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So I get my first mythic, help me for a War team

I just opened my first mytic (War) and I’m curious about good teams for her.



Umm… er… to be honest, War isn’t… very good… grats on pulling a Mythic, but I wouldn’t rush to trait this one… or use it much…

Still, if you’re bent on using it, you should at least let people here know what other troops you have.


War, snowy owl, ishbala, infernus. I call them Cretin Heart.

Sheer insanity when traited, but still not as crazy as Silen Die!!!

I intended to make a video with this team but I just don’t have the time so I figured I’ll share it here!

The key is constantly flood with yellow.


I quickly put this together and it’s an unlisted video just for you

I sort of misspoke when I said you have to always flood yellow - you should only flood yellow when it’s going to connect otherwise try to pick the gem that is most favorable and that’s something that takes practice.


I’m guessing since the person said this was their first mythic that infernus wouldn’t be an option.

As mentioned it would be easier to help if we knew what other troops you have.

Fair point. Infernus, as you can see in the vid is not critical to the team. Many yellow/red|purple can fill in.

Perhaps you would like to suggest your build?

Frontline Mythics (like War) unfortunly are some of the weakest Mythics in the game because they are such massive mana blockers. I know it’s exciting to get your first Mythic. I’ve created a team to “try” and specifically capitalize on War’s Attack. I’ve picked regular troops that you should have collected up by now, so you can get right to the action.

Hero (Cauldron). Doubles War’s Attack and adds Life
SeaTroll converts P/G into Blue for War
Sunweaver Increase All of War’s attributes and gives Mana

War is a one trick pony, hopefully this is a low level Attack booster team can amplify your excitement.

Good Luck, and avoid Entangle defenders at all costs.

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I haven’t tried a build, but Queen Ysabel feels like she’d work well with War…?

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Absolutely! …but I took her out because she is Legendary. It’s easy to forget that newer players don’t have the full menu to order off of.:wink:.

True, hence my first response above.

@Al-ucard you’ll get better suggestions here if you let people know what troops you own, especially the legendaries.

My Legends are:

keeper of souls, sylvanimora, carnex, Queen Isabelle, hydra, Gloom Leaf, artema, behemoth, Magnus, Queen titania, glitterclaw, King highforge, moloch, the great maw, gog and gud, the dragon soul, yao guai, crimson bat, webspinner, cedric sparklesack, sheggra, Bone dragon, orion.


Something that will generate skulls for war is a good option to maximise his skills.

So either keeper of souls or bone dragon in this case.

War Valkyrie QueenYsablle KeeperofSouls should work for example

I disagree.

Plague, Alchemist, Terraxsis, Infernus. +2 red banner.

A single 3 match Red can frequently win without additional turn-passing, or with very controlled turn-passing with Plague’s cast. Plus it’s perfectly tuned to fully generate Max gold per fight.

The key with frontline Mythics is you must not chase their Mana; you need to let the troops under it operate and allow Cascades to fill the Mythic.

Sorry if this is coming across as sloppy I’m on my phone atm.

Edit: I’ve been keeping this team under my hat and hinting at it on the forums for almost 2 years although it used to be a different character at the bottom but I won’t say which :wink:

He doesn’t have Plague or Infernus…


You disagree? With…?

The OP: He really don’t pull War as his first Mythic , but he actually pulled Plague and Infernus and is just confused?
Me: That most Frontline Mythics are weak?
Me: The team I created for fun based on a specific troop: War (the SUBJECT of this entire thread btw) should have been a old team with a pair of Mythics?

Are you feeling ok?


I am disagreeing with Strat’s assertion that frontline Mythics are weak. It is an oft-repeated and wrong statement.

Does this forum no longer show to whom I replied?

Not all replies in a given thread are to OP… is that not obvious?

Frontline mythics are often weak, as @strat says. That’s probably more just that the troops themselves are weak, really, plus blocking three colours. It’s not universal and as usual you’re coming up with unusual teams that many wouldn’t think to try.

To your closing shot of annoyance - yes I noticed that you were replying to @strat; it’s more obvious if you quote the passage - but appreciate that’s very hard on a phone browser. I’d comment that whilst it’s clear we’d have replies to posts other than the OP, too many risk the conversation drifting off-topic. Let’s not dwell too much on a plague team when the OP was about building for War. Surely @KrudlerTheHorse you’ve got some innovative teams for that?


Just take the team I showed above and swap out Infernus, ideally with yellow/purple mana.

Or adjust the banner making sure you can retain a Snowy fill with a Surged 3-match and adapt to your own play style!

War, Hellcat, Queen Titania, Falconer.

Falconer is sooo underrated. She’s also a key component of a Stonehammer deck that’s actually usable and fun!