I'm pretty new and looking for a bit of help. :)


First off, I know that a topic like this might be a bit tedious to see, but I am really at a loss on how to proceed.

I recently started playing this game (lvl 72) and I am really enjoying it, but I have a few questions. For full disclosure, I bought the Death Knight pack, Path of Glory and some of the 5$ subscriptions.

Right now I am using a soul/gold farming team I found on the forums (Finley, Alchemist, Valkyrie, Banshee) and it yields some great rewards. Problem is that the matches take forever and need a lot of attention/concentration to keep the loop going. So now I am looking to build a simpler, faster deck that gives me reduced but still decent rewards.

Legendaries I have:
Carnex (2), Gar’Nok, Goblin King, Prince Aquilla

Epics: Aziris, Couatl, Cthyryzyx (2), Desdaemona, Dimetraxia, Dokkalfar, Emperina, Fel’Dras, Ferit, Finley, Grand Inquisitor, Jaguar Warrior, Luther (2), Marid, Marilith, Raven, Sparkgrinder, Tau, Terraxis, Tyri, Wild Fang, Zephyros

I think I have most of the more common troops, but I really can’t be sure. :slight_smile:

Now, my question:

  1. Can I built a good soul/gold farming team from this that is a bit more relaxed and faster than my current one?
  2. Can I built a team from this that will be balanced and strong with good long term prospects?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Welcome to the forums!

First off, this thread might be useful to you:

You might be able to find a few team ideas in there.

One team (which is actually almost the same as yours) that’s quite useful at lower levels and should generate some souls is:


Banner of Progress (Adana)

Having Treant traited helps, but isn’t necessary. Treant acts as a tank and also can hit pretty hard with skulls once you’ve fired his spell off a couple times. Also he removes Brown which no-one in the team uses. Should be more efficient than Finley

Out of the troops you listed, none are overly useful for souls by themselves. Basically you’re looking looking for troops that have the Necromancy trait, or generate souls as part of their spells. I believe there is a team that uses three Warlocks, but I can’t remember exactly how it worked :S hopefully someone else will be able to chip in with it.

Also it might be worth checking out @Tacet 's and @KrudlerTheHorse 's videos on YouTube, as both do some good videos about team building and have some examples for farming teams (and other generally helpful information).

Tacet: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWlFcnuWs5b-xq9udFzA7pQ
Krudler: https://www.youtube.com/user/cshewel


Thank you for the quick reply.

I already follow both Tacet and Krudler on Youtube and I have a decent understanding how to build teams from commons and rares (both of them have great videos on this topic).

The main reason why I made this topic was to get some help on the rarer troops I listed in my OP. This game is a bit lacking when it comes to comprehensive tier lists or at least generic “good/bad troops” lists. My second question touches on that, because I am proceeding through the levels at breakneck pace and I know that these “starter teams” will not cut it in the future.

In terms of soul farming the teams don’t change a lot from low level and high level, unless you get your hands on Pharos-Ra (Mythic from Khetar).

As for gold farming, people usually just do Ranked PVP and get enough gold from that meaning teams specifically geared towards farming gold are generally not needed.

In regards to the troops you listed, those three are generally considered to be some of the lowest tier legendaries (Gar’Nok is particularly disliked on these forums it seems :P) Prince Azquila is actually a base Epic, you may have ascended him to Legendary though, which would make him appear Legendary in game.

For a stronger team with better long term prospects you might want to try and complete the Forest of Thorns Quests to get Rowanne, as she can be quite strong in an armour buffing team. However generally you will find that even stronger teams will still have one or two Rares or Ultra-Rares in them, generally supporting the Epic or high troops.

One thing that might make things easier is if you signed up to the My Collection feature on Lyya’s Ashtender site (http://ashtender.com/gems/collection) which will allow you to share a link to your whole troop collection (PermaLink option under the Tools menu), allowing people to make better suggestions for teams (and saving you having to update the list in this thread if you get any new troops)


Again, thank you for being so helpful. :slight_smile:

I’m a bit sad to hear that the legendaries I got are that bad, but I am sure that I’ll get more as time goes on.

A bit of a tangential topic, but still related to my teams:

Is it better to use a farming team while doing quests even if it takes a lot longer or should I just try to blast through them as quickly as possible? Right now I only get around 10% of the souls and around 25% of the gold I get with a farming team when I use something else (XPx2.3 Souls x2.4 Gold x2.25).

It feels like such a waste to kill them quickly and not get any decent rewards, but maybe that’s the most efficient way to do things.

P.S.: By “taking a lot longer with my farming team” I really mean A LOT longer. Like ten times as long or more. :blush:

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It’s really up to what you prefer. Once you finish the quests you’ll have access to Explore mode in that kingdom, so you’ll be able to use that for farming purposes. And there is also the challenges that you unlock as you go through the quest line that will give souls on completion.

So in short, it won’t hurt to use a farming team for quests, but don’t push yourself to use it if it makes it less fun for you.

As for legendaries, yes you will get more as time goes on. If you haven’t yet, try to join an active guild, as the rewards from tasks can help a LOT towards getting more cards.


Step 1 -> get Valkyrie

If you can get this basic team going (with some traits) it’s reasonable effective - but not great against strong opponents
Not sure who gets the credit for this team (might have been Tacet) but regardless its simple and cheap

Dragon Banner (Or Banner of Progress Red/Yellow if you don’t have Dragon - but go get it!)

For this to work you only need 2 different rare troops, but you also MUST have Warlock first trait (Necromancy)
Just cast Valkyrie a few times to max out the 100 souls then any multiplier you get applies after the battle to boost it further

Level up the Warlocks as soon as you can - doing the first level challenge at the highest level of difficulty you can helps speed things up, challenges are also usually a great way to farm souls and traits - just match the difficulty to what works for you (focus on speed balanced with being able to cast multiple (4 or 5) Valkries)

Once this is done, then if/when you get the third trait on the Warlock (Daemonic Pact) you will need to level up the Ancient Horror as a priority which will make the team a bit more resilient (Trait Ancient Horror as you see fit)


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Your Carnex will be very useful as soon as you will find a skull generator.
btw I am using this team for everything and it wins a lot. I also am unable to use the teams suggested by Tacet because I don’t have all legend all traited troops like him lol …

Keeper of souls
Giant Spider (2 trait)
Banshee (or any magic bound troop)
banner purple & blue

You need to level as much as possible those cards
Just fire Spider then KoS and Carnex cleans up exceeding skulls. Do again until you wipe the enemy… it almost never fails…


So many things to try out. :slight_smile:

I can’t do some of the teams suggested, because I lack the necessary legendaries (crafting can’t come soon enough and should have been in from the beginning, I believe).

In summary:

  1. Get rid of Finley and try Treant in his place to speed things up
  2. Tripple Warlock with Valkyrie (I think I saw that one in a video, but it looked like it might need a more advanced account to properly loop/work)
  3. Rowanne team (need to look up a viable one, but that should be easy)
  4. Carnex team if I ever pull a Keeper of Souls or Sheggra
  5. Check the Team building thread for ideas

Looks like a plan. I only hope my souls and traitstones can keep up with all this experimentation. :smiley:

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I have a guild, but I am not sure how active they really are. We are at 5/5/4/4/4/6 tasks right now. Is that okay for a guild or not enough to be good?

Sounds like its OK but not great for a new player
Given you’re on the forums, it seems like your interested in the game, so move up, find the most active guild you can meet the minimum requirements for
Edit: And do it RIGHT NOW, before the weekly reset - search the forums for recruitment threads, there are heaps of them, and find whats right for you (and if its not right, try again next week until you get it right)


You could try throwing terraxis in your current team in banshee’s place. Since he does AoE he basically kills 4x faster than banshee.

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Most has already been said, but I’ll throw in my two cents here.

  1. Gold farming in the battles is not really required. The amount of gold you get from battle is small compared to the amount of gold you can get from doing PvP.
  2. I do soul farming on all quest lines and challenges. If it’s a little slower, that doesn’t bother me, because you eventually need a lot of souls for your troops in the end game.

Soul farming teams I used to use. Warlock needs first trait in all of these:

  • Warlock/Warlock/Valkyrie/Warlock - Dragon Banner (Cast Valkyrie for souls and to fill Warlocks
  • Warlock/Warlock/Warg/Warlock - Abyssal Banner (Warg damage scales with souls collected. Cast him 4 times, then clean up with Warlocks)
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Another good post to read through is this one: