Yay! I got my first Mythic

I just started three weeks ago on the PS4 and I have been having a lot of fun with this game. The community here has been more than helpful with all the awesome advice you guys have given me. I never expected to get a Mythic this quick but the rng gods were smiling upon me and decided to give me Scorpius.

I don’t know anything about him or how good he is or even how viable he is. All I know is his artwork looks damn cool and I’m just happy to even have ONE mythic. I’m always gonna remember this guy as my first Mythic and if you guys have any team suggestions for him I’d greatly appreciate it. I can honestly say I have most if not all of the commons and at the very least most of the rares so I’m sure I have some cards that will have great synergy with him.

Anyway just wanted to post how stoked I am. Thanks.


Congrats and a warm welcome to you! :slight_smile:

I know Scorpius fits well with Wyvern. So thats a good start. And if you have an exploder like Ragnagord and something else. :ok_hand:


Congrats on getting your first mythic. +1 that he isn’t a really bad one as well :smiley:


Congratulations on your first mythic! As already stated; he’s not that bad of a troop. :confetti_ball:

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Thanks, guys! I’m looking through my troops right now for anyone that can work with him. I guess I’m looking for guys that can poison the enemy and help him gain mana. I’m sure I will figure it out. Like @Eika said I will pair him up with my Wyvern and Ragnagord. Maybe Serpent, too? Or someone that can act as a charger to help him get mana. Damn… I can just look at that artwork all day… He looks like such a badass…

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Gratz - you got a good one…and he is impervious ! That third trait is one to look forward to in the future when you have saved up enough stones :grinning::grinning::+1:

CONGRATULATIONS on your first mythic!!!

I had fun running Scorpious in this team:
Name: Rock Band
Banner: Desert Banner
Hero Bard (Blade of the Sands)
Gard’s Avatar

Obviously, you don’t have Gard’s Avatar yet, but replace him with another Yellow/Brown dmg dealer, like King Mikhael to have steady dmg output. Or if you don’t care about maximizing your benefit from Bard’s third trait and Scorpius 3rd trait, then put in any colored dmg dealer, to better benefit from the Gorgotha explosions! Or plug in TDS to help out with Soul Farming. That 3rd troop slot can really be versatile. Either way it was a pretty fun team. Hope that gives you some ideas. :wink:


That is awesome!! I have been playing on mobile/PC for over 2 years, but joined on Xbox about 2 months ago. I also just pulled my first Mythic on my console, and it’s one I don’t have on my mobile account yet haha (Gargantuar)! Save up your keys this week and maybe the universe will reward you again with the new Mythic at the end of the week! I have my fingers crossed for ya


@Elarcadia Congrats on Gargantuar! I really like him. I have a really strong team for him. I think he got a bum wrap here on the forums. If you are interested in my team, pm me. I don’t mind sharing. :wink:

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Thanks for the suggestion. I think along with Gard’s Avatar I might not have Gorgotha yet. I’m out right now but when I get home I’ll double check. Either way this gives me an idea of how I should be using Scorpius.


Hey, is there supposed to be a special mythic event this week? I think I heard something about it but that was a while ago and you bringing it up just reminded me of it.

There is a new Mythic this week, I believe it comes out Friday. Since the new legendary is “event keys only”, I am 99% sure the new Mythic is going to be “glory, gem, guild, and VIP keys only”.

Congrats on the mythic pull. I did see in chat last week a level 23 player pull a mythic, good luck to them traiting it :+1:

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Congrats on your first Mythic. Scorpius is a nice troop*

*Needs to be fully traited to get full benefit, otherwise its an overly pricey troop for a one time per battle spell that’s low end without the 3rd trait buffing it/brown teammates every turn.

Goes well with Gorgotha as the front, or most Brown troops that hit all targets when traited.

Scorpius was my first TRUE mythic as well, and I still use him in a speed pvp team to this day that absolutely WRECKS the current metas of infernus/divines, etc. I use 2 troops that were both rare or ultra rare and a legendary with him. If you have this setup, it’s amazing and few people have defenses against it.

1 - The Great Maw *** (Don’t go for brown and yellow right away. key to winning with this lineup is to get 3rd troop (your exploder) full mana first (purple/blue. But as SOON as you have Great Maw spell ready, you need to use it on anything a)immune to poison b) that could devour you (krakens) and c) most commonly–whatever exploder or mana generating troop the enemy team is relying on to feed their heavy hitters. (TDS/Siren/Nyx/Gorgotha, etc)
2 - Cockatrice *** (Mana Drain any troop close to cast or Entangle 1st troop to prevent skull damage)
3 - Posion Master *** (AWESOME exploder for low levels, also poisons multiple troops at a time (you want the bottom two poisoned before casting Scorpius)
4) Scorpius ** (I still don’t have 3rd trait for him and still win all 3 trophy fights unless i get mana drained before i can get great maw off. Enjoy! Good luck!


(10 char)

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Damn (4 char)

Quick question: In terms of Mythics, I read some place that only one Mythic card is available per week. So let’s say I got Scorpius last week, he would be the only mythic available for that week and this week another one is available. So if I want two different mythics I’d have to pull them a week apart. Is all that true? If not how does it exactly work then? Can I get two different mythic in less than a week?

You can pull any mythic any week except when a new one comes out. That will be the only one you can pull for it’s duration, Friday to Friday. A new one is coming this Friday and therefore that will be the only one available for a week before it eventually goes into the troop pool and at some point the soul forge.

Thanks for the clarification. I guess I know what I’m saving up for this weekend. :slight_smile:

mid-81 pretty much answered it, but just to bullet point it.

  1. On normal weeks, any Mythic is available to pull from Glory, Gem, VIP, and Guild Chests (except Xathenos and Zuul’Goth). Guild Chests must have 10,000 guild seals collected or higher in the same week to have Mythics show up. If you want a specific older Mythic, you’re recommended to craft it in the Soul Forge.

  2. Event chests are based on the Event Kingdom currently active. (I.E. this week is Zhul’Kari). Mythics can be pulled from Event weeks with Mythics available (I.E. if the Event week is Khetar, then Pharos-Ra is available in Event chests). Don’t count on it, but it can happen. Event Chests have similar drop rates as Gem Chests for Mythics.

3.Typically once a month, a new Mythic is released into the chest system. When that happens, they become the only Mythic available in the Glory, Gem, VIP, and Guild Chests. There will be an in-game graphic that’ll let you know when that happens (1 week consists of Friday - Thursday)

  1. Sometimes Chest pools are released incorrectly and don’t contain certain troops when they should. When in doubt, its best to ask.

  2. Mythics from Legendary Tasks or Path to Glory 2/ Growth Pack 2 are independent from New Mythic Release weeks.