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TaliaParks' Team Build Series: Original Blue

I have shared this team the most out of any team suggestion. There’s good reason, it’s still incredibly powerful, even at end-game.

The Banner of Progress (Adana, Red/Yellow) works best, this team revolves around Valkyrie.

Each Troop is suited for the position it’s in and the team has near-perfect synergy. You have 3 Water Links (no need for Blue on your Banner) with high, controllable damage output and the potential to win ANY battle in under a minute. This was a SLOW battle for this team, but I was playing cautiously and defensively.


One point I forgot to make is that this team is still very effective without Traits. Slower, but still very powerful.

Not quite as damaging at mid game

Nice build, good for those impervious situations where Mab wouldn’t work.

In most cases valk/Mab/Mab will be hands down faster tho.

It’s odd watching the console version and seeing AI decline to take skulls. There were two chances early on where AI didn’t attack. By my maths, your ShadowHunter would’ve been killed before she cast on the PC/iOS version…


Yeah it’s always hit or miss with how the AI will make a move. I personally like the unpredictability.

Did your “maths” factor in Shadow-Hunter’s Agile?

I used this team Levels 10-150 almost exclusively, and that was before Traits existed.

Your Shadow-Hunter and Behemoth don’t look fully leveled, they need to be.

Yeah the troops are at 15, 15, 19, 20 in that photo.

Nope I didn’t factor in agile. So roughly 64% chance she’d have gone down. Good point.

Did you factor in that agile always triggers for AI troops and never triggers for mine? :slight_smile:


Agile works fine on Console. A little streaky at times, but not an issue with Original Blue as Shadow-Hunter is not meant to absorb Skulls, but use them herself.

Thanks for sharing this. I’m glad it includes Valk, since most of us still need plenty of souls (I’m level 600 and still have a long way to go). Too bad my Shadow-Hunter is still just Epic though.

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Basically my point for PC players. As for Console, no Mab yet.

This team’s top feature isn’t speed, it’s success rate and ability to take on any team composition.

Yeah its a nice build @TaliaParks
I sometimes swap out SH for knight coronet depending on enemy troops.

That can work but you’d lose a Water Link. I’d switch the Banner to Red/Red. Valkyrie is the key to success with this team.


That’s exactly what I do. Ok now searching for the hidden camera. :wink:

LOL no camera, you just have above-average team building skills.

Great minds usually think alike.

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Thanks mate :slight_smile:

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This is such a great compliment :wink:

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You have above-average team building skills too :wink:

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I’ve been running @TaliaParks blue team off and on for a while now and generally agree with you. It works together really well, but there is one situation that can give me some trouble:

A fully traited Gloomleaf in slot 1 can shred Shadow Hunter if you don’t get at least a reasonable board in the first few turns. You can forego taking skulls to save the reflected damage, but if you’re not collecting enough mana to fire-off the other troops a few times, you can end up in some trouble. No one in this team can directly target slot 1 (SH hits strongest, Behemoth is AOE and Druid is random), so even if you are doing damage with mana, a skull-heavy board can really tie your hands as you have to either sacrifice Shadow Hunter’s limited health by taking skull attacks, or leave the skulls for the enemy to hammer you with. Once I get the agile trait, that would help to preserve her life a little bit in these situations, but it isn’t something you can count on to work when you need it.

In general though, as long as you can fire Shadow Hunter at least once, this team is hard to beat. Fire her twice and you can’t lose. If she dies before firing once, it is an uphill battle, but you still have 3 troops with good synergy. I’ve built other teams that are as reliable in all situations as this one, but not one that both contains Valkyrie and is as fast as this.


Sounds like you’ve been fighting my team :blush: love triple-traited gloomleaf.

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