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Fun Bardic Teams! Share your best!

They finally added the @efh313 Hero Class, aka, BARD. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought it would be fun to have a place to share some of your favorite Bardic Creations. So please share your creations here!

This is my first stab at a Bardic deck. It plays on the awesome 3rd traits of Bard and Scorpius.

Banner: Desert
Bard (Holy Symbol)***
Gard’s Avatar***

The objective is to fill Gorgotha ASAP, and allow him to explode the board and send spill over mana to the troops below. All troops are Yellow and Brown so they are all gaining +2 to all stats every turn, which makes Gard a beast quickly, and has Gorgotha exploding 50+ gems sooner than you would imagine. By the time Scorpius is filled he’s generally ready to sling close to 60 dmg at the bottom two troops which after taking a blow from Gard mean’s they are toast. And finally your Bard is running around with the Holy Symbol which is getting pumped each turn and deals double dmg to those pesky purple troops (Kraken, Psion, Mab, etc) for easy sniping!

If you have all the pieces and they are traited, I think you will find this deck is surprisingly resilient. I even managed to take it into PVP and defeat a Forest/Kraken/Kraken/Mab team. At the VERY least it is a hella fun Explore team.

I hope you enjoy… ROCK BAND!


And you know what, It reminded me of The Bard’s Tale genius game, that I played years ago…



how many times did I type that

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Can you offer a replacement for the Scorp? I didnt pull one but have all the others…


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Sure. Look for other YELLOW troops that will benefit from Bardic Inspiration and serve a utility/function that facilitates your play style and ability to win.

Some examples:

Aby- Exploder and color coverage, also summons Incase something goes wrong

Stonehammer- Team stun and burn and generates red and brown to help fill Gard

Hellcat- board control mana generator, not as effective without an alchemist off of whom to combo

Jotnar- provides barriers to your party while true dmg the opponent.

But be creative and play to your strengths! :wink:


There is a lot to explore with Bard. You can choose basicaly any of the new weapons Yellow weapons from Soul Forge and find interesting variations.

As Scorpius has basically the same third trait, but buffing brown troops, not having him opens more options. You don’t need to go full Yellow/Brown but you can keep Gorgotha and start covering more colors with other troops in order to maximize your gains in mana when his explosions clears the entire board.

You can try:

  • Gorgotha.
  • Bard with any Yellow weapon you like, but Broken Guard from Soul Forge is nice if you don’t have or don’t plan to use Dawnbringer to avoid blocking mana. Sun and Moon is also very good to buff allie’s Magic faster.
  • Terraxis.
  • Gard.
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Satyr Musician
Imperial Jewel (Bard)

Desert Banner

I just posted a stupid theory build because I don’t have Bard Traited… then I realized that I built it with a Blue Troop not a Yellow one. I feel like a dingbat now lmao… time for bed.


Aby boosting herself, plus bard, that’s one to try!

My speed team for Bard:

Not very deep or interesting, but its pretty fast and easy to play. The couple extra points of magic can save you a cast to close out the fight (or you can use Staff of St. Astra to give everyone a ton of life).


Heres a more methodical, solo color team one with a lot more opportunities for strategy at the expense of speed:

If have more threatening front troops like skull generators or something that would make Astral die quickly, it is usually better to swap Eury and Hero so you can get your fodder summon out easier. If they have Kraken, you want Eury in the back for Indigestible. Sun and Moon is serviceable AoE if you don’t have Dawnbringer, as is Soul of Xathenos. Most the other yellows hero weapons are too heavily blocked, not effective enough, or step on your own toes too much to be worth using a yellow wielding Bard here (and you do not want to block Valk, having empowered Astral is fairly essential), but there is a little wiggle room for experimentation.


Bard Team

Guaranteed Badazz! And super fun with multiple options every time.

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I can’t wait to try that. I unlock slowly - I always have because I choose not to optimize in that area so can stretch and savor the progression. Insane to most people, yes.

Definitely a team I look forward to unlocking.

I’ve been having fun with…

Bard + Lion and Tiger
Queen Aurora
Yellow banner

It doesn’t take many turns before Gorgotha explodes the whole board, and with Aurora you generate a ton of mana. The weapon can pull annoying troops like Mab to the front, and stuns them as well. I think I only lost one match with it so far, when an Aurora cast backfired into a rain of cascades and two Kraken devours for the AI.

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Well I’ve been using Gorgotha/DawnBringer/Famine/Infernus (Talon) and it’s been so much fun to play. It can be sloppy and chaotic but it just finds a way to win.

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Team Are you nuts?

Sun and moon (bard***)

Obviously all yellow troops, so +1 magic every turn.
Gorgotha explodes.
Gar’nok casts and help refill him and Gorgotha (if needed). Triggers Humility third trait +2 magic.
Sun and moon damage dealer. +1 magic on cast.
Humility never dies from Gar’nok true damage to allies (second trait). Can help refill a troop. Can boost a stat and boost is augmented by magic.

In fact no troops will die from Gar’nok true damage with the bards third trait.


Thanks for sharing this one.

It’s the sort of team I would never think to build, because to me it makes NO sense to use Queen Aurora in a team where the mana generator is an exploder. Having said that, it works! I prefer dawnbringer to lion and tiger though, barriers for you, and you, and you, and you get one too! Also prefer brown and yellow (desert) banner for a bit more resilience against troops that remove or convert yellow.

This also made me realise that I haven’t used Aurora since the Unity update. Her trait is much more useful now with cascades being as frequent as they are. Plus, the number of gems tooltip helps a lot when considering whether to cast. The spell itself is frustratingly inconsistent though and I really, really wish she cleansed as well as life buffed, and buffed her own life as well as everyone else.


Those sound like sensible improvements. I’m still starring kingdoms, so I don’t have the resources for Dawnbringer yet, but it’s probably better than Lion and Tiger. The stun is very useful at times though, and Aurora already hands out a bunch of barriers, so Lion and Tiger works well enough :slight_smile:

Also, Aurora is indeed inconsistent, but she makes Gorgotha virtually unkillable with skull damage. Plus she’s fun :wink:

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Definitely fun, although needs a bit of risk assessment before casting! I think I got too used to trolls and Yasmine’s Chosen, as with those troops anything above 10 is a pretty solid chance at an extra turn, and anything above 24 is all but guaranteed. With Aurora, those numbers need to be much higher!

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