A few questions from a relatively new player

Hello Everyone!

I have been playing gems of war for a few weeks now and have been really enjoying the game so far.

The more I play, the more questions I have though and I figured why not ask the hivemind for answers :smiley:

Value purchases

  1. Which chests are considered the best value for gems? Is it VIP or gem chests (or another?) There is obviously a significant discount if you buy in bulk (10 or 50 chests a piece).

  2. What is considered the best value for real money purchases? The good deals (legendaries/mythics, lots of Arcane Traitstones, the deathknight armor) seem to start at $ 50…

2b. Since I am a new player and not flush in cash, I don’t know whether I want to spend such an amount on any game currently. Which leads me to this question: Which are the good deals at the lower end? Since VIP levels seem quite valuable themself, that is also something I am considering.

game features

3.The hourly tribute:

This is a big one for me. Am I correct in the assumption, that it is optimal to get as many as you can, so ideally each hour?
Is there an in game timer I missed?

I really like the game and don’t mind the skinner box elements, but this one bugs me. My suggestion would be to accrue all the tribute over say 24 hours and therefore retain the daily login incentive. But it would not “punish” you for not checking in hourly…

Anyways that is all for now. Thanks in advance for any answers :slight_smile:

May the Mythics drop plentyful for you.

edit: list formatting is not working out for me xD I keep failing to fix it too…

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First of all, Welcome to the forum! This place has a lot of information to all players. I’ll tag a few people who can answer some of this. @Ozball and @Jainus. They are some of the people wha have played the game quite a bit and are reliable sources of information. As for Hourly tributes it’s like a inactivity boost. Normally in lower levels you don’t gain as much gold. So this acts like a buffer to help you grow. As you get higher and higher levels the bonus also grows to help your continued growth

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Hey thanks @Beowulf

@tacet has published lots of excellent videos here

@shimrra can point you towards the great q&a articles on zendesk

Welcome @Tejaila. Sorry don’t have time to inventory the best threads. There were some other new player threads with questions answered, and there are plenty of guides. @ozball is really organised and can hopefully link you a few.



So many questions… I’ll give an opinion on one.
Q. Real money value. Considering you’ve already played GoW for a month and are posting here: the Death Knight Armor is one of the best long term values you can buy hands down. Daily Gems at $5 for 225 Gems is ok early on, but has much less value later.

Second the note from @Jainus about Tacet watch his YouTube Videos for new players


Thanks for the answers Beowulf, Jainus and Strat.

I have watched some of Tacets and Krudlers videos, but I will check out his new player videos again. I remember this video on how to spend all the resources. But he does not cover gems further than armors.

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@Tejaila. Just to to throw my two cents into the hat, I find that fighting provides tons of gold key chests but better value troops come from the Glory and Gem chests. I pick up a good amount of Glory keys from maps but it does require good pattern matching to build into the 100+ matches to make sure will get glory and gem chest keys.

Related to your second question, tribute from kingdoms is a good, providing a small but constant stream of gems (as does maps). Pick the right kingdom for what your needs are at the moment but x2 bonus gained by making a particular kingdom your home kingdom. Guilds, like mentioned below, play a good part here too as they also influence Tribute chances and amounts based on statue level.

Guilds are probably the single best resource you can acquire. As statues are matured the amount of keys you receive is equal to or better than what you could buy. You can gain all but VIP keys via that method.

Lastly, don’t knock the arena. If you can be patient, winning 8 times brings in a solid chunk of resources, trophies and so forth.

Just posting a couple threads for your perusal:

Feel free to ask if you have more questions though!

And yeah, list formatting can be a pain at times… ><

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  1. Depends on what you’re after. For a still-growing collection not too big on resources, Gem Keys are probably still your best bet. Event Keys are to focus on specific targets: they’re primarily - though not exclusively going to drop things of the current weekly event’s kingdom, i.e. legendaries and mythics. VIP Keys only give Epic or higher level rewards, but the cost is fairly prohibitive (in Gems, let alone paying enough to unlock them).

  2. Don’t really know, had to answer this the other day. If you’re still under lvl100-200 or thereabouts, the Death Knight armor bundle might be worth getting. The issue is that if you’re going to play for a long time, almost all of those purchases end up being drops in the bucket, and my saying so might get me smited by the publisher lol. The DK armor is one of few exceptions. Path to Glory II is nice to get a mythic, given you won’t have many (if any) of those. As for the lower-end stuff, the 15 days of daily Gems is pretty neat and efficient.

  3. The hourly tribute thing is actually something that fascinates me. Yes, it is optimal to check in every hour… reinforcing that behavior is an excellent way to generate more playtime from users. There isn’t a timer, though if there was one then I’m not entirely sure how it would affect things. I’ve suggested before that they add more to the tribute and login bonuses to really add incentive to logging in more consistently.


Bees?! … Sorry I had to do that when I saw your wording!

I am currently level 280, and started playing maybe about 4 months ago or something. I can give you my take on some of your questions.

  1. For getting a larger collection for the best bang for your (buck) gems, open 50 gem chests at a time. The VIP chests (I don’t even have them unlocked as I’m only VIP 3) are a lot of gems, but great for finding those mythics you will end up chasing at the end.

  2. Deathknight armor is widely considered the best purchase for new players if you think you are going to stick around. It allows you to not have to switch armor constantly when going from soul farming and gold farming. I didn’t want to spend $50, but I knew I wanted to spend $30 to get VIP 3 (Free scouting FTW!) so I purchased the 15 day packs (gold, souls, and gems). This got me VIP 3, while giving me a good amount of resources. The gold amount is enough to get 5 kingdoms to level 10.

  3. You have a daily amount of gold income, based on kingdom levels, kingdom power, and questline completion. Whenever you collect tribute, it gives you the percentage of your daily amount since the last time you collected (if collecting every 12 hours, you will get half of your daily total each time). You do however get a tribute chance bonus each time you collect. So the more times you collect a day, the more chances you have at gold, souls, and glory from your kingdoms. Unfortunately, there is no in game timer that I have found.

  4. I may not be understanding your last point, but as long as you check in once during the day, you will retain your daily log in bonus. Collecting more than once per day only allows for extra tribute chance from your kingdoms.

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Welcome to the game and the forums! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to reiterate something that I think is not highlighted enough in other responses (might be in one of the links Ozball posted, but no time to read those). If you’re not in one yet, find yourself a guild. It costs you nothing to join and the task rewards, however few, will be a nice boost to you. Lots of lower level guilds are out there and even higher level guilds will take in new players to help them out.

(Shameless recruiting plug: if/when you can do 100 pvp trophies per week and enjoy/want to try guild wars, our guild would be happy to have you, just send me a message).

I mention this because guild tasks give a very nice gem payout, a good, higher level guild can get 590 gems/week from them (plus many keys). When you have that, spending money on gems becomes much less enticing, most people will spend money on things they can’t get otherwise, like the Death Knight armour (by far the most useful purchase IMO). I find the arcane traitstone packs very tempting too, but they’re too rich for my blood and not really needed until you have a lot of troops to trait, to later game. As a new player, I would probably consider the path to glory packs - the gold from those is nice, would let you level up your kingdoms faster and get more gold from them. And the VIP levels… oh, the free scouting at lvl 3 is really nice. And VIP chest access at lvl 5 - VIP chest rewards are MUCH better than gem chests.

Anyway, if you’re thinking in terms of what’s most worth buying, a membership in a good guild membership is it :wink: It really makes this a whole different game.

Thanks everyone for all the replies.
Particular thanks to @Shimrra and @Zippity for the very helpful answers.

@mitamata: Thank you for the kind offer, but I recently joined Drums of Thunder and am very happy there :smile: