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Video: 1st Base Mythic!

Hello everyone! Today I go over the first mythic troop ever added to Gems of War, War! He is a strong physical attack troop based heavily around high attack damage and burn mechanics. He currently stands at the highest mana cost in the entire game, so using him in a team may be questionable. He isn’t particularly overpowered, so don’t feel too bad if you haven’t gotten him yet.



Its so beautiful!!

Can you tell me what traightstones are used for the 2nd and 3rd traits?

I actually completely forget. I did them during the live stream last night and was too tired to remember nor have recording of it. I know that it used multiple forms of arcane traitstones.

@Mufasha posted screenshots of them here:

Trait 1:
24 Minor Fire
32 Major Fire
16 Runic Fire

Trait 2:
32 Major Fire
9 Arcane Lava
9 Arcane Blood

Trait 3:
12 Arcane Lava
12 Arcane Blood
4 Celestial


Oh cool, something to use some of my 1,000 majors on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, at 64 Majors a pop, all four Horsemen are still not going to put a big dint in even a mid-level player’s pile of Majors. :rolling_eyes:

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Heh, just saw you at the leaderboard right now, 71th while i’m at 62th. Mufasha right behind me at 61th, he must be sleeping probably. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am mostly behind because I just started another account:


Good luck on your re-journey to give tips and hints for newish players.
(That pulsating “! icon” annoys me to no end…)

Thank you ozball, i guess i better spend more glory on arcane lavas!

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i help my kids and they are both sub 50… its actually easier than trying to fix my 800 lvl char. thats why i wanted a one time or even pay to do - refund on my troops :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea. Wonder what they’d say is a fair price for a global reset?

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I wake up and I’m 1700 in rank. No sleep for the listed.

And i’m at 1702 now too. Just 700 points behind my old position.

Please never change your initial “hello”. It …is…priceless.

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Cool video tacet. Thanks for the post. I have a couple of off topic questions, if you don’t mind. I’ve been playing the game for about 4 months now, and I’d like to get access to the vip chests. I’m vip 3 now, so I believe I would need to spend another $100 on the game. Which, as someone who’s never spent a dime on a free to play game before this, sounds absurd. But, I love the game and have spent a ton of time playing it (I’m already level 314). Also, I want to support the developers. They’re really engaged with the community and they’ve made a fantastic game.

I’m considering buying the goblin king/cauldron pack and the blue armor for $50 apiece. Do you consider these good packages? I like my goblin team, but don’t have the king yet. I think the goblin king could make for a pretty strong troop with the recent buffs to summons. I’m sure I’d get it eventually if I don’t purchase it this week. Also, not sure if the cauldron is available otherwise. I like the blue armor, just for the fact that I won’t have to switch between the dragon armor and celestial armor whenever I switch from farming souls to gold and vice versa.

My friend said he thought the devs held a double Vip points event a little while back. Is this true? Maybe I should hold out and just buy the blue armor when another event pops up. I’m debating this with myself right now. Are the vip chests worth it in your opinion? Have they changed much in 2.0? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t see the reply icon next to my post above, so this is just in case. Please forgive my noobish ways.

Edit: I don’t see it here either. Have no clue what I’m doing :confused:

@GREEK-13 You should definitely buy the $50 armor. It is by far the best offer ever included in this game.

As far as the other $50, Goblin King wouldn’t be a bad idea. He is a lot stronger in 2.0 and goes well with early game builds with 4x marauders. Save the 50 event keys you get from it for next week’s event, or any event that you like the kingdom’s legend.

Cool. Thanks for the reply. Are the VIP chests still good? I wasn’t sure if they changed much with 2.0. Are the chances with legendary cards still really good with them, ie 1 in 2 or 3 chests? I think my friend said he got legendary cards like every other chest or something like that.