A New Mythic Approaches - Umenath

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New Mythic Troop: Umenath Umenath will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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600 glory keys. Woohoo. time to take it to the lab.


100 Gem keys for 1 card.

Now we need another pet in Pridelands to develop the kingdom further.


Underwhelmed and not once has it not died after I have used it to its own skull loop of death :joy:

That was an expensive Mythic for me:
27k seals (all guardians to mythic after 12k seals spent, used 3 major orb of ascensions early, to max 3, then two small ones when two was at legendary)
700 gem keys
3000 glory keys

Got it in a gem key. Yay! :+1:

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That’s about double what you’d expect to spend. Not cheap but we’ve seen much worse.

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1000 seals for me. After dumping my keys and seals stash on Vespera for nothing I’m pretty satisfied.

500 gem keys, here.

50 guild keys, a bit disappointing because I still need the new guardians :thinking:


Very disappointing troop, only good for early and early mid game. Its almost a good troop. But it will never one shot higher level troops, which means your second troop will usually do the clean up and because of that you rarely get to use his skull generation. In addition he does not have enough protection as a front line troop. Maybe if his dodge was boosted to 40 or 50% chance he would be better or just give him stoneskin 50% skull reduction or even Barkskin at 33% skull reduction. But in his current state he is to weak in both strength and defense to be a front line troop blocking that much mana for the rest of your team.

Also if your entangled or stunned at the start of the game it becomes a nightmare to play with him. On the brightside at least he only cost me 800 glory keys this time around. But maybe i just haven’t found the right team with him yet

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I don’t think she was meant to one shot higher level troops, just weaken them severely. If she did, she would be like a cheaper Zuul’goth. Anyway, most mythic troops can’t one shot full health troops so it’s kind of an unfair comparison.

I find her useful in a Raksha team but not as a frontline troop. Not a top tier mythic but not garbage.

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I spent around:
2K seals (all Guardians maxed)
9000 glory keys
1600 gem keys

Got a lot of other troops finally ascended to Mythic in the process, but still need a few copies of Rowanne. RNG pls!

I haven’t given much thought about this new Mythic. It looked a little lackluster in the stream, although that was its previous version. I expect I’ll use her a bit this weekend, try her out in the next scaling event she can be used in, and not really much after that.

100k glory
5k gems to buy gem keys
2k gems to buy vip keys.

orng… no mythic


I can only imagine when that “sinking feeling” set in… and, when those cyan letters ultimately delivered a sense of relief.

The troop art and ability for this particular Mythic didn’t excite, so I was stubborn with my resource expenditure, vowing only to land the thing while opening glory chests.

And, 1,566 glory keys and 6,000 glory later:

With the odds certainly not in the player’s favor, any Mythic pull is a fortunate one. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you waiting for the next time they pop up in gold chests? Just curious, cuz I remember how many guild seals you had. gl hf

So I’ll start by saying:

Umenath by default isn’t bad. How do I say a troop that does 259 damage to a 310 life troop in Explore 12 is bad?

It’ll always FEEL bad in my opinion since its 25 mana for a single target troop, and its secondary effect is quite counterproductive damagewise to what it potentially can do if it fulfills its main function.

Then you have to ask yourself, do you really want those 12 skulls when it kills? I’m kinda leaning towards no, actually. I tend to miss with those skulls more than I hit somehow.

So how much does her kill shot actually do? Well, you get to do math, since 2:1 doesn’t really help you just from a quick glance since magic isn’t shown until you zoom in on an enemy troop.

If I’m fighting someone in PvP with similar stats, magic 28/2, attack 53/2, raw magic 31 = 71 damage + whatever life/2 they had remaining. At least better than a fully enraged Doomclaw.

It’s still ok, though its not exciting for 25 mana. I mean skulls show up, but skull backfire feels bad?

Then you examine its traits and wonder why does this feel like 2 different troops stapled onto one?

Those traits don’t really do much outside of the first slot, and I’d say 99% of the time, you don’t want this in the first slot since Agile is useless. They really should make Artema’s 40% Dexterous a normal trait and give her something better, like a 75% dodge or something. (rage exists, so dodge will never be overly amazing). That’ll give more flexibility in troop making and allow different dodge ranges to exist. First slot traits on something that feels like a sniper doesn’t feel right.

Conclusion: Umenath is a “good” troop that won’t see much play since its a single target cast.

I think it could be made to feel better to play by changing its kill a troop reward from 12 skulls to something else (what about a free second target if the first cast kills? It’ll be like Ubastet without the instakill)

Pro: Hits stupidly hard so something else can kill its target. Pridelands Raid will probably be the biggest joke ever.

Con: For something with the flavour text: “She gets very nasty, very fasty.” … she’s not that nasty, since her actual kill potential is a bit limited. 50 Mana to net one kill seems… not appetizing. Needs something else to do her dirty work.

Why they designed her three traits to be front line:

When you get Kingdom Team Bonus 4 from Kingdom level 13 and a maxed out Shymera pet, you’re gaining these bonuses from having 4 troops from Pridelands.

Kingdom Team Bonus 4
15 Attack
6 Armor


King of Cats
15 Attack

That’s hilarious.

4 Unique Raksha nets:
3 Attack
2 Life
… not that exciting since the pet isn’t released.

So when someone like me, with 53 base attack without attack medals, adds 33 attack pre-battle, my Umenath will start the battle with 86 attack. Since there actually isn’t many options in Pridelands, one of those troops will most likely be Ubastet, bringing the starting attack to 87 attack.

… then on your first skull hit, anything without immunity to Hunter’s Mark take 2x damage from Skull gems.

174 Skull damage without any 4/5 match is kinda lol.

I’m not sure if I agree with this design decision, but it exists.

Pridelands team:

Umenath in first (Green/Red/Brown)
Cat’s Paw - Sunspear is probably the designed weapon of choice for the team (yellow/blue doesn’t conflict with green/red/brown). Sunspear can entangle to buy Umenath time.
Ubastet as a background buffer
(Yellow/Blue Banner)

The kingdom doesn’t have an amazing 4th troop to sub in yet with major synergy. Keep your eyes out if a decent faction troop shows up though. Something like Sekhma is fine for now.

I guess this troop’s design choice makes sense, even if it doesn’t really on paper by itself. Why she had to be the front line beatstick, I have no idea. Maybe because 2 colors would make this way too strong?


shes also Divine don’t forget, the 4x pride lands +33 atk team is crazy stats, but add ishbaala instead of Sekhma and at least the first cast will be cheaper Mana, and you still generate skulls?

Also I think I saw someone using with the new mirror weapon, I don’t have unlocked yet but I think it was Umenath/Mirror(and new class)/ubastet/ishbaala

(Though I kind of hate having more ishbaala teams)

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You’d drop from

+15 atk, +15 atk/6 armor, +3 atk/2 life


+9 atk, +9 atk/6 armor, +1 atk/2 life.

14 attack loss and a weaker Cat’s Paw cast for 6 extra life, 6 armor and 5 mana to Umenath and 4 mana to Ubastet. (compared to using an Medal of Anu).

You’d have to swap to a different mana generator. Maybe Reflection of Good? Mountain Crusher/Essence of Evil are out of the question and Jar of Eyes is pretty far from ideal here.

I think it’d dilute the effect of Umenath a bit too much.

Then switching the hero class to make it 4x divine would go from +33 attack to +9 attack for 12 Life and 12 Armor. Eh.

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I spend keys (now seals lol ) once a month for new mythic. I’ll get the guild guardians mythic next month, if I’m lucky enough to be unlucky to spend a few.
But yeah, I’ve 800 guild keys, then 270 k seals.

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