Arcane Beast stones again?

Hobgoblin is a kool tropp and I was lookin forward to him… but we just got beast stones the week before last… was kinda hopin for sumthin different.

whats with the release orders for conoles?

also as a side note… we can’t buy weapons for glory anymore… so do we have to pay 5 bucks for weapons pc players bought with glory?

@nex @Mr.Strange

You aren’t getting that info, I’ve tried :stuck_out_tongue:

In fact, they aren’t even allowed to post a list of the Weekly Troops at all, even out of order.

wonder why its so secret… people data mine the steam version and the devs don’t seem to care.

Because you data mine all you want but you aren’t getting release dates (or even accurate information since the developers change things before they are released)


i dunno the kitty was pretty spot on… he coulda been tweaked stat wise for sure but he was commin in 1 form or another…

That point was secondary, the main point is nobody knows when content is released other than the developers. To remove the mystery would be potentially damaging to income.

We don’t want them to deem GoW “unprofitable” now, do we?

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I don’t need to know the order of the troops or anythin I just am hopin to not get the same colors back to back…

Well there’s still one way to know what’s coming. Fire up the pc / mobile version and see what they have compared to us. Imps and kingdoms already noted elsewhere that they won’t be seen in this patch, you should have your list.

As it is there’s another red green that will come eventually too (the epic that was leaked that I have 5 of. Forget the name but he steals attack.)

Personally I’m waiting for Mercy. Love the card and blue green to trait up druid and webspinner.

You can also look through their news archives to see what they released as weekly troops for pc as an idea of what’s coming.

damn yoiu got 5 sylvassi? I only got 2.

I hearby claim this as a Misguided Misfits thread :stuck_out_tongue:

So close to ascending yet so far.

I hope hes a while off… we need different arcanes… and mist of scales still needs a 7th man.

I did my research and I am confident I have a complete list of what we will be getting.


Me too, got 2 before they pulled him out

I didn’t even know he wasnt supposed to drop… until I read a post… I think by you… does explain why hes the only epic I have 2 of… but I thought it was just rng… I think theres 1 legendary I still have 1 of and 1 I only got 2 of.

Unless it was Summer Imp, the other legendaries are all pullable. Just rng. I’m still missing 2 and only have 1 of a few others.

yea I know they are just bad luck for me… 2 aborath,2 carnex (my last to obtain), 2 kos, 1 moloch, those guys dont like droppin for me.

Summer Imp and Sylvasi were both released by accident.

I’m 99.9% confident Spider Swarm got pulled out of chests by accident as well. I seriously estimate 100+ of every Common, 80+ of every Rare, 70+ of every Ultra Rare, 10+ of every Epic and even 2+ of every Legendary has dropped for me since the Update.

All of that and not a single copy of a certain Common?

When setting up the order of release, I used the following system:

  1. Get new kingdoms out at a regular pace.
  2. Get important troops that shake up the meta out ASAP. (Hobgoblin is a prime example of this.)
  3. Get out troops for kingdoms with only 6 troops.
  4. Get out troops which were very popular on PC/mobile side.

So unfortunately “what trait stones do they use?” was not even a part of my thought process. That’s pretty similar to the PC/mobile side too, though, where traitstone colors have been pretty uneven.

Turning this around the other way - our top priority is always for new-ish and mid-level players. We need to make certain they have a good experience & interesting troops. High-level players looking to trait legendary troops are important to our community, but at that level of power you need less personal attention than new players.


Not being critical, but how does adding another Goblin to the meta (that loves Goblins) “shaking it up”?

not really sure I guess hes the tankiest goblin (king sucks)

Hobgoblin is consistently one of the most used troops in the entire game. He hits a really powerful spot in the balance curve for an UR troop, plus he combos well with troops people already like.