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*CONSOLE* Variety in PvP Invades

My PvP Invade teams are getting stale, so I’m looking for some variety.

I am interested in trying some new lineups to mix thing up on the console for PvP Invades. Yet I still need souls, so unfortunately Valkyrie is a must.


  1. Must use console troops
  2. Must use Valkyrie
  3. Must be reasonably fast
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Speed should get better after the next update.

That said, I’ve used this lately

Bone Dragon
Giant Spider
Bone Dragon

Fill and nuke.

3 Favorite Teams

Eternal Flame

Crimson Bat**


All fast, but the third team is slightly slower then the other two.

I also use that exact same Psion build. It will get better after the update when we get more magic kingdoms.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I haven’t tried the Bone Dragon team or the Heardmaster one. Looks like I have to try and trait up my Bone Dragon.

The Heardmaster one is similar to my Treeant, Alch, Val, Banshee. But I’ll give it a shot.

Edit: on your first team the Fremantle one sometimes I use Serpent*** instead of Hero (External Flame)

With the herdmaster team, always use druid if he is charged over your other cards. Never transform yellow or blue gems if it can be helped.

Banner of Progress

Get all 3 Water Links. Fire off Shadow-Hunter and use Skulls until she dies, Behemoth and Druid clean up what Shadow-Hunter doesn’t kill. I also use them to strip Armor so Shadow-Hunter can kill in one hit.

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That looks like a fast team - I may try that one. Is Shadow-Hunter before Behemoth because of the diminishing returns of her spell?

Probably to charge faster since they both use blue and yes you’d rather have Shadow Hunter go off early and quickly.

Both the diminishing returns and her high Attack. Her third Trait is Agile, most won’t get it but it comes in handy.

@Shiratori Charging her isn’t an issue, one Valkyrie cast will fill everyone with the 3 Water Links.

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Ahh, the Shadow Hunter my first high level troop (Epic) that saw me to level 50-60. I’ll have to save up and trait her out then give this team a try. Thanks.

Gorgotha ***
Valkyrie **
The Silent One *
Boar Rider
Whitehelm banner

I’ve been running the same brain dead team for about a year now. Gorgotha, TSO and Boar Rider have too much synergy. Really strong against goblin teams too.

Thanks, I need Arcane traitstones, but I’ll give it a try

I can only do
19 Gorgotha*
20 Valkyrie***
19 TSO*
20 Boar Rider***

Do you generally try to max-out your valkyrie rewards (i.e. Hit the soul cap) every match, or take the kills when they are there and move on?

I run a1 giant spider, valkyrie, kos, I have probably around a 96% win rate, and almost every won game I’ve grabbed control of the board and never let it go. Thorns and frozen soul are annoying but even with a1 gone, when spider enters the field the game just gets slower but still easily winnable.

Edit: if giant spider dies however the match kind of falls apart.

If my Valkyrie is charged up and ready to go, Ill cast the ability. If not I just end the match, I don’t delay I just move on…

Giant spider, valk, green seer, Pegasus, is fun if you like chaotic board changes, but it’s slow.

Frost giant, stone giant, valk, berserker. Fun and reliable, not very quick.

Coronet, valk, alchemist, shadow Dragon.

Tyri, valk, rowanne, alastair, solid team, also has good ol tyri if you happen to need maps

Those are the teams I bounce between.

It’s fine without Agile, I’m 1 Arcane Spirit short myself.You just need Water Link

My Soul/Map farming team has Valkyrie on it, so for this particular team it’s all about speed. She fills on cascades pretty well (try and not transform Yellow/Red, hit the other three at will) and if she’s at 8 or 9, you can fill her with Behemoth

boar rider (purple green)
behemoth (brown blue)
druid (blue green)
valkyrie (yellow red)

blue / yellow flag, all colors used, and both druid and valk trait gives bonus blue mana
Valk gets all yellow / red to herself, so you can fire her often to fill behemoth and druid with blue.