A New Mythic Approaches - Flame of Anu

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New Mythic Troop: Flame of Anu Flame of Anu will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

1000 guild seals.

In 2 years I have never gotten one that cheap.


2903 glory keys
8 vip keys
300 guild chests
1200 gem keys

to get 1

600 gem keys
50 guild chests

to get a second one.

Not great, could be worse


Same here…


18k seals and 2k glory chests not bad :slight_smile:
now, to make a team for this guy …

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This troop is fatally flawed and the problem is that its forced to target the first 2 troops.

  1. This troop is lackluster when it hits an enemy without Faerie Fire active. That means it can’t actually do good damage until the first 2 enemies are under Faerie Fire even if the last 2 troops have Faerie Fire active.

  2. By design, this troop gets worse with the less enemies on the board. (less boost ratio). By forcing this troop to target the top 2 troops, damage isn’t distributed equally, hurting your offense.

  3. For this huge downside, there’s already a big selection of troops that are Immune to Burning and/or Faerie Fire. 24 mana is way too expensive when you’re stuck doing damage without boost ratio.

Flame of Anu needs to be able to select the troops it wants to hit to make its 3rd trait somewhat useful. This is coming from someone who thought its damage would be good enough to make it work as it currently is. Right now, its a rather bad troop as its not a good long term troop and it takes too long to set up as a short term troop.

Cleanse is always a thing too, killing its boost ratio.

Queen Titania would really be easier to use than this troop.


30k seals
3k glory keys and 30k glory
800 gem keys

Great experience thinking of someone get it for a few glory keys. :+1:


That was costly for me!

950 Gem keys
700+ Glory keys
3k Guild keys
finally after 35k in Glory

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I want to be positive petras about this Mythic, but its plain impossible, It sucks and is total useless for any competitive play. Its sad that we get handed Mythic troops like these when we so badly need troops that can be useful for the competitive play. And once they are released it’s pretty much staying the same way without any changes/fixes. So it is a lot of frustration that comes with it, knowing this.


11k+ Glory chests, and finally the Mythic came.

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This sounds ironically anti-climactic… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not all new troops released are intedend to be top tier and endgame content. Flame of Anu probably can get use for mid-game players. It’s not THAT terrible as some other mythics, it’s worse than some top tier picks, but over all it’s average.

IMHO, that can be a flaw, but can also be usefull. There are 3 types of spells:

  • those who hit random target
  • those who always target first/last troops
  • those where players pick who to hit

Hitting first 2 troops is more reliable vs stealthy troops (as long as stealthy troop is on slot #2 ) than hitting random or manually picking target.
Player pick is generalny best, because you precisely pick whom you want to damage, and by that: maximize damage done or killing low hp troops.
Random is probably worst of them all. But it can always hit a stealthy troop in back while other 2 methods probably cant reach it…

So… it’s highly dependent what are you fighting against.

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Hitting the front two troops can work. See Yao Guai.

It doesn’t work on THIS troop, Flame of Anu, because it needs its Boost ratio to do decent damage and you don’t have any choice on where the random Faerie Fire/Burn gets applied. Burning alone isn’t enough, otherwise you could use Infernus to improve FoA’s damage. You need the Faerie Fire part of the trait.

This troop is god awful against the standard L&D Orbweaver teams. You can’t FF/Burn A.Weaver and once Bless comes up, you’ll do barely anything against L&D for 24 mana IF its in the second slot. (FF/Burn will go away). If its the 3rd slot, you’ll have no real way to touch L&D as it hits the first two slots and the Burn will ensure that spiders are being spawned faster than you can touch L&D. Defeats the predictable damage setup for sure.

In most other cases, Stealthy isn’t that big of a deal and there’s more reliable troops that can take care of that, way better than Flame of Anu hitting the front 2 troops ever could.

I’d actually rather have random over front 2 enemies with this troop. Hitting only the front 2 troops causes you to lose your boost ratio too quickly.

Have you tried the troop yet?

It won’t take much to change your mind on this troop, I promise.


Nope, I usually put new mythic into the storagebox and take them out every now and than (usually when their respective kingdom is up).

But, if i’d guess, i’d probably use it wih Infernus/Obsidious to burn all/stun all (remove fireproof). Would have to think about other two troops(maybe mercy and priest class for a full divine team with infernus). There’s also a posibility I wouldn’t use it at all. (Like many mythics i’ve got, including some usefull ones)
I get it, that you claim it’s not viable for competetive play or endgame. I’m not going to argue with that, as I haven’t used it yet. But as I mentioned above

Its not viable at any point.

Its far too inefficient at low and mid-game levels (not to mention, incredibly 3rd trait dependent which early game players may not be able to get). Queen Titania is easier to get and much more useful. Will of Nysha is a more effective Mythic troop for lower levels and no one talks about it.

Handwaving a troop and saying its viable at a lower level and calling it a day does a disservice to the devs and the player base. Its not always true; not everything is useful at a lower level either.

Some of the best/fan favorite mythic troops are the troops that the devs went back and improved. A.Weaver, The Wild Queen, Scorpius, Zuul’Goth, Stonehammer are just some of the troops worth mentioning.

Look at Fallen Valdis. They’ve made no effort to improve it since its release and it shows. Now imagine being a new player and thats the first mythic you pull.

Gems of War is constantly in a state of selling keys or subscriptions to obtain Mythics. Who is going to want to pay money for something useless?

A poor Mythic troop wastes the dev’s time and the player’s time. They don’t have to be a meta-defining troop, but it should inspire “fun” to its player base.


I’d like to see Random and heavy splash damage to ever consider using it!

That was me 2-3 year ago starting my current account*. My 1st legend was Lust (also crap in early game).

So i know how it is to play without a decent Legendary or Mythic. Playing pvp with teams like Dwarven Gate, Bone Wall, Priest with yellow/rd weapon, Tuskar.
And you know what? It motivated me quite a bit to get more troops, to get at least some decent ones to play.
I’m not sure if there’s a more useless Mythic than Valdis.

*on a contrary, my 1st ever mythic pulled on account i’ve lost was Infernus → pulled him from 1st 50 gem chests i’ve opened… It was quite op to use him as low as lvl 60 or less…

Heavy cost for me, reminded me of trying for Champion of Anu, which I was unable to pull with keys.

2.2k gem keys
3k glory keys
50k glory
28k guild seals

It didn’t help that I tried it on IPad first and left Steam on by accident overnight…

The Mythic is just nothing much, as has been mentioned.

Unless you can slot in cleanse or run impervious troops/insulated - facing 2 empowered converters most battles in tier 3 does not cut it anyway. Too slow. You lose games on turn 1 to being frozen on colour by Frostmage Snap Freeze (great idea by the way, what could make empowered worse).

I thought about it with Divines but hard to make a team of 4 that gets 40% mana start, that’s even as good as any other divine team.

Maybe a Beast team but I hate the 3 colours and no immunity to freeze.

Needing to fit a hero, cleanse and half start means limited choice.

Oh while I’m here - Xathenos needs Impervious :innocent:


This one took me about 1900 glory keys and 4000 seals.

I haven’t tried him out yet but based on what everyone is saying here I’m just going to assume it’s underwhelming like most of the Mythics released this year. Lord of Slaughter is the only Mythic released this year that I actually enjoy using because I really like skull teams.

Which Lord of Slaughter teams would you recommend? :slight_smile: