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Fun Bardic Teams! Share your best!

GW yellow team

Bard (Dawnbringer)

suncrest banner

Great creativity on this build.

Gar’nok. Neat.

I put up a DP video yesterday trying to resurrect skull play. One of the variants I was trying (off-stream) was DP casting on Humility but it really didn’t work for much and I’m not sure why. Ideas? Humility / Dark Priestess / BardClass / ???

Here is what I came up with @KrudlerTheHorse:
Bard (Dust and Sand)
Dark Priestess
Troop 4 (see options below)


  1. Jotnar- covers all unused mana colors and throws around barriers keeping people safe. Bard is hitting them from the top, while Jotnar whittles from the bottom.

  2. Gard- Because, why not. Still the best anti-daemon troop out there and with Humility becoming a punching machine, he really only needs one cast to help weaken the troops.

  3. Queen Aurora- provide the heals and barriers and mana generation.

  4. Aby- Get the explodes on, clear away those boards with only 3 yellows and get some more yellow for Humility to match 4+

  5. Dealer’s Choice- You could literally put it, anything you want Mab to stop loops, Sylv to entangle, Infernus if he is your 'sploder of choice.

Oh and last thing, the reason I went with Dust and Sand over other valid Hero Weapons is because if the goal is to beat them with skulls, this reduces armor quick AND allows you to select who to pummel next! :wink:

Gorgotha ***
Sun & Moon *** (worth the money)
Famine ***
Infernus ***

Rock&Roll w/ double yellow banner

Thanks for your comment, really appreciated.

Now about your dp skull based team, i suppose you use humility to spam skulls and dp to boost humility and trigger her third trait. So i went for making the beefiest humility possible.

Anvil of might (bard***)

Humility to spam yellow and skulls. Boost others allies.
Sunweaver to give attack, armor and health (helps recover from dp casts) and give 6 mana to humility in case of need.
Darkpriestess cleanses (always usefull), boosts humility attack, gives her barrier, creates skulls and triggers humility third trait.
Anvil of might gives attack and armor to humility.

With that you can easily buff Humility in the 200 range armor, hp, attack. The problem is if you loose Humility, you loose your best skull generator and you are toasted.

In short, i tried to stick to your prerequisites but there are other teams that are better for skull spamming. For staying on topic, that will be for another thread.

I think you reached the same conclusion I did: There are (much) better skull spam teams. I just wanted to see if there was a synergy that I could exploit between H and DP but it never falls into place in practice.

Thanks a lot for putting in the work and sharing your thoughts with me, I appreciate it.

Maybe not the best but one I’m having some fun with in Casual.

Queen Ysabelle
Mountain Crusher
Gard’s Avatar

Celestasia becomes a nice tank, QY can buff Gard’s, top three generate the manas.

No drain, Devour immunity or control effects so use with caution :grin:

Try Humility + DarkPriestess + QueenYsabel + Ragnagord :smiley:

I made it as a joke but it actually works surprisingly well…

DP and QY put Humility’s attack through the roof, and that deals direct damage with QY’s spell…

Edit: if you cast Humility and it buffs DP’s Magic stat, you can also murder your own team in surprisingly rapid fashion too…


Bard (black manacles) or mech for 1/2 mana

Edit: not a bard team but if you replace bard by behemot it’s very quick also :slight_smile: good against troll-kraken or tds famine or psion famine

You probably don’t watch my videos but that is basically what I put together recently. It didn’t work to my satisfaction because over many games a severe Mana-stalling problem would always present itself. Because if Ragna doesn’t fill fast and then also catch a good gather on his cast it seems to end up severely behind.

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My feelings exactly. After trying the team I felt I was sabotaging my own success way too often.

I tried the double-fast-fill approach with Snowy as well (+2 Yellow & pray for Surge)

So QY out Snowy in her place.

It had its own… challenges.

edit: Wait… that is wrong. I can’t remember now what I tried but it wasn’t Snowy. Curse this faulty memory of mine.

I’ve watched your videos before and they’re excellent. Just don’t have the time nowadays :frowning:

Self-harm teams have always been some fun gimmick I guess

If you’re into Self harming teams, try this one

Nosferatu/Bat Swarm
Captain Skullbeard
Dark Priestess

Use DP on the lead troop to generate skulls and slam the enemy. transform when nearing low health to start again.

Skullbeard adds more skulls into play and explodes to take advantage of the perma-darkstorm.

Cast Umberwolf when two troops left or as required to get double skull damage pay off.

Is a high risk/reward style team :wink:

Yeah, I think the idea of profiting from self-harm is not there mathematically.

DP for one example is great but not because of the self harm, in spite of it.

I found that tinkering around with all kinds of self-harm teams gave me a lot of insight why Armor is so easy to buff but not life.

Wondering if something could be done with Emperina in there for the full heal… but likely to be slow…

Please try this, it might address your speed concerns. Might not be your cup of tea though. Snowy’s fill is very interesting and can bring in a lot of unexpected benefits if you watch the voids and add Mana colors that you judge will produce the best fills / pollution / looping.


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