Finally pulled first Mythic!

Took all the way up to Level 850, but I finally pulled my first base Mythic in Arachnaean Weaver. Could be better, could be a lot worse based on what I read here. I’m up to about 3,300 diamonds too and hoping to get up to 4,000 by the time Pharos-Ra is in the rotation again.

Anywho, haven’t started playing around with teams I might be able to utilize with Arachnaean Weaver. Remember, it is my first Mythic, so I don’t have many of the usual elite partner troops for it yet. I think I only have a third of the Legendary troops, too.

Hopefully the next Mythic doesn’t take me another 850 levels!

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Hero weapon, giant spider, kraken and weaver has been fun… works well on green gw day with yasmine pride

Levels have nothing to do with pulling mythics. It’s a luck based system designed to take a long, long time. I have everything, and it took me almost two years.

Grats though, good mythic.

Oh yes, I’m all too familiar with sending my prayers up to RNGesus. I know it is a grind, but the thrill is in the chase and I’m sure we all wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t some enjoyment out of matching games like this.

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Oh I don’t think of it as a grind, I love playing the game, and having things to look forward to is icing on the cake.

Mythic Friday is something I look forward to, even though some of the mythics are distinctly meh. The fun is in the chase.

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In 3 years of playing ive only pulled 4 straight Mythics. Wulfgarok, Draakulis, Stonehammer and Plague. Im itching to get my hands on Infernus though, coz hes a beast and plus i use Broken Spire as my home kingdom so should help out towards power levels.

Do you do your daily dungeon?

You should have the diamonds to craft Infernus, if you do.

Something tells me that your next Mythic will drop within the month.

For me, after nine months, I received my first Mythic. Not a month later, the second. I also remember reading posts stating similar experiences with initial Mythic drops.

That feeling you get when you see that cyan “NEW!” is so exhilarating… and fleeting. :grinning::expressionless:

Ironically, I pulled my second Mythic last night! I got Arachnaean Weaver on Friday before going on a trip for the weekend, and last night (Monday) I pulled The Wild Queen. A few day turnaround isn’t bad at all.

It really is exciting pulling what do feel like rare, Mythic items.

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Yes i do,im currently at around 2500 diamonds give or take so still a fair ways to go yet.

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I’ve returned to play this game late last April.
So, in 5 months of playing, these are the Mythics I’ve received:

Champion of Anu from a Raid or Invaston troop pack for gems
Undine and War from Legendary tasks
Infernus, Pharos-Ra, and Ubastet from using 4,000 diamonds each
And Abynissia and Magavore from using keys.

Word of advice, save your diamonds to craft Infernus FIRST. You can get a lot of souls from doing Delves each day. I’m getting about 120,000 souls a week from mainly doing delves and not using Ra at all.

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8 mythics in 5 months is great.

So you have been playing this game 3 years and only have 2 mythics and 2500 diamonds? Define playing :joy:

How are you able to do that? From my three delves yesterday my best soul return was a little over 1,600 on one delve. That would be a fourth of what you’re bringing in if I pulled that amount each delve, and I don’t. My other two delves only got me ~400 souls (no souls from the delve chest on those two).

That’s the only one I don’t have currently. Biding my time for it to appear in the Forge.