New team suggestions?


So pre-update I was able to cruise just fine, rarely losing, running with
boar rider

or if I was feeling lazy
rock worm
rock worm
rock worm

now both of those teams are getting manhandled. any tips on a better lineup? I have all troops that aren’t legendary I’m pretty sure and my legendaries consist of:
keeper of souls
shadow dragon
bone dragon (mythic)


Not sure if you have hero stuff yet or not. If not and depending on what troops you have currently you could go : Serpent, serpent valk, valk. or go Valkyrie, alchemist, tyri, giant spider. Get maps to get glory gold and other things. As troops have traits you can basicly max the traits on every troop with great bonus. If you have the hero update then well sorc hero with sun and moon, alchemist, valk, giant spider



Consoles didn’t get Hero Classes this time around. Would have been nice, but at least Arena is broken for us because of it!


yeah, arena has been garbage today, I tried running
shadow dragon
keeper of souls

worked for the two pvp battles I could get, then no worthy opponents could be found, I traited several of my troops, didn’t seem worth the 500 keys for all of the trait stones.

So my personal opinion
arena =less souls
pvp= cant find matches
quest lines and challenges have pitiful payout
not entirely sure how to progress any further in this game

bright side, the recurring server disconnected/retry screen looks different so there’s a positive.


Do the consoles have wild plains or mercy yet?


We will have Wild Plains soon, couple weeks or so. As for Mercy, she’s quite new for even you guys so I don’t expect to see her for a couple months until we cycle through and get to her Event.


Create a goblin deck. It’s cheap, you should have all the cards and there is good synergy



Maybe not in that order. I Persian my haven’t played this style since there is no Valkyrie. But they can win


Yeah I’ve found most of my old teams were getting hammered or simply being out classed since weaker characters can be traited and ascended and perform far better. And while like most people my trained characters are in a Valk team for soul farming, for PvP I’ve had some luck with this.

Lady Sapphira

Whitehelm banner. It’s worked pretty well and all 4 get a nice bonus since they’re all from Whitehelm. Sacred Guardian can switch with Lady Sapphira if it’s better developed. But overall they’ve been solid for me so far.


Just keep farming souls. Does tyri have map ability yet?


Yes Tyri has 20% chance to get a Map


My team of Carnex, Gorgotha, Boar Rider, Silent One still beats teams that outclass me by 20+ health/armor and 10 attack.

Going to continue running it until I can figure out what to do.

Archon Statue looks like a pretty good troop to trait.


I use
Silent one
As a team now. I like that team. Abhorant only 1 trait at the Moment, i hope i will get 2 more of him to get him to mythic soon and i’ll max his traits soon. I love this troop and he is really strong if you use his ability often. His life-gain saved me very often


Alright thanks for all the tips. I’m missing a lot of the suggested troops, but I’ll try that goblin team. I have most of those leveled up minus the recently available rocket.