Shadow hunter/Valkyrie help?

Just luckily got him. Now I wonder if he is still a top 1 tier epic, also if he would be useful in an valkyrie deck. What other troops should I add? Thanks!

He’s ok, just gets weaker as enemy numbers dwindle (due to damage = all health / 4) …

Add a tank upfront and some utility on the back and you have a team :wink:

I prefer Treant as tank and Sunweaver as utility and would arrange them like:
Treant / Valkyrie / Shadow-Hunter / Sunweaver

You could also swap Treant for Green Slime as it would benefit from blues and generate purples for Shadow-Hunter … or swap the tank spot for any Agile / True Damage / Stoneskin tank you like …


Without a second necromancy troop, you are going to want some form of red or yellow generator. The best fit I can imagine is Hero using Sheggra’s Heart for red. Finish it off with a red/blue troop to be double fed by hero and Valkyrie. Raven would get a triple water spirit bonus for +3 magic, and would make an excellent finisher for enemies wounded by Shadow Hunter. Alternatively, any green troop such as Druid would fill all the mana types.

I’m on the console so Traits will possibly make this Team bad, but I used it with huge success;


With Adana’s Banner

Shadow-hunter is most definitely a ‘she’!


I use shadow hunter, Druid, Valkyrie, with whatever troop on top depending on what the other team has. Slayer trait or stoneskin trait.

She is a pretty blue lionesse!

Thanks for the input guys, will see later when I have souls what I come up with!

I have used
Shadow hunter
Crimson bat

However this was a pretrait lineup and has lost its staying power. The shadow hunter has good attack and its ability because less effective as the match goes on. By the end the soothsayer has the bat knocking off 11 health a go

Thanks for the input mac!