it is full.

If there was any “buff” I would give to this guy while keeping in line with his current design, it would be that it explodes red gems so it can pseudo-infinite on the color consistent with his themeing and traits rather than on green, where he can still hit a pseudo-infinite but its the same one Stringfiddler can hit faster and more consistently (with Stringfiddler also having the appropriate storm start trait to support chain exploding greens). Another would be to create the burning gems randomly instead of just on red so slowly and slightly shift the board red (with possible caveat that it be limited to 1 to prevent annoying stacking of a troop that can infinite on red explosions creating 8 red per turn passively).


Top-tier mythic.

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How is there still not an official topic for this?


My final stats (of failure) were at 100k+ glory wings & 45k+ guild seals + hundreds of other keys (and 20 vips keys even).

Nope. Nothing.