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New guy progress after a week

So I have been playing this game like a lot on my PS4. Earlier this week some of you guys have helped me in getting started with some of the basics I should be concentrating on and I thank all the guys for it.

Despite all of that… Surprise, surprise here I am asking for help again. Just so you guys know since my last thread here:

  1. they had a special for the Prismatic Orb which I wound up buying. It was like 15 doooooolars or something so I figured, why not?
  2. I did what you guys told me and used my Glory Points and bought the purple guy (Skrymir?)
  3. I joined a guild and did my best to contribute.
  4. The gold I have earned I have been splitting between opening chests and leveling up the kingdoms. You guys specifically told me to level up the kingdoms first but I couldn’t help myself and bought a bunch of gold chests. Sorry.
  5. I think I have played so much and opened up so many gold chests I’m sure I have all of the common cards (some of them I have even ascended them to rare)
  6. I don’t know why but the game gave me Keghammer. I like him. He kind of looks like Sheamus from WWF Wrestling.

So here I am trying to figure out what I should be doing next. I’m terrible with synergy so I figured I’d pick your brains a little and maybe come up with a couple of teams I can run with. Here are the guys I have that I think better than the others:

Ancient Golem
Ancient Horror
Anubite Warrior
Blade Dancer
Boar Rider
Coral GolemCyclops
Dark Maiden
Dark Master
Deep Borer
Dragon Cruncher
Dragon Turtle
Drake Rider
Dust Devil
Dwarf Lord
Dwarven Slayer (I really don’t know how good he is but his Glorious Death thing is pretty Badass)
Frost Lizard
Grave Knight
Jaguar Warrior
Keghammer (is he different on mobile? I looked him up and it says he does +magic damage but it makes no mention of that on my PS4 game)
Knight Coronet
Lady Ironbeard (she has been my ace in the hole. She just destroys cards like nothing at my level)
Lady Sapphire
Lava Elemental
Morthan’s Will
Nobend Brothers
Savage Hunter
Shadow Dragon
Skrymir the Lofty
Wolf Knight

These are the ones I think that are good but you guys might think a lot of them are useless. I just figured it’s best to let you guys know what I have so it’d be easier to help me form up some teams. I believe I have all of the common ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Lady Ironbeard

Just keep filling Lady I and then killing other troops. Templar can put her armor back up if you lose it. Won’t be the fastest thing out there, but it should keep you winning.

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Someone should have told you that youd unlock prismatic orb anywah eventually.

I personally feel its shady of them to sell weapons like that when only new people would buy them and likely dont know theyd get em anyway.


My advice would be never buy anything from the store!

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@XLS78 I just put that team together before but then I realized I have the Runesmith which does the same thing but also gives 2 points to attack. I will try that team out and it was my fault as I think I forgot to list him before.


I get where you’re coming from on that but I just looked it up and it says I gotta be at mastery level 45 for all elements or something. I don’t think I want to wait that long. I guess I got lucky on this blind buy but then again I’m one of those guys that love DLC.

Thanks for the help, guys!

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Jaguar Warrior
Lava Elemental
dragon or unicorn banner

This is a very fast team for early game.

But you should use Valkyrie as much as possible to keep accumulating souls.

Knight Coronet
Drake Rider
proud banner


I’ve done almost 500 levels in a few weeks fighting 3 trophies PvP matches with the only team, imo, that flats down power balance. And I’m talking about the Justice League:


Good luck! :blush:

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I think you should build your team around a combo of Valkyrie and Lady Ironbeard. Like Dwarven Gate, Valkyrie, Lady Ironbeard + one additional troop, perhaps Knight Coronet. Valkyrie gives you souls and converts gems to blue. You can use her to feed Dwarven Gate and Lady Ironbeard. Dwarven Gate protects Lady Ironbeard and gives everybody else 5 mana. Last troop can be anything you like, it doesn’t have to be Knight Coronet (but he fits quite well and does good amount of dmg because it scales with purple gems).

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Not entirely sure what your resource situation is, but if you have some Event Keys and gems, maybe use them towards targeting/acquiring a specific Legendary troop next week…

Other than armor is there anything else I should be using the gems on? There’s an armor I want to get. I figured after that I can start spending the gems on the chests.

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Dragon and celestial armor are the priority.
When you will have them, you can buy the daily packs in the dungeons and use your gems to open some chests.


@Aelthwyn when you say dungeon I’m assuming you’re talking about the shop, right?

No, she means that when you win the daily dungeon battles (see the “games” menu from the main map), there is an “offer” button in the top right corner. On Sundays in particular, the offer available for 50 gems is a good value in that it gives you diamonds, a celestial traitstone and some other loot. The value on the other days is debatable.

thank you. I will look at it when I get home. This just shows you how little I know about the game. Thank you guys for all the help!

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If you’re on PS4, the 2nd dungeon offer (each day) is available for 150 gems, where that same offer costs $5 on Xbox or PC/Mobile. That deal for 150 gems is good at mid-game or end-game, but I’m not sure where it would stack up for a new player.

If you can manage it with the cards you have available, try to beat the dungeon battles every day that you play. It is only 3 battles and is the only consistent source of diamonds in the game, which you can eventually use to craft specific legendary and mythic troops in the soulforge.


How does one actually earn more gems? I keep getting a few here and there but is there a quick way other than paying for them?

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Steady sources are:

  1. Guild tasks - being in a good guild can net you some gems each week as people contribute to tasks.
  2. Tribute - every time you collect tribute from more than one kingdom at a time, you get k-1 gems. Levelling up your kingdoms and collecting tribute as often as possible means more gems.
  3. You’ll get some from rewards in Guild Wars, Boss Raids, Invasions and Bounty events if you and/or your guild participate, but these modes (except for GW) also have gems as the price of entry.
  4. If you do Treasure Hunt and do fairly well, you can pick up a few gems as gems are a possible reward for the different types of chests and the safe in TH.
  5. If you’re on console, complete your daily tasks as often as possible. Most rewards are gems and if they aren’t, completing a task today means a good chance of getting one that does reward gems tomorrow.
  6. You can get gems as a random reward from opening gold, glory and gem chests.
  7. You can buy them for cash. The best value option is the ‘Daily gems’ bundle, which gives you 15 gems per day for 15 days for $5 (price adjusted by region).

I probably missed a couple of sources, but that should cover most of it.

For myself, I focus on daily tasks and tribute as the most consistent sources where my own behavior can increase the chance of getting more gems. My guild completes all tasks every week, so those are a given, and I am really stingy with spending gems to participate in GW (I don’t level my sentinels past level 2), bounties, raid and invasion (I spend enough to get the new troop and then stop).